Life Staff PvP Builds for New World

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Welcome to our PvP builds page for Life Staff. Here, we provide builds for use in PvP encounters.



In PvP the Life Staff offers a variety of build options that range from focused burst healing to complete Area of Effect (AoE) spread to heal an entire War roster or Outpost Rush team. The Life Staff provides incredible PvP support not only through its healing properties, but its array of utility buffs, such as fortify or stamina recovery, that will help allies survive and secure enemy kills. A PvP healer needs to utilize effective communication, cooldown management, and proper positioning to really excel, regardless of which build they chose to use. In most PvP settings it will be advantageous to use the Rapier as a secondary weapon, but in some situtations a Void Gauntlet can be used, especially if you chose to AoE heal.


Group Healer — PvP (Life Staff and Rapier Build)

Take advantage of a mix of targeted healing and AoE options to ensure that your 5-player group is able to stay coordinated and fight in a War or OPR. This build is the standard setup for most war healers and is one of the most commonly used in the PvP META. Its strengths rest upon its ability to heal one target at a time and recover from burst damage. The primary weakness of this build is its lack of AoE focus. It is not meant to heal an entire army, rather just a single dedicated group.

This build's default secondary weapon is Rapier, but it can also work with Void Gauntlet.


AoE Healing — PvP (Life Staff and Rapier Build)

This build allows for some of the highest healing numbers in the game. You will focus on lower amounts of defensiveness of increased healing output. This is a beginner friendly build that is not as needed in end game PvP, but still required in smaller amounts. This will take advantage of AoE and healing over time (HoT) abilities to spread large amounts of healing across an entire army. Its strengths rest upon its total healing output and utility it brings. But it is a very vulnerable build that relies upon a player's knowledge of positioning, which can be very punishing at times.

This build's default secondary weapon is Rapier, but it can also work with Void Gauntlet.


Splash of Light Healing - PvP (Life Staff and Rapier)

The Splash of Light PvP healing build is a very niche setup that is primarily used by 1-2 two healers in a War. This is generally assigned to healers so that a small amount of healing can be provided to ranged Dexterity players, or healers who are tasked with healing allies who are very spread out like a specialized dive team. In all, the build will play similar to an AoE build since this role will be given the duty of healing main clumps with the occasional Splash to top off their 5-player group. Its strengths rest upon its simplicity and lack of relying on targeted healing options. But it is a build that is very vulnerable at times due to the Splash animation and lack of high burst healing.

This build's default secondary weapon is Rapier, but it can also work with Void Gauntlet.


Single Target Healing - PvP (Life Staff and Rapier)

This build is one of the most difficult healing builds to play in New World and has a high skill cap. It has the potential to completely swing fights and allow teammates to fight while drastically outnumbered. By using Light's Embrace Light's Embrace, Divine Embrace Divine Embrace, and Sacred Ground Sacred Ground, you can effectively burst heal your allies in combination with targeted keybinds to be a very potent dedicated group healer. This build can be played in a variety of content, but it is difficult to heal allies outside of your group if you are not used to healing in this way. When played correctly, it is very defensive and provides unmatched support to your team. It is best suited for a dedicated dive team healer, or for one who is tasked with healing their own specific group on capture points.

This build's default secondary weapon is Rapier, but it can also work with Void Gauntlet.



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