Abyss Raid Guide for Mystic

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Mystic is an 8 man Abyss Raid that has been added as a seasonal event raid during Fall of 2022. The fight consists of 3 gates and uses the Scale of Harmony, syncing all players down to the same item level.


Event Abyss Raid - Mystic Overview

Mystic is an 8 player Abyss raid with three gates. Combat stats are scaled down to item level 1302 and gear set bonuses are removed.

Mystic Lost Ark Event Raid

Group Composition and Battle Items

Any group setup can finish this content, including one without support, but it is easier to have one for each group in case you are new.

Battle items are not required, but any grade of health potion comes in handy.


Event Abyss Raid Mystic Gate 1 Mechanics

Amongst the typical frontal hits and tail swipes, there are a few special patterns you want to keep in mind. The boss can be taunted to cancel some mechanics and give the DPS more uptime.


Orbs From the Sky

The light blue orbs should be avoided as they do damage:

Orbs From The Sky

Pink orbs leave a gift where they fall, which give a special ether that you should break as it increases your DPS significantly.

Pink Orbs

Snowman Transformation

The boss folds his wings and you should immediately stop doing damage to it. Failing to do so, results in everyone that is near, being transformed into a snowman:



At times random players get imprisoned and need to be freed by attacking them:


Purple Puddles

The boss spreads his wings and purple mist appears under it.

Purple Puddles

Random players receive a purple effect under their feet, which must be placed on the edges of the room:

Purple Effect

Stagger Phase

The boss teleports and the two laser beam animation appears, which symbolizes the start of the stagger phase. At this point you need to use your stagger skills on the boss:


Event Abyss Raid Mystic Gate 2 Mechanics


Fire and Ice Group Split

Here, the two groups split. Generally group 1 goes to the left to the fire boss, while group 2 goes right to the ice boss. It may be worth sending the group with more stagger towards the ice boss to satisfy mechanic requirements.

2 Groups

Fire Boss

The fire boss room is surrounded by lava that does a tick damage, and you will often get knocked down or back into the lava if you don’t avoid the fire boss' normal patterns such as the round telegraph:

Fire Boss

The most important mechanic here is the jump, where the fire boss goes up and comes crashing down. The landing location is targeted on a player and marked with the typical glossy puddle:

Glossy Puddle

Upon landing, a large shockwave is created which knocks players back and down, generally into the lava. Using a skill with push immunity or dashing right as the boss comes crashing down will prevent the knockback.

Large Shockwave

Ice Boss

The ice boss has two special mechanics. One where it surrounds itself with ice shards that you need to break and deplete a stagger bar.

The second thing to keep in mind is that the boss creates a clone of itself which explodes after a few seconds, so stay away from the clone.


Event Abyss Raid Mystic Gate 3 Mechanics

During gate three you will fight the same boss from gate 1, with similar mechanics such as the front and back attacks, blue and pink orbs and snowman transformation but also a few special patterns.

During the whole fight, there is a fog in the center of the room:


Stepping outside the fog, gives you a debuff which kills you after 10 seconds. So you need to either fight inside the fog, or make sure to step in before the debuff expires. The fog shrinks as the fight goes on.

Gray Fog

Ice geysers

Ice geysers freeze you if you stand on top of them:

Ice Geysers


The boss creates a foggy wave around him which moves inwards and after a few seconds transforms you into a snowman if you are still near the boss:

Foggy Wave


Towers on the edge of the room need to be killed as they either shoot laser beams or blue orbs towards the middle. They are marked with bull heads on the minimap.



Imprisonment, same as during gate 1, this mechanic will target random players which need to be freed by attacking them with skills or auto attacks:



The boss soars in the air and dashes across the room leaving stripes that damage you behind him. He does this several times before coming down:


At the same time, he drops the light blue orbs which stagger and damage you. Make sure you get rid of the towers on the edge of the map if they overlap with this mechanic as the combination can prove to be deadly.



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