Legion Raid Guide for Kakul-Saydon Gate 1

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Kakul-Saydon Gate 1 is the first encounter players face as part of an four man Legion Raid. Kakul-Saydon comes in two difficulties, Rehearsal and Normal, which can be accessed upon achieving ilevel 1385 and 1475, respectively.


Legion Raid Guide for Kakul-Saydon Gate 1

Kakul is a four player encounter, composed out of three separate fights (or gates). Same as with other legion raids, completing a gate saves your progress so you can leave and re-enter from the same gate as you were left off.

Kakul Saydon

Kakul-Saydon Party Setup

A support class such as Bard or Paladin is recommended in any setup. As for the other three players, anything goes. Mobile and ranged classes have a slightly better time getting high uptime on the boss.


Kakul-Saydon Gear Requirements

DPS checks are not very strict, so completing the raid with an item level of 1475 is possible.

Four level 3 engravings, level 3 and 4 tripods and a mix of level 6 and 7 gems are sufficient in order for you to fine and feel good inside the raid.

As for card sets, the Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff set is a good choice assuming your class benefits from the crit rate. If not, anything else that brings value, such as HP, will do fine. Kakul does not take extra damage from Light sources, so the Light of Salvation set does not help here.



For gate one we can use Elemental HP Potions and, depending on the situation and group setup, you can use Panacea Icon Panacea or the Marching Flag Icon Marching Flag.



One mechanic during gate 1 needs pre-set positions at 11 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock.


Kakul-Saydon Gate 1 Mechanics

The mechanics listed below will appear in the order they happen in the fight:


Pink Mirror Stagger Check

At 130 and 65 HP bars, the clown will get a stagger bar underneath him, while at the same time one or two pink mirrors will spawn around him.

Lost Ark Kakulsaydon Stagger

The goal is to break the stagger bar, however you can not use attacks from the side (or sides) with the mirror as it will reflect the damage back to you. Position yourself on the side where there are no mirrors and start using skills to break the stagger bar.



At 110 HP bars, the room gets dark and the clown disappears, which indicates the start of this mechanic. Here is where the initial player positions at 11, 1, 5 and 7 o’clock come into play. Each player needs to go to their pre-set location and wait for the clone to show the emote.


The clown can either show a confetti finger-guns emote:

Lost Ark Kakulsaydon Confetti Emote

Or a heart emote:

Lost Ark Kakulsaydon Heart Emote

The goal is that everyone will look in the direction of the emote which was expressed only once.

The easiest way to do it is to ping your location if you see a heart. This makes it easy to determine the location where only one emote was used.

If you see three pings on the minimap, it means three hearts were seen, so you look towards the direction where there was no ping, because that indicates the one other emote - confetti. If you see only one ping on the map, that means the other three were confetti, so you need to look towards the direction of the one ping.

Some players simply use an auto attack towards the needed direction (you can look at the minimap to see which direction your character is facing). While other players prefer to move from their spot and get closer to the direction where they need to look. Either way works just fine.


Imitation Game

At 90 bars, the curtain draws and everyone gets transformed into a clown with a different set of four emotes.

Lost Ark Kakulsadon Card Symbol

Everyone steps into their corresponding card symbol, and waits for Kakul to show an emote. The goal is to imitate what Kakul is doing when he faces you, and to do the opposite of what he does when he turns his back to you.

The emotes you get are always the same four, but arranged in a random way each time. So one player calling out "Q" or "E" is not possible. I personally hover over the emotes I get on Q, W and E, and try to memorize them quickly. If he does one of these emotes, I should be prepared to find it quickly, and if I see Kakul doing an emote I have not seen on Q,W and E, then I know it's on R.

Lost Ark Kakulsadon Game Emote

Having an enlarged image of the emotes you can use is very helpful as you can recognize the moves faster. Each player has the skills arranged in a random way, so calling out that everyone should press “Q” or “E” has a chance to fail.

Lost Ark Kakul saydon Game Dances

Roulette Wheel


At 45 bars, the room turns into a game of roulette with playing card symbols. The goal is to stand on top of the symbol corresponding to your card above your head. The floor spins several times, so you need to adjust your position accordingly and wait for the next spin.

Pay attention to the fact that your card also changes, and it can be either a symbol on a unicolor surface (such as the example above), or a symbol on a striped surface, in which case you need to stand on top of a striped slice.

After enough correct positions have been made, the roulette starts shaking and that is a sign the mechanic is over, and you need to get out of the area before it explodes.


Kakul-Saydon Gate 1 Side Mechanics

These mechanics will appear in a random order through-out the fight.


Card Deck Slices

The room’s floor changes to a playing card symbol, and the goal is that each player will stand and wait for the explosion on their corresponding slice based on the card shown above their head. This mechanic happens twice in a row and the symbols change places for the second time.

Here is a full video with this mechanic:


Chasing Cards

Chasing Cards

If the playing card on top of the statue has the same color as displayed on top of a player's head, that means the other three players will soon be incapacitated and the player with the same symbol will be able to move and finish the mechanic.

If the playing card on top of the statue has a different color, then the other three players are free to move while the one player is incapacitated.

The goal is that each player picks up their card when Kakul shoots it. Having that said, if one player is free to move, he is the one who needs to lure the correct card towards the correct player. If three players are able to move, then they need to intercept their own card symbol before it reaches the one incapacitated player, but leave that player's card to touch him.

Here is a full video example of this mechanic when the color of the statue card matches the color of the card:

Here is another example where the card on the statue is the opposite color and thus the one player gets incapacitated:


Music Box

At times, a music box appears in the room. After a short while, it receives a playing card symbol and the player with the corresponding card, can pick it up to decrease their gauge. Sometimes the music box spawns a bomb that does damage so keep an eye out for that.

Music Box

Rainbow Attack

Kakul teleports to the middle of the room and does a dance emote, after which rainbow coloured stripes fill the room.


There are two patterns, one where you get rainbow stripes twice in succession, and one where there are four sets of stripes in succession.


Pigeon Attack

Kakul jumps backwards and shoots three waves of pigeons from his front. The pigeons move in a wide semi-heart pattern and return to Kakul’s back. They stun you if you interact with them.

Clown Present

Out and In

Kakul jumps in the air and a series of red telegraphs swarm the room.

After they disappear, a yellow telegraph appears near a player at random, and Kakul comes crashing down. This telegraph explodes but then a safe zone is created in it’s place while the exterior explodes as a thin circle telegraph:

Here is a full video example of this mechanic:


Card Soldiers

Many yellow telegraphs of various sizes come raining down in the room. They later spawn soldiers which need to be killed. You can avoid the yellow telegraphs and gather near Kakul to AoE down the mobs.



Kakul starts shooting a fire breath while at the same time several flamethrowers appear in the room, which also shoot fire in a pre-set direction. This is accompanied by fire rings which travel across the room.


Fear Laser

Kakul shoots a pink laser which fears you if you cross it’s path.



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