Opher Island Mokoko Seeds Locations and Island Soul Guide in Lost Ark

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On this page you will find all the information regarding Opher, The Lonely Island in Lost Ark. This includes Mokoko Seeds, Island Soul, and quest information.


Opher, The Lonely Island Guide

An island of unfathomable loneliness. It seems that someone lives here alone.

  • Island Soul: Yes
  • Mokoko Seeds: 2
  • Recommended Item Level: 250
  • Admission Period: Always
Opher, The Lonely Island Location

Opher Island Soul

Opher is one of the islands in the game that you will be directed to as a mandatory quest. You will likely be coming back here several times to unload any Island Soul you have collected, as this is both where you gain credit for them and where the reward NPC is located.

The Opher Soul Icon Opher Island Soul is given to you as part of the main quest here, and it is fairly short, serving as mostly an introduction to Island Souls in general.

The questline for Opher starts while still in Arthetine, just before setting sail to North Vern:

  • "Haberk to the Ship" from Haberk
  • "A Token Opher Thoughts"
  • "Island Soul" from Grandpa Opher

Upon completing these quests, you will receive the following:


Opher Island Mokoko Seeds

Opher, The Lonely Island
  • Both of the Mokoko Seeds on this island are near the same location. Walk into the ocean at the location we have marked on the map, and it will lead you to both collectibles.


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