Tracking and Skinning Trade Skill Guide for New World

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On this page, you will find our in-depth guide for the Tracking and Skinning Trade Skill in New World, where we cover everything from basics to advanced farming tips for rare materials.


Overview of Tracking and Skinning in New World

Tracking and Skinning utilizes the Skinning Knife tool to gather hide and meat from beasts around the world, which can be used by Leatherworking and Cooking to create some of the best gear/food in the game. Leather is also used by most other professions and can be a great source of gold income.

To begin your Tracking and Skinning adventures, simply craft a Skinning Knife at any campfire or sanctuary after the initial game introduction; it uses similar materials to the Flint Sickle that you craft shortly after the introduction (Flint and Greenwood), and then you are ready to proceed. The tracking aspect comes in the form of the radar at the top of your screen which will gradually track more and more beasts the higher level your Tracking and Skinning gets.


Attribute Bonuses

This Trade Skill scales solely with Dexterity, so we highly recommended that you focus on obtaining Dexterity on both gear and with your Attribute selection, up to 250 for the final skinning perk, if you are aiming to get the most out of your Tracking and Skinning. If you are not a Dexterity-based character at the time, you will still be able to get a lot out of Tracking and Skinning, but it will be a slower farm. Below is a list of the perks granted from Dexterity that benefit Tracking and Skinning.

  • 50 Dexterity: +10% Skinning speed
  • 100 Dexterity: +20% haste for 3 seconds after Skinning
  • 150 Dexterity: -10% Decreased weight of skinned items
  • 200 Dexterity: +10% Skinning speed
  • 250 Dexterity: +10% Yield increased from Skinning

Luck and Rare Resources

Luck greatly increases your chance at getting rare materials from Tracking and Skinning. Stacking as much Luck as possible on all of your gear/tools/food buff is the key to finding those legendary rare materials. The apparel for skinning is the Skinner Gloves,Hat,Pants,Shirt and Shoes, but the perk can also roll on any gear.

Below is a list of some of the best rare resources you can find while Tracking and Skinning and where to find them.


Tracking and Skinning Trophies

You are able to have a total of three houses currently in New World and in each of those houses you can place up to five trophies. Placing a Tracking and Skinning trophy in your house increases your Tracking and Skinning Luck globally and you may place a Tracking and Skinning trophy in each of your three houses, which will stack the Luck up even further. You are also able to permanently increase the power of these trophies by acquiring either Notes on Aeternum Fauna Notes on Aeternum Fauna or Tracker's Seal Tracker's Seal. Trophies can be made by the Furnishing profession.

  1. Minor Trophy = 500 Luck
  2. Basic Trophy = 1000 Luck
  3. Major Trophy = 1500 Luck

Best Perks for your Skinning Knife

The best perks for your Skinning Knife can change depending on what you need. For example, as you are levelling up your Tracking and Skinning skill, you may want the Tanner's Discipline Tanner's Discipline perk, which grants increased Tracking and Skinning experience, however once you are at 200 Tracking and Skinning skill you will likely want to drop that for something else. At 200 Tracking and Skinning we recommend the following perks on your Skinning knife:

  1. Skinning Luck Skinning Luck
  2. Skinning Yield Skinning Yield
  3. Gathering Alacrity Gathering Alacrity

Skinning Gear

Armor Drop Source
Skinner Hat Skinner Hat Open World
Skinner Shirt Skinner Shirt Open World
Skinner Gloves Skinner Gloves Open World
Skinner Pants Skinner Pants Open World
Skinner Shoes Skinner Shoes Open World

Best Bag Perks for Tracking and Skinning

If you are an avid skinner, you may want to look for the Tanner's Burden Tanner's Burden perk, which reduces the weight of your rawhide, leather, and Skinning Knives. The Extra Pockets Extra Pockets perk is also fantastic for all situations, as it is just extra bag space.


Increasing your Skinning Yield

In addition to the Tracking and Skinning Yield perk at 250 Dexterity, you can also get more raw hide and rare materials by drinking the Powerful Proficiency Booster Powerful Proficiency Booster proficiency potion, made by the Arcana profession, which can increase your yield by up to 15%. You can also get additional yield on your crafted Skinning Knife, which is great.


Best Way to Level Your Tracking and Skinning in New World

Leveling Tracking and Skinning in New World is fairly simple: the higher level required to skin the beast, the more experience you will gain (generally), and it is largely considered one of the easiest professions to level as you will most likely get this to 200 before even hitting max level if you are skinning most of the monsters you defeat.


Tracking in New World

The radar at the top of your screen in-game can be used to track many things and one of the best things to track is beasts, as it can help reduce time spent looking for those last few boars for your quest or let you know that a pack of wolves is ahead. Below is a list of what prey is tracked at what tracking level. Happy hunting!

  • Small Prey — tracked at 25
  • Medium Prey — tracked at 50
  • Large Prey — tracked at 75
  • Small Predator — tracked at 125
  • Large Predator — tracked at 175


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