Lone Knight Gunlancer Build Guide for Lost Ark

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The Gunlancer uses a gunlance alongside a bulky shield to not only defend their allies with shields and mitigation, but also deal a tremendous amount of damage to their enemies. Gunlancer's are the "tanks" of Lost Ark, capable of taunting and even becoming impervious to damage for a short period of time.


Lone Knight Gunlancer Overview

By focusing more on your output and cooldown management, this build makes Gunlancer a lot stronger and more fun to play. It is a high risk, high reward playstyle that incorporates one of the best mechanics in the game, the counterattack.

Counter Gunlance Icon Counter Gunlance will both get you out of certain situations where your low mobility back jump can not, while at the same time providing a nice attack buff and a high damage hit on success.

The first thing to get used to when playing this build is the back jump that a Gunlancer has. If this is your first time playing Gunlancer, it will feel awkward to snap your mouse the other direction, pressing the spacebar and then moving it back to attack the boss. This will get easier with time and with muscle memory setting in. Specifically for this Engraving build, you will need to use the back jump to get closer to the boss on a regular basis in order to not miss attacks as the red skills will push you away from the boss.

The second thing to get used to is learning to efficiently shield toggle. Turning your innate shield on and off before every Shout of Hatred Icon Shout of Hatred is very important for your survivability as this build does not use many offensive blue skills to charge your shield. The shield will also drain over time so knowing when to toggle it off and which other abilities provide you with a shield is very useful. Unless you are avoiding a knockback, you can toggle your shield off during abilities such as Shout of Hatred Icon Shout of Hatred, Nellasia's Energy Icon Nellasia's Energy and Counter Gunlance Icon Counter Gunlance.

You will need to reach certain milestones for the build to feel good as most Solo Knight Icon Solo Knight builds shine if you crit on every hit. This is because the Solo Knight Icon Solo Knight itself and the Earth's Entropy set which enhances your crit damage. Together with your tripods and engravings, several multipliers work together to maximize your burst damage.


Lone Knight Gunlancer Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High damage output
  • +Exciting, reactive gameplay
X Weaknesses
  • -Lower survivability and movement
  • -Very reliant on timing, shield toggling and front attacks

Lone Knight Gunlancer Skill Build

We'll be starting with the red (gunlance) abilities as they appear in your Combat Skill book, followed by the blue (shield) skills. Every attack ability, outside of Shout of Hatred Icon Shout of Hatred, will have the “Frontal Attack” tag. So make sure all your abilities hit the front of the boss as much as you can. Tauntable bosses will help with finding your window of opportunity to be in front.

  • Fire Bullet Icon Fire Bullet will be your filler in between bursts as it can reset itself and, with lucky proc rate, will be up all the time. This is possible by combining the Lucky Chance Icon Lucky Chance (50% chance to reduce cooldown) and the Attack Creation Icon Attack Creation that splits it into two attacks, both being able to proc Lucky Chance Icon Lucky Chance. We apply the Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge to reduce our other big cooldowns or the Purify Icon Purify where needed as it is a spammable skill.
  • Charged Stinger Icon Charged Stinger is one of the main burst damage abilities in the rotation that will also move you forward. It is a charged ability with Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity, so you will use this to close the gap between you and the boss. You can rotate while using this ability up until it is fully charged but keep in mind that with the Super Charge Icon Super Charge and Galewind Icon Galewind, you will not be able to rotate more than 180° before it releases.
  • Counter Gunlance Icon Counter Gunlance has a two second window where you gain 100% of your health as a shield and Super Armor:Push Immunity, Status Ailment Immunity. An important note is that the counterattack only occurs during the first second. It will still give you the shield in case you get hit by multiple attacks during the two seconds but if you are too slow, you will miss the counterattack window. That being said, it is very lenient compared to the Glaivier counterattack. Count provides a devent amount of damage while buffed, and it is a satisfying ability to use. This replaces Dash Upper Fire Icon Dash Upper Fire for most builds, which means you might have a harder time doing normal boss pattern counters.
  • Gunlance Shot Icon Gunlance Shot will give you Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity and root you in place for the duration. It hits multiple times and becomes a fast charged attack with the Nimble Movement Icon Nimble Movement tripod and a Galewind Icon Galewind. One of the weaker damage abilities in your arsenal, but with a lower cooldown. Together with Fire Bullet Icon Fire Bullet and Bash Icon Bash, these are your filler abilities in between burst windows.
  • Surge Cannon Icon Surge Cannon is the other main burst damage and stagger ability in your rotation. It will fire three times with the last hit being the most important, so make sure you have enough time and space for it to reach the boss before it turns its head. Each explosion will push you back slightly until the third hit.
  • Bash Icon Bash will stun normal enemies but the main purpose on bosses is the Armor Destruction Icon Armor Destruction tripod, which provides a -12% Defense for 10 seconds on hit, and the second tripod providing attack power for yourself. Alongside Shout of Hatred Icon Shout of Hatred, these are your synergy skills that should be combined before any burst damage is used. Since Bash Icon Bash has a short cooldown and this build does not have the secondary counter ability, it is important to know the timings. Bash Icon Bash, in this setup, provides high stagger, bleed, counter, an attack power buff and a party synergy buff which makes it an important ability to hit, the problem being that it has a really short range. Without using 10 skill points and the Bell Strike Icon Bell Strike tripod, you will need to stand right next to the boss for it to connect. Due to the distance requirement, the rotation usually includes a back jump towards the boss or a Charged Stinger Icon Charged Stinger before using Bash Icon Bash.
  • Shout of Hatred Icon Shout of Hatred forces bosses to face you and is an extremely useful tool, but this skill also provides a synergy buff and charges your shield on hit. The debuff provides 3% damage for all party members and 9% additional damage from Frontal and Back attacks. Since our shield generation depends on this skill, it is used in every build. Toggle your shield off and then use Shout of Hatred as having the shield activated prevents it from being charged. It is a mana heavy skill that should be used frequently to position bosses and to set up damage windows together with Bash Icon Bash, hence we use a Focus Icon Focus.
  • Nellasia's Energy Icon Nellasia's Energy should not be spammed on CD, but instead, think about when it is useful for your teammates and when a big shield is needed. This ability has situational tripods that can be changed. For the first tripod, I have a preference for the Quick Pace Icon Quick Pace which will increase your own movement speed and lets you position and move out of danger easier. In a more dangerous fight where your party needs shields more often, you pick Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep tripod for the cooldown reduction. For the second tripod, Shout of Purification Icon Shout of Purification is used to dispel your team and brings value to most fights. Otherwise you can choose the Effectiveness Icon Effectiveness tripod for more damage reduction. This is another mana intensive skill that benefits from a Focus Icon Focus rune.

Lone Knight Gunlancer Skill Rotation

Shout of Hatred Icon Shout of HatredBash Icon Bash → Shield Toggle → Surge Cannon Icon Surge CannonCharged Stinger Icon Charged StingerFire Bullet Icon Fire BulletGunlance Shot Icon Gunlance ShotFire Bullet Icon Fire Bullet → Back Jump Towards the Boss → Bash Icon BashFire Bullet Icon Fire Bullet → Alternate Autoattack / Fire Bullet Icon Fire Bullet / Bash Icon Bash

Rotating in a Counter Gunlance Icon Counter Gunlance after the second Bash Icon Bash to get the double buff is ideal but otherwise you use it when applicable and as often as possible. Same goes for Nellasia's Energy Icon Nellasia's Energy and your awakening, use when needed. Find your damage window and dodge mechanics while spamming Fire Bullet Icon Fire Bullet when your big abilities are on cooldown.


Lone Knight Gunlancer Stat Priority

As a main stat we use Crit because we are chasing a 100% Crit rate. As secondary, Swiftness.

1700 crit rating is 60.84% crit chance from stats.Together, with your Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff card set (7%), the Earth's Entropy gear set (17%) and the Lone Knight Engraving (15%) you will have a 99.84% chance to crit with red skills, without a crit synergy buff from your party, so adjust this to fit your playstyle. Having said that, for fights such as Vykas Gate 2 and 3, where you will use the Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation, having a Crit class synergy is good.


Lone Knight Gunlancer Gear Set

Before item level 1445, we use the Preordained Dilligence set of gear because of the extra crit chance.

After level 1445 we use the Earth's Entropy set because of the same reason, but also the fantastic head attack bonus.


Lone Knight Gunlancer Engravings

  1. Solo Knight Icon Solo Knight is your main engraving and is boosting all your red skills crit by 15% and crit damage by 50%. This also increases your shield consumption by 100% which is why shield toggling and awakening timings are important.
  2. Super Charge Icon Super Charge gives us +20% damage and +40% speed to charge skills. Since we change both Surge Cannon Icon Surge Cannon and Gunlance Shot Icon Gunlance Shot to charge skills through tripods, this affects most of our damage.
  3. Master Brawler Icon Master Brawler gives +25% Frontal attack damage. Another multiplier as all of your damage skills have the tag “Frontal Attack”.
  4. Grudge Icon Grudge gives +20% damage to bosses but you also take 20% more damage. Since you are playing a tanky Gunlancer, as long as you toggle your shield at the right moments, the increased damage taken is negligible.
  5. Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll is good because you will rarely use a potion with proper Counter Gunlance Icon Counter Gunlance usage.
  6. Combat Readiness Icon Combat Readiness can be kept at level 1. Increases the damage of your blue skills, +30% Shield Amount, +4% Damage for 10 seconds when hit while in defensive stance (stacked up to 3 times, once every 1 second). This will provide nice damage when getting hit and counter balances your shield loss from Lone Knight. Very effective level 1 engraving.

Lone Knight Gunlancer Runes


Lone Knight Gunlancer Gems

A damage gem on each of the following skills:

A cooldown gem on each of the following skills:


Lone Knight Gunlancer Gear Tripod Priority

Like most classes, start by getting your Red Skills Tripods for the stacking multipliers on your crit damage. Mainly Charged Stinger Icon Charged Stinger and Surge Cannon Icon Surge Cannon. Luckily a lot of the good tripods for your shield generating and defensive skills are maxed at 1 so no further commitment is needed. Two important tripods to focus on are the Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep tripod for Shout of Hatred Icon Shout of Hatred and the Lucky Chance Icon Lucky Chance tripod for Fire Bullet Icon Fire Bullet, max those as soon as possible.


Lone Knight Gunlancer Card Set

Use the Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff card set for +7% crit. Use the Light of Salvation card set for Holy Damage when applicable. You can use the Forest of Giants and We'llMeet Again to reduce the negatives of Grudge Icon Grudge and Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll until you get used to the build, then change to Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff or Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation.



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