Fantasm Island Guide for Lost Ark

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A beautiful and at the same time treacherous place. Ships try not to approach this archipelago, because the waters around it are dotted with reefs.

Fantasm Island Region Location

Island Quest

This Island is home to a series of quests that have you visiting the different mini islands here and doing some fishing. These quests are rather rewarding, granting 390 Destruction Stone Fragment Icon Destruction Stone Fragments, 2000 Guardian Stone Fragment Icon Guardian Stone Fragments, 12,000 Harmony Shard Icon Harmony Shards, 31 Harmony Leapstone Icon Harmony Leapstones, and 1 random epic card. After completing this quest you unlock the ability to complete a daily quest that requires that you purchase a book in Luttera Castle and then bring it back to the Island. If you intend to complete this daily quest we recommend purchasing these in advance.


Island Token

The Island Token is a rewarded from completing the daily quest found here 7 times.


Mokoko Seeds

This Island is home to 4 Mokoko Seeds, the first of which is out in the open and the remaining three are hidden within a cave. Head into the cave on the northern-most part of the Island and then there is a seed behind the statue and then another two are inside the hidden area that is revealed after you play the @Song of [email protected] by the statue.

Fantasm Island Mokoko Map


Several of the quests here require that you fish, if you need a fishing pole there is a vendor that sells them here.