Leatherworking Trade Skill Guide for New World

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On this page, you will find our in-depth guide for the Leatherworking Trade Skill in New World, where we cover everything from material costs to how to level your Leatherworking quickly.


Overview of Leatherworking in New World

Leatherworking is one of the five Refining Trade Skills in New World. Leatherworking involves processing all of the raw hide gathered from the Tracking and Skinning skill and crafting them into leather, to be used in crafting skills such as Weaponsmithing and Armoring. Leatherworking is performed at a Tannery in any settlement. Each Tannery will have a tier level that varies from town to town and a higher tier level Tannery will enable you to craft higher tier materials such as Infused Leather Infused Leather and Runic Leather Runic Leather.


Refining Reagent for Leatherworking

Tannin is the refining reagent for Leatherworking and it is required when trying to craft up your materials. The higher the rank of tannin you use the higher chance you have to craft bonus materials. The three available types of Tannin are: Tannin Tannin, Rested Tannin Rested Tannin and Aged Tannin Aged Tannin. Generally, Aged Tannin Aged Tannin is the best reagent to use, as it will provide you the highest chance at bonus items and is usually quite cheap.


Levelling Leatherworking in New World

Leatherworking is a fairly simple skill to level up: the most experience you can acquire is from the highest tier materials you can craft, so always craft up for maximum experience. However, you can take a cheaper route and continue to only craft the lower materials, which are extremely useful and can still sell for plenty of gold, as many players would rather just buy those lower level resources than farm them themselves. Below is a table of refined resources you can create with Leatherworking and the materials/levels they require.

Refined Resources Materials Required Leatherworking Level Experience Gained
Coarse Leather Coarse Leather Rawhide Rawhide x4 0 +36
Rugged Leather Rugged Leather Coarse Leather Coarse Leather x4 and Tannin x1 50 +190
Layered Leather Layered Leather Thick Hide Thick Hide x6, Rugged Leather Rugged Leather x2 and Tannin x1 100 +1665
Infused Leather Infused Leather Iron Hide Iron Hide x8, Layered Leather Layered Leather x2 and Tannin x1 150 +8470
Runic Leather Runic Leather Infused Leather Infused Leather x5, Smolderhide Smolderhide x1, Scarhide Scarhide x1 and Aged Tannin Aged Tannin x1 200 +6160

Yield-Increasing Gear

Each of the 5 Refining trade skills have a gear set that increase the total yield you receive while refining by +2% per item. For Leatherworking, it is the Tanner Gloves, Hat, Pants, Shirt and Shoes. You can generally find these as drops or on the Trading Post, however some pieces can be much rarer than others.



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