Taijutsu Scrapper Guide for Lost Ark

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Punching their way through enemies, Scrapper uses the Heavy Gauntlet weapon to pulverize their opponents. Scrapper utilizes a dual-energy system as their Identity, split between Stamina and Shock resources. Scrapper comes in two different playstyles, Taijutsu and Shock Training.


Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu: Skill Builds and Rotations

If you're looking for further information on the Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Icon Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu build for Scrapper, the following links will provide that for you.


Taijutsu Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Simple rotation flow
  • +Consistent DPS
  • +High stagger
  • +Extremely mobile
  • +High natural defense
  • +Access to one of the best counters in the game
X Weaknesses
  • -Requires back attacks
  • -Lack of AoE options
  • -Affected greatly by downtime due to Swiftness

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build

As with almost all Chaos Dungeon builds, these are extremely flexible and skills can be swapped out for anything else if you find something more enjoyable than what we have listed. It should be noted that Scrapper AoE isn't great. The range on most skills is very low, and most of the wide range, hard hitting attacks have longer cooldowns. Keep this in mind if you decide to move things around so you're not constantly chugging potions to keep up.


Raid Skill Build

The build provided works extremely well if you're looking for something easy to learn. Since there's only a single Shock skill in Roundup Sweep Icon Roundup Sweep you won't ever need to pay attention to your Shock Meter. Roundup Sweep Icon Roundup Sweep is also arguably one of the best counter skills in the game. Since we're not using this skill for damage, keep it at level 7 and use Circumstantial Judgment Icon Circumstantial Judgment instead of Madman Icon Madman. The range is already pretty decent on Roundup Sweep Icon Roundup Sweep, but this ensures you won't ever get out-ranged and miss. A good example of this is a fight like Velganos.

Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Icon Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Scrapper deals damage through four main skills:

This leaves room for three more skills. Charging Blow Icon Charging Blow is huge quality of life, and replacing it with anything else in the majority of content may feel bad. It's an easy way to apply your Bleed Icon Bleed as well as make sure you're stuck to the boss like glue. For Amplified Damage Icon Amplified Damage application, we've opted for Fierce Tiger Strike Icon Fierce Tiger Strike over Crushing Smite Icon Crushing Smite simply because of the increased mobility.

The final skill is honestly just a toss up between what you prefer between Continuous Push Icon Continuous Push and Instant Hit Icon Instant Hit. Continuous Push Icon Continuous Push deals most of it's damage by hitting the Perfect Zone on the cast bar, so you need to be able to see the skill all the way through. Instant Hit Icon Instant Hit is a frontal attack, so it goes against the natural playstyle of the class, but it does offer you a second counter. You should never use this skill intentionally as a counter though, it deals too much damage to hold it, and Roundup Sweep Icon Roundup Sweep is just a significantly better option. We've opted for Continuous Push Icon Continuous Push just because it feels better to use, comes with paralysis immunity, and it's easier to manage your other skills. There's also a third option here, which is to use Death Rattle Icon Death Rattle, but isn't really necessary unless you're running into Stamina Meter generation problems.

The Awakening Skill chosen for Scrapper is Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination Icon Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination. Something to be mindful of, there's proximity drop-off on the damage for this Awakening. If you're not touching the bosses hit box you will lose out. You're free to use Undefeated Dragon King Icon Undefeated Dragon King, it's not too much of a damage loss, and let's be honest... it looks awesome!


Ultimate SKill: Taijutsu's Playstyle

The core rotation for Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Icon Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu is fairly straight-forward. Most people will just assume a "press off cooldown" type playstyle with this class, but with proper gearing it is possible to run a fairly scripted rotation. While learning it's absolutely okay to just press what you have available and make sure you're always attacking, just ensure to prioritize your harder hitting abilities such as Battering Fists Icon Battering Fists and Dragon Advent Icon Dragon Advent as well as keeping up your raid buff with Fierce Tiger Strike Icon Fierce Tiger Strike.

Taijutsu Scrapper is extremely mobile, take advantage of this. Mobility doesn't always need to be used to stick to the boss, you can also use it to greed some of your bigger hits and use Charging Blow Icon Charging Blow to escape from a damage AoE at the last second. Dragon Advent Icon Dragon Advent is a great tool for this, allowing you to use Charging Blow Icon Charging Blow for positioning, then jumping back to the boss for near full uptime. Charging Blow Icon Charging Blow has the added benefit of being an Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline refresh due to it's low cooldown. Keep your stacks alive with it even if the boss leaves the map momentarily.


Opener Rotation

You won't always be able to follow a rigid loop on Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Icon Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu like shown in the video, but even if you can't a simple priority system should be followed:

  1. Maintain Amplified Damage Icon Amplified Damage as much as possible.
  2. Keep your hard hitting skills on cooldown.
  3. Filler with Shock skills as necessary, either to manage your Stamina Meter or to avoid auto attacking.

The video follows the above priority, while also managing to get the four heavy-hitting Stamina skills in between uses of Fierce Tiger Strike Icon Fierce Tiger Strike. Given full uptime, this loop can be maintained indefinitely. The vast majority of the time you won't have that, so adjust as necessary.

Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu Opener