Destroyer Guide for Lost Ark

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Equipped with a gigantic gravity hammer, Destroyer obliterates all in it's path. The king of stagger, Destroyer abuses encounters through personal shields and a taunt. This class comes with two different playstyles, Gravity Training and Rage Hammer.


Introduction to Destroyer

If you're looking for a class that is capable of completely disrespecting mechanics, Destroyer may be the class for you. Known for their extremely high stagger and weak point damage, Destroyer is also one of the tankiest classes in the game with their ability to nullify near-all damage they take through personal shields and Endure Pain Icon Endure Pain usage.

To add onto this, Endure Pain Icon Endure Pain is also one of only two skills in the game to offer the ability to taunt through Tripod selection. While it is fairly common, Destroyer comes with a Defense Reduction debuff that can and should be maintained at 100% uptime.


Destroyer's Playstyle

The rotation is simple and follows a very straight forward resource generation pattern. Destroyer's skills are split between Concentration (blue) skills which generate Gravity Cores that are then spent on Gravity Release (purple) skills, which do more damage based upon how many Gravity Cores have been used, up to a maximum of three. Gravity Release skills generate Gravity Meter which is then used to enter Activate Hypergravity Icon Hypergravity mode, known to most as bonk mode. Regardless of which Engraving you decided to choose, both are extremely dependent upon hitting front positionals.


Rage Hammer

The Rage Hammer Icon Rage Hammer Engraving enhances your Gravity Release (purple) skills through an increase in both Crit Rate and Crit Damage. Between the two engravings, Rage Hammer produces much larger singular hits through Perfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing and Earth Eater Icon Earth Eater. This engraving utilizes more cast-type actions, you may find yourself missing some of your big hits until you better understand encounter patterns.


Gravity Training

On the flip side, the Gravity Training Icon Gravity Training Engraving focuses on generating as much Gravity Meter as possible in an attempt to be in Activate Hypergravity Icon Hypergravity as much as possible. Gravity Training exchanges the charge actions for instant casts to speed through the rotation, generating as much resource as possible. While not as slow as Rage Hammer, Destroyer loses all of its mobility when in Activate Hypergravity Icon Hypergravity mode. You'll generate quite a beefy shield while in burst, but if the boss decides to jump, or even just face someone else while you're using this, it can really hurt your damage output.

This may be a positive or a negative depending on who you are and what you're looking for in a class within Lost Ark, but there's a significant amount of overlap between these two Engravings. While some classes may take entirely different skills based on spec chosen, both Rage Hammer Icon Rage Hammer and Gravity Training Icon Gravity Training play with mostly the same ones, with differing tripods to maximize gains, on top of sharing a lot of secondary Engravings. If you ever decide to swap class Engravings, this class is one of the easier ones to do so with.



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