Kalthertz Island Guide for Lost Ark

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This cold Island is home to a slave market where the player can help free slaves by purchasing them and setting them free. This Island is also home to a popular daily quest.

Kalthertz Region Location

Island Quest

There is a quest that starts on this Island to help a father find his missing daughter. This quest will take you around to several other Islands before returning you to Kalthertz. Completing all the quests that start on this Island will grant 6600 Pirate Coins, 7 Voyage Coin Chests, and 4 Uncommon Class Engraving Chest, 3 Rare Class Engraving Chest, and 130 gold.

Every day, you can release five slaves by paying for them at the slave market. Slaves come in several varieties and can cost 300, 600, 900, or 1800 Pirate Coin Icon Pirate Coins. Releasing the 900-coin males and 600-coin females have a high chance of returning either Pirate Coins or Chest of Reward Icon Chest of Reward that can have the Island Token. Note that it is possible to get lucky and end up with more pirate coins than you started with while completing this quest. After releasing five slaves, check your mail by using the mailbox on the Island to receive the five Letters of Release. Then talk to the quest NPC found on the West side of the Island.


Island Token

The Island Token can be obtained by releasing slaves and is obtained in the mail they send you after they are released. There is a mailbox on the Island that can allow you to check this mail and the red boxes that are randomly mailed to you have a chance to have the Token. Freeing 900-coin males or 600-coins females appear to have the best overall returns of red boxes.


Mokoko Seeds

This Island is home to 3 Mokoko Seeds, one of them which is out in the open and the other two are found after going downstairs to the area with two additional slaves.

Kalthertz Mokoko Map


There are a total of nine spots where slaves can spawn as designated on the map. Slaves will never despawn unless freed and a new slave will spawn after the previous one has been freed. In order to access the downstairs two slaves pass through this gate and walk down the stairs.