Full Bloom Artist Guide for Lost Ark

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Artist uses a paint brush, drawing with different types of ink to either deal damage (black ink) or heal (white ink) while also providing buffs and cleanses to their party. Artist comes with two playstyles, Full Bloom and Recurrence.


Full Bloom: Skill Builds and Rotations

If you're looking for further information on the Full Bloom Icon Full Bloom build for Artist, the following links will provide that for you.


Full Bloom Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Push-Immunity on most skills
  • +Easy-to-use cleanse
  • +Extremely well rounded support kit
X Weaknesses
  • -Most skills need to be aimed to be effective
  • -Identity orbs require decision making; Damage buff or healing
  • -Lacks damage mitigation

Full Bloom's Playstyle

On the surface, Artist wants to build their Harmony Orbs in order to use Sunrise & Moonfall to provide healing and a party-wide damage Synergy. Within your toolkit you'll have additional utility skills for Stagger, Weak Point and even a cleanse that strengthen your arsenal to keep your party healty and assist in fight mechanics. Our foundation is built on our two major buttons, Paint: Sun Well Icon Paint: Sun Well & Paint: Sunsketch Icon Paint: Sunsketch, providing an Atk. Power buff to the party that we cycle between. We also have a brand skill, which is a skill that inflicts a debuff on the target. Our brand skill(s) grant +10% damage received to the target and should basically have near 100% uptime on the boss. Within these windows we cycle through filler skills, each having something to offer in terms of shielding, Atk./Move Speed and meter generation towards more Harmony Orbs.

Full Bloom Icon Full Bloom's healing and shielding ability mainly stems from the Artist's Identity, Awakening Masterwork: Efflorescence Icon Masterwork: Efflorescence and her normal skills. Sunrise will put down a healing orb that equates to 25% of the Artist's max HP. With the engraving, an additional heal is given to all party members within 24 meters equal to 15% of the Artist's max HP. In the late game, it'll take you about 20 seconds to gather one orb. All of your shields are based off your max HP, with Masterwork: Efflorescence Icon Masterwork: Efflorescence giving a 100% shield, Stroke: Sprinkle Icon Stroke: Sprinkle giving 30% & Stroke: Hopper Icon Stroke: Hopper giving a 20% shield. With the latter two skills you'll need to hit your party members with the skill in order to apply the shield. Your Awakening should be used on cooldown as much as possible unless you plan where to use it for a specific mechanic. Having all of these at your disposal gives you a lot of room to keep your party healthy whenever they stand in something stupid or are going to take unavoidable damage.


Priorities and Buff Cycling

The 15% Atk. Power buff from Paint: Sunsketch Icon Paint: Sunsketch lasts 8 seconds and Paint: Sun Well Icon Paint: Sun Well is a placed AoE that grants a shorter buff duration for about 4 seconds. When you have cooldown reduction gems and high level cooldown reduction tripods, you can cycle these buffs Paint: Sunsketch Icon Paint: SunsketchPaint: Sun Well Icon Paint: Sun Well for nearly 100% uptime on the buff, assuming appropiate stats. Paint: Drawing Orchids Icon Paint: Drawing Orchids is a favored brand skill that lasts for 12 seconds and generally will always have high uptime. With these three skills, you can press them on cooldown and be mindful to not overlap your two Atk. Power buffs as they do not stack. Your second half of your Identity, Moonfall is usually built up every 40 seconds as it costs two orbs to cast. This buff lasts 10 seconds and increases damage dealt by 10%, though it scales with how much Specialization you have.

With the majority of your damage buffs having high uptime, Moonfall is the only one that you can really play around with in terms of timing. Due to how long it takes for you to get two orbs again, you can save this to create stronger burst windows for the entire party. Given the structure of the game's raids, sustained periods of uptime or small burst windows are perfect opportunities to rip a damage buff and push to the next mechanic or phase. Masterwork: Efflorescence Icon Masterwork: Efflorescence grants us two orbs even without landing the skill, so it's possible to create a long string of buff uptime with the use of a Stimulant. Artist plays itself, with you having control on when and where to use your healing or buffs for whatever scenario you come across. Thanks to how easy the damage upkeep is, similar to Paladin, there's a very loose priority system you can follow to ensure you play the class effectively in any content.

  1. Maintain your Paint: Sunsketch Icon Paint: Sunsketch and Paint: Sun Well Icon Paint: Sun Well buffs, players need to be inside Paint: Sun Well Icon Paint: Sun Well for the buff to apply.
  2. Keep 100% uptime on your brand skill: Paint: Drawing Orchids Icon Paint: Drawing Orchids in this case is favored due to increased movement speed given to the party.
  3. Paint: Pouncing Tiger Icon Paint: Pouncing Tiger and Paint: Ink Well Icon Paint: Ink Well give us the most meter generation so use these on cooldown. Paint: Door of Illusion Icon Paint: Door of Illusion can be taken over Paint: Ink Well Icon Paint: Ink Well as it gives extra utility.
  4. Don't sit on Harmony Orbs too long, as you could potentially have missed a window to use Moonfall or top someone off with Sunrise. They generate about one orb per 20 seconds.
  5. Use your Awakening on cooldown unless you planned to use it elsewhere for the large shield it gives.
Full Bloom Opener


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