Artist Guide for Lost Ark

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Artist uses a paint brush, drawing with different types of ink to either deal damage (black ink) or heal (white ink) while also providing buffs and cleanses to their party. Artist comes with two playstyles, Full Bloom and Recurrence.


Introduction to Artist

Artist is a support class with a unique and flexible playstyle revolving around Harmony Meter & Orbs gained by attacking enemies. Artist's orbs grant the ability to cast one of two Identity skills, Moonfall and Sunrise, that give damage or healing respectfully. Bundled up in this tiny package is a plethora of skills to choose from depending on what you need during an encounter. Skills for cleansing, buffs, stagger and the like are all at your finger tips when playing this class. Compared to the other two supports, she provides high uptime on attack buffs and healing through her Identity.


Artist's Playstyle

You Harmony Orbs fill over time and when you land skills, taking about 20 seconds to generate one orb with endgame stats and appropriate tripods. When using your Sunrise orbs, your teammates have to interact with them in order to receive the heal by pressing G. This also goes for Paint: Door of Illusion Icon Paint: Door of Illusion's red portals that grant a shield upon interaction. These are placed wherever your mouse cursor is, so try to place them in easy to reach locations out of harm's way. Sunrise lasts about a minute on the field, so we can use them whenever its up and continue building more orbs for a potential burst window where you'd want Moonfall. Artist is generally considered to be one of the squishiest classes in the game, so it's not uncommon to see Heavy Armor Icon Heavy Armor be taken on builds to alleviate this.


Full Bloom

Majority of your time playing Artist will be with Full Bloom Icon Full Bloom which buffs your Sunrise to heal for an additional 15% of your HP to all party members when cast. Your goal as Artist starts with maintaining high uptime on your buffs and making sure your party stays healthy. Along with having a fundamental understanding of the game and its classes, you can excel with Artist and be more than just a buff bot to your team. Coordinating bursts, bringing extra utility like Atk. Speed, Movement Speed and stagger damage greatly assists your party. The skill expression for Artist has a fairly high ceiling with a standard entry level among the three supports.



Recurrence Icon Recurrence is mainly used when doing solo content such as Chaos Dungeons or Thronespire. When casting either Moonfall or Sunrise, you gain +12% Critical Rate and +40% Critical Damage for 60 seconds. There's nothing that really deviates from the standard build besides a handful of skills and potentially cheap engraving alternatives. Your gameplay loop of building Harmony Orbs and upkeeping buffs remains the same. While there are more in-depth approaches to playing Artist as a DPS class in group content, it works against what the game's philosophy on supports are as a whole.



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