Barrage Enhancement Artillerist Guide for Lost Ark

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This Artillerist build, based on Specialization, provides the highest damaging build for the class. This build revolves around maximizing damage gains while under both Firepower level 3 and Bombardment Mode.


Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Overview

DISCLAIMER: Artillerist has recently received many changes to it's class engravings and skills but only on the KR version as of today. These changes will affect how you build your character. The following guide is up-to-date based on the version we currently have in NA/EU, however, after we will get the most recent balance patch, parts of your build will need to be changed.

This Artillerist build based on Specialization and the Barrage Icon Barrage class Engraving is the highest damage build Artillerist has, and in most cases, the meta build. This build is one of the few times a class will utilize both of its class Engravings.


Artillerist Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High DPS output
  • +Simple rotation
X Weaknesses
  • -Slow (movement & skill animations)
  • -Immobile often during a fight

Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Skill Build

Another popular alternative to the above skill build is to take Swing Icon Swing instead of Napalm Shot Icon Napalm Shot. You lose out on a bit of damage, as well as losing the stagger damage up for the party, but this will gain the player some much needed mobility. This is how the skill build would look like if you were to swap these skills out:


Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Skill Rotation

The rotation is quite simple and easy to use because the main goal is to get to Firepower level 3 as often as possible. During Firepower level 3, our goal is to fully consume a Bombardment Mode and cast Homing Barrage Icon Homing Barrage, Air Raid Icon Air Raid, and Multiple Rocket Launcher Icon Multiple Rocket Launcher once. A full rotation would look like this:

Summon Turret Icon Summon TurretForward Barrage Icon Forward BarrageFlamethrower Icon Flamethrower > Homing Barrage Icon Homing BarrageAir Raid Icon Air RaidForward Barrage Icon Forward Barrage > Summon Turret Icon Summon TurretMultiple Rocket Launcher Icon Multiple Rocket Launcher (Firepower level 3 reached → Enter Bombardment mode) Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: Howitzer > Barrage: Focus Fire Icon Barrage: Focus FireBarrage: Energy Cannon Icon Barrage: Energy Cannon > Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: HowitzerHoming Barrage Icon Homing BarrageAir Raid Icon Air Raid > Multiple Rocket Launcher Icon Multiple Rocket Launcher

It is important to remember that Specialization not only gives the Bombardment Mode skills more damage, but also the Firepower meter buff gets stronger, which means that during Firepower at any level, our regular skills hit harder. Because of this, I highly recommend not using Homing Barrage Icon Homing Barrage, Air Raid Icon Air Raid, or Multiple Rocket Launcher Icon Multiple Rocket Launcher before you reach at least Firepower level 1. This is also the reason why you should always start your rotation with Forward Barrage Icon Forward Barrage and Flamethrower Icon Flamethrower, as these two skills generate the most Firepower gauge in Artillerist's rotation.

The order in which you use Barrage: Focus Fire Icon Barrage: Focus Fire and Barrage: Energy Cannon Icon Barrage: Energy Cannon during Bombardment mode is interchangeable depending on the situation.

Every time after the Firepower level 3 buff is finished, the goal becomes reaching it again, as fast as possible, because the Barrage Icon Barrage removes the cooldown of Bombardment every time you reach Firepower level 3.

Something to keep in mind is that the Firepower Concentration Icon Firepower Concentration Tripod restores half of our Firepower meter if our HP is under 30%. There can be a play on this tripod for some free Firepower meter gain before using an HP potion.


Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Stat Priority

For combat stats we use Specialization on every accessory, with the addition of Crit on the Necklace.

There is an option where you can take Swiftness instead of Crit, but in theory, it is a DPS loss. However, if it helps you play the build better, please feel free to do so. If you do decide to take Swiftness, keep in mind that you are loosing ~15% Crit rate, which makes Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline, mandatory.


Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Gear Set

If you are wearing Legendary grade armor, the Argos Preordained Diligence set is fantastic because of the extra crit rate.

If you are wearing Relic grade armor, there are three options for you to choose from based on your stat allocation:

  • If you chose Swiftness, the Shrieking Hallucination set is a great choice because it helps you achieve a good crit rate even without Crit as a combat stat.
  • If you chose Crit, the Poem of Salvation set is a great choice because it helps with attack speed amongst other things.
  • The third option available uses the Shrieking Hallucination set even if you have Crit as your secondary combat stat, but you do not take Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline.

Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Gear Tripod Priority

In the order of importance from top to bottom:

  1. Homing Barrage Icon Homing BarragePower Bomb Icon Power Bomb > Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection
  2. Air Raid Icon Air RaidThe Big One Icon The Big One > Flame Barrage Icon Flame Barrage
  3. Multiple Rocket Launcher Icon Multiple Rocket Launcher > Access Denied Icon Access Denied > Quick Barrage Icon Quick Barrage > Flame Rocket Icon Flame Rocket
  4. Flamethrower Icon FlamethrowerFirepower Control Icon Firepower Control
  5. Forward Barrage Icon Forward Barrage
  6. Firepower Control Icon Firepower Control
  7. Summon Turret Icon Summon TurretLaser Turret Icon Laser Turret > Enhanced Turret Icon Enhanced Turret > Sub Battery Icon Sub Battery
  8. Energy Field Icon Energy Field
  9. Energy Increase Icon Energy Increase

Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Engravings

  • Grudge Icon Grudge at level 3 because it is the best DPS increase Engraving for boss fights. In our case, the extra damage from bosses gets negated by our Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement, so it is a no-brainer for an Artillerist.
  • Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement at level 3 because of the extra 40% crit rate during Firepower level 3, which is prime time for our DPS.
  • Barrage Icon Barrage at level 3 because it increased the damage of our Bombardment skills and the effectiveness of our Firepower buff.
  • Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon at level 3 because we have a high Crit chance.

The above four Engravings are a very solid setup, and as a fifth, you can choose between Hit Master Icon Hit Master, Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll, or Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline.

Hit Master Icon Hit Master comes at no cost and is a great DPS increase, but it does not affect your Awakening skill.

Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll is fantastic, includes your Awakening skills, but comes at a healing cost.

Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline is used when your secondary combat stat is Swiftness or when you use the Poem of Salvation gear set. In my opinion, it is a super high value Engraving, but comes at the cost of “another thing to keep in mind,” since you need to maintain six stacks at all times. In some cases, especially with Bombardment mode or while there is downtime during fights, it takes quite a chunk of skills for an Artillerist to build the stacks back up.

If you play 5x3x1 Engravings, there are a few options to choose from for your sixth level 1 Engraving.


Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Runes


Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Gems


Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Card Set

The best DPS card set is Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation, so this should be your priority. The Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff set is a great choice as well, and is much easier to obtain.


Artillerist Barrage Enhancement Tips

Gear set and secondary combat stat choice plays a big part in how the Specialization Artillerist feels, so think about it for a moment and try to replicate the build in Trixion with and without Swiftness (or attack speed) before making a choice. Even if you make a choice that you end up regretting, you can always change your set bonuses for free, upon obtaining 55 Covetous Wings and 55 Demonic Beasts Bones.

Positioning and anticipating mechanics also plays a big part in how much DPS you will do, as ending Bombardment mode prematurely, or missing an Awakening skill, has a big impact on your damage output.



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