Al'ar Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Al'ar is the first boss located inside of the Tempest Keep 25-player raid instance. Al'ar is a boss that requires a heavy amount of planning and coordination that will task every member of the raid to avoid as much damage as possible while trying to handle Al'ar and his Phoenix offspring.



Al'ar is the first boss in the Tempest Keep 25 player raid instance. Al'ar has two distinct phases that have completely different mechanics and is unique in that the encounter fully utilizes the room that you will find Al'ar in to create engaging mechanics. Three tanks can make this boss easier.


Role-Specific Tips for Al'ar


Healer tips

Make sure that healers are assigned to each tank for the second phase and raid cooldowns are coordinated, as the damage during Phase 2 can be quite overwhelming but is made much easier if you are prepared for it.


DPS tips

Melee DPS should be focusing primarily on killing Ember of Al'ar but make sure you are out of melee range when they are low health to avoid taking damage from their explosion upon death. Ranged DPS should be focusing the boss to get him to the 2nd phase as quickly as possible.


Tank tips

Tanks should be assigned to each of the platforms in Al'ar's room in case Al'ar lands on a different platform. If no one is in melee range of Al'ar he will very quickly wipe the raid by spamming Flame Buffet IconFlame Buffet on the entire raid.

Tanks must be ready to taunt the boss off eachother when the Melt Armor IconMelt Armor debuff is applied. Melt Armor considerably lessens a tank's survivability and, if you have multiple tanks alive, there is no reason the person with Melt Armor should have aggro on Al'ar.

It is important for one tank to be ready to pick up the multiple Ember of Al'ar during the first phase as they can quickly kill non-tanks.


Al'ar Abilities

Al'ar has two completely different sets of abilities for Phase One and Two.


Phase 1 Abilities

  • Summon Phoenix Adds IconSummon Phoenix Adds — This will spawn an Ember of Al'ar each time Al'ar moves platforms. These Phoenix adds must be killed quickly, but ensure that non-tanks are out of melee range when it is about to die as it will explode, dealing damage and knocking back anyone in melee range upon death.
  • Flame Buffet IconFlame Buffet — Applies a debuff that deals damage and greatly increases Fire damage taken; this effect is only applied if no one is in melee range of Al'ar.
  • Flame Quills IconFlame Quills — Instead of moving platforms Al'ar will fly to the center of the room and shoot flaming quills at everyone on his most-recently-landed platform.
  • Ember Blast IconEmber Blast — Deals Fire damage to everyone near Al'ar when his health reaches 0 in the first phase. This ability acts as a transition to the second phase.

Phase 2 Abilities

  • Rebirth IconRebirth — Starts the second phase of the fight, once again knocking back everyone near the boss and dealing Fire damage.
  • Flame Patch IconFlame Patch — Spawns a small patch of fire on the ground, dealing Fire damage and giving a debuff that increases Fire damage taken for every two seconds spent inside the patch.
  • Melt Armor IconMelt Armor — Places a debuff on whoever has aggro on Al'ar, reducing the target's Armor by 80%. It is crucial that another tank taunts Al'ar so the person with Melt Armor is not holding the boss while the debuff is active.
  • Dive Bomb IconDive Bomb — Al'ar will occasionally fly into the air and dive directly down where he stands, dealing massive Fire damage to anyone underneath. This ability will also spawn two Ember of Al'ar which must be dealt with.
  • Charge IconCharge — A random player in the raid will be charged by Al'ar and receive a single application of Flame Buffet IconFlame Buffet.

Strategy for Al'ar

It is important that tanks are assigned to each of the platforms in the room to ensure someone is able to tank Al'ar no matter which platform he chooses. The first phase is not a race and it is important to make sure the raid has as many resources as possible going into the second phase as the damage the boss deals to the raid can be very overwhelming.


Phase 1

The first phase of this encounter involves Al'ar moving between the platforms. Melee DPS need to be focused almost entirely on killing the Ember of Al'ar as they spawn and should be following the boss as he moves. Ranged DPS can stand in the center of the room and reach Al'ar at any of the platforms from this position. When Al'ar reaches 0 health the second phase will begin.


Phase 2

The second phase of this encounter will now have Al'ar in the center of the room as opposed to rotating around from platform to platform. Tanks need to be ready to taunt off of eachother when Melt Armor IconMelt Armor is applied. The rest of the raid needs to be focused on avoiding Flame Patch IconFlame Patches along with killing adds and ensuring they do not die inside of the raid to minimize impact of their explosions. Loosely spreading around the boss can help make this easier but no one should be too far from the boss.


Al'ar Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Talon of Al'ar Icon Talon of Al'ar Accessory Trinket
Tome of Fiery Redemption Icon Tome of Fiery Redemption Accessory Trinket
Arcanite Steam-Pistol Icon Arcanite Steam-Pistol Weapon Gun
Talisman of the Sun King Icon Talisman of the Sun King Accessory Off Hand
Band of Al'ar Icon Band of Al'ar Accessory Ring
Phoenix-Ring of Rebirth Icon Phoenix-Ring of Rebirth Accessory Ring
Phoenix-Wing Cloak Icon Phoenix-Wing Cloak Accessory Cloak
Claw of the Phoenix Icon Claw of the Phoenix Weapon Off Hand Fist
Talon of the Phoenix Icon Talon of the Phoenix Weapon Main Hand Fist
Netherbane Icon Netherbane Weapon One-Handed Axe
Fire Crest Breastplate Icon Fire Crest Breastplate Mail Chest
Gloves of the Searing Grip Icon Gloves of the Searing Grip Leather Gloves
Mindstorm Wristbands Icon Mindstorm Wristbands Cloth Bracers


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