Barnacles and Black Powder Guide for New World

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Welcome to our quick guide to the Barnacles and Black Powder Expedition in New World. This guide will give you proper direction to completing this Expedition quickly and smoothly.


Location, Entrance, and General Information

This Expedition is located in Southeast Cutlass Keys. Its in-game recommended level is 60, signaling that this is an endgame Expedition designed for characters who have reached level-60 and have solid gear and a grasp of their role in an Expedition. It can be a great way to increase your expertise to 600. It has a variety of drops, and it can also be used to get Sapphire Gypsum Sapphire Gypsum.


Enemy Type

Barnacles & Black Powder is full of Lost enemy types. It will be beneficial to equip gear with Lost Ward Lost Ward and Lost Bane Lost Bane. You should also make sure that you have Infused Lost Coating Infused Lost Coating and Major Lost Combat Trophy Major Lost Combat Trophy to deal additional damage.


Repeatable Quests

"Cleansing Treasure" is a repeatable quest found just outside of Barnacles & Blackpowder. It is available from Quiggley Quorus.




Olsd Salt Footpath and Black Flag Grove

Clear all the trash and you will eventually encounter Third Officer Gibbs. There will be no significant mechanics to keep in mind. Continue along and go to the large gate. This gate will require a switch to open which is located inside the nearby hallway. A ranged attack must be used to activate the switch.

In the Grove you will encounter Gunner Jett. After they are defeated you will have to activate another switch to countinue, this switch is behind the door.


Chompers and the Master of Arms Encounter

The next areas will have some trash packs that need to be killed. Once you have cleared all the enemies and reached The Borken Bones this will begin a sequence of enemies waves.

The first wave will have regular Lost enemies which can be clumped and defeated with AoE damage. The second wave will have Chompers and some other trash enemies, there are no specific mechanics--but be mindful of Chompers' damage. The final wave will spawn the Master of Arms and some trash. Similarly to the previous wave, there are no mechanics to watch for--just be mindful of the Master of Arms' damage.

After completeing the encounter you will progress and encounter Fire Agent Jones. Once defeated, you will have to loot the nearby toolbox and use the tool in Dry Rum Passageway--the first area you encounter after using the final door switch by Gunner Jett. You will have to light the explosive barrels in order to blow up the wall.


Black Flag Cove

Move through the hole in the wall and head down the stairs. Below you will encounter 2nd Officer Bartham. After defeating them you will have to use a ranged weaon to hit another switch that is on the deck of the ship.

A bridge will be lowered after the switch is hit. You will then encounter First Officer Wells. During this mini-boss you will have to pick up cannon balls and fire a cannon at the kegs in the room. This will reveal another switch which will take you to the first boss.


Admiral Blackpowder



  • Barrel — Admiral Blackpowder will throw a powder keg. DPS need to focus it down so that it does not explode and deal party-wide damage.
  • Escape and Lookouts — The Admiral will retreat and spawn 3 Lookouts. This will start another phase of the fight. Kill the adds and be ready for the Bombs..
  • Bombs — When Admiral Blackpowder escapes he will launch patterns of bombs into the arena. Be sure to dodge through the explosions to avoid incoming damage.
  • Cannon (Player Mechanic) — After the Bombs there will be cannon balls available to pick up. A player must take a cannon ball and fire a cannon at the Admiral to continue the fight.
  • Mortar Blast — Players will be targeted by mortars which will lock on to them. To avoid this mechanic simply dodge before the explosive hits. Be careful because there will be an AoE that is left behind.


The fight is relatively standard at the start. Blackpowder will use an AoE slash attack and a cannon Attack that will knock players down, so be sure to avoid these. Once he is at 75% health he will Escape and begin the next phase.

In phase two quickly defeat the Lookouts and avoid the incoming Bombs by using your dodge roll. As soon as your group can, pick up a cannonball and fire it at the Admiral to continue the fight.

Throughout the course of the fight dodge Admiral Blackpowder's melee abilities, destroy any Barrels that are thrown into the arena, and avoid incoming Mortar Blasts. There will be multiple Escape phases, so be prepared to avoid Bombs. This fight will be repetitive, simply deal damage when you can and defeat him to continue.


Sergeant Morris and The Gate

After defeating Admiral Blackpowder you will encounter Sergeant Morris. This will start a statue puzzle in order to open the gate. Players in the party will need to touch the statue in the water and a lightning storm will start. The second statue will need to be touched and whomever touches it will be afflicted with a slowing debuff and a DoT. Simply bring the offerings to the statue and have your healer maintain your group's health. This will need to be done three times.





  • Water Blast — Nereied will blast a target with a large wave of water.
  • Cyclone — Nereid will whirlwind with her spear and move around the room dealing damage to anyone in her path.
  • Lightning Strike — Nereid will throw her spear at a target and a strike of lightning will deal AoE damage to everyone nearby.
  • Storm — Nereid will create a storm in the room and it will deal AoE damage to anyone that stands within its telegraphed area.
  • Charge — Nereid dashes toward a target with her spear and will knock them back.


The main goal is avoiding damaging abilities. Nereid will use all of these abilities to cover the room with dangerous effects. If your group can use their dodges to effectively prevent incoming damage, this should be a rather simple fight. Position yourself in safe spots and be mindful of any targeted abilities. Be sure that the tank stays close and keeps Nereid facing away from the group. This will prevent abilites like Water Blast from hitting the group.

At 50% health Nereid will gain a large empower. This will allow her to create Storms that will persist until the end of the fight. She will also use her abilities more frequently. Be mindful of your positioning during this phase and conserve stamina.


Cursed Treasure Chests

Be mindful of some chests throughout the expeditions. At times there will be cursed chests that will deal damage to you and slow you if you touch them. Avoid them, especially while doing a mutator.


Loot Drops

The loot in Barnacles & Black Powder is designed for endgame players and therefore can be some of the best found in the game. There are different drops depending on whether you are in the Mutated or Regular version of the expedition. This expedition can be a great way to focus on increase Expertise once you are at level 60.



To acquire Heartrunes you must complete an expedition. The final boss will have a high chance to drop the Minor version which can be upgraded into a legendary variant.


Mutated Drops

Some items can only drop on certain difficulty levels of the Mutated version within some expeditions.


Level 1+


Level 8+


Level 9+



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