Barrage Enhancement Artillerist Guide for Lost Ark

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Locked and loaded, Artillerist comes armed to the teeth with all types of explosive. Armed with a heavy launcher, Artillerist also comes with turrets, land mines, and is capable of calling down lasers from space to annihilate the enemy. Artillerist comes with two different playstyles, Firepower and Barrage.


Barrage Enhancement: Skill Builds and Rotations

If you're looking for further information on the Barrage Icon Barrage Enhancement build for Artillerist, the following links will provide that for you.


Barrage Enhancement Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High burst damage
  • +No positionals
  • +High defense due to class Engraving and Energy Field Icon Energy Field
  • +Functions with low level cooldown gems
X Weaknesses
  • -Immobile while in burst
  • -Susceptible to missing delayed skill shots

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build

This build is mainly personal preference, and also very close to the Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement Chaos Dungeon build. The main difference here is we utilize a Wealth Icon Wealth and Flamethrower Icon Flamethrower to generate more Barrage Meter Like other Chaos Dungeon builds, this is very free form. Use what you like, and have fun with it.


Raid Skill Build

There's a lot to unpack here. The Barrage Icon Barrage Enhancement deals a very large chunk of it's damage through the Barrage Mode skills Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: Howitzer, Barrage: Focus Fire Icon Barrage: Focus Fire, and Barrage: Energy Cannon Icon Barrage: Energy Cannon. Since this is the case, there's a limited amount of Normal skills that can take Runes, as the Barrage skills take priority. In the case of Normal skill Runes, a lot comes down to preference. We'll list the different options later.

While some of your Normal skills are set in stone, others can be moved around. The actions that are mandatory to make the build work are as follows.

While all of these skills build Barrage Meter, Flamethrower Icon Flamethrower builds the most due to it's access to Load Icon Load and Azure Flame Icon Azure Flame. After Flamethrower Icon Flamethrower, Gravity Explosion Icon Gravity Explosion has the second highest Barrage Meter gain. Both of these skills have the same cooldown, thus should be used together.

The Awakening skill for Barrage Icon Barrage Enhancement can be either choice. Missile Barrage Icon Missile Barrage is the higher damaging option of the two, but it's flaw is the accuracy of the missiles launched. You will absolutely suffer with smaller target models, namely Legion Raids. Use this with larger, slower enemies such as Kungalanium. Heavy Turret Icon Heavy Turret is much more accurate, and enemy hit box size won't matter. This Awakening lasts 20 seconds and will spam both frontal and point-based attacks on the enemy. You may notice this Awakening is also a Chain-type attack. Once summoned, the player can manually execute Photoelectronic Cannon, which forces the turret to hard-target a single enemy and deal massive damage to it through lasers. This also builds a large amount of Barrage Meter, so it should be used when your gauge is low. This is definitely the safer of the two options.

The raid synergy buff for Artillerist is Defense Reduction on the enemy. There's two ways to apply this for Barrage Icon Barrage Enhancement. You can either run Enhanced Shell Icon Enhanced Shell as we have in the suggested build, having access to full uptime with Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction, or you can rely on Summon Turret Icon Summon Turret to apply it with Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction. Realize that if you decide to take the buff on Summon Turret Icon Summon Turret, you will need to sacrifice Sub Battery Icon Sub Battery to do so, while taking it on Enhanced Shell Icon Enhanced Shell loses out on very little with missing Vital Point Barrage Icon Vital Point Barrage. Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: Howitzer also applies Armor Destruction, but can't be counted on for uptime as a raid buff since it can only be applied while in Barrage Mode.


Barrage Enhancement's Playstyle

Of the two Engravings, Barrage Icon Barrage Enhancement has a bit more nuance to it, but it rewards the player with a bit more damage compared to Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement. Something to keep in mind, if you've ever played a more "stationary" class in other games, that's what Barrage Icon Barrage Enhancement is in Lost Ark. The playstyle is not for everyone. While Legion Raids typically are on the more scripted side, you may find yourself feeling frustrated in Guardian Raids. Once you enter Barrage Mode, you won't be able to move. This is less of an issue with a pre-made group, but using Matchmaking, you may notice other players dragging the boss away from you. With Barrage skills having limited range, it may just ruin your entire burst window. This specific build utilizes Swing Icon Swing in an attempt to make Artillerist slightly more mobile, but this comes at a slight decrease to damage compared to Napalm Shot Icon Napalm Shot.

With that being said, getting your Barrage burst off properly is extremely rewarding. Not only do you gain push-immunity during usage, you gain access to Bombardment: Impregnability Icon Bombardment: Impregnability quite often, producing a shield worth 30% of your maximum health. Overall, even with the mobility issues, this Engraving makes Artillerist very sturdy.


Opener Rotation

While the skill ceiling is fairly high on this build, the general skill usage is pretty straight-forward. For Normal skills, there's a few pairings where certain cooldowns just line up together, and thus should be kept together if possible.

Enhanced Shell Icon Enhanced Shell and Summon Turret Icon Summon Turret are essentially filler actions, but do provide a decent amount of Barrage Meter by themselves. When managing your turrets, never let them overcap, and if you can ensure you have two up at a time. Using the Big Pack Icon Big Pack Tripod boosts your stacks up to three, so you're able to use them a bit more freely.

As far as your Barrage Mode is concerned, you are capable of getting two casts of Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: Howitzer off in every window. Barrage: Howitzer Icon Barrage: Howitzer must be used as either the first or second skill during burst to get a second usage at the end of the window. Below is a video showing an example of Barrage Meter building as well as an example of a full burst in Barrage Mode.

Barrage Enhancement Opener

Notice in the video, Photoelectronic Cannon is used at the end of the Barrage burst. This is done on purpose, as it generates a ton of Barrage Meter. The next resource generating window is cut short and doesn't utilize casts of Flamethrower Icon Flamethrower or Gravity Explosion Icon Gravity Explosion. Instead, we opt for Homing Barrage Icon Homing Barrage and Air Raid Icon Air Raid as they do more damage.



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