Blunderbuss PvE Builds for New World

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General Information

Welcome to our PvE builds page for Blunderbuss. Here, we provide builds for use in PvE encounters.



In PvE the Blunderbuss is simply not used due to its lack of consistent damage and because of the reduced viability of elemental damage types in mutated expeditions. In most cases, there are a plethora of melee weapons that will be far more effective (For example, the War Hammer). If you choose to play with a Blunderbuss in PvE it may be difficult to find a group as a DPS, but as a Tank there is some viability, although it is again generally outpaced by superior options.



If you wish to play with a Blunderbuss in PvE, your best option will be to use on of our PvP builds but with PvE style gems. PvE players will most likely find the most success while using a War Hammer, but the Ice Gauntlet is a secondary option.

When adapting one of the PvP builds, you will need to do the following:


War Hammer

If you are looking for a PvE build that will be great in Mutators, the War Hammer can be a great option since it is commonly paired with the Blunderbuss and players may be used to using it.



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