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Tempest Keep is one of the two raids that make up Tier 5 and includes one of Warcraft's most iconic characters, Kael'thas Sunstrider. Tempest Keep is a 25-player raid that is located on the eastern side of the Netherstorm. With the most recent update to The Burning Crusade Classic you are no longer required to become attuned to Tempest Keep to enter the instance, but completing the quest line that was formerly required will grant you the unique title "Hand of A'dal". Make sure to check out our Tempest Keep Attunement guide to be able to quickly navigate through the quest chain!



Tempest Keep is a 25-player, 4-boss raid located in Netherstorm and is a part of the second tier of content available as within Phase 2 of The Burning Crusade Classic.


Tempest Keep Attunement

With the most recent change to The Burning Crusade Classic you are no longer required to become attuned to Tempest Keep to enter the instance, but completing the quest line that was formerly required will still grant you the unique title "Hand of A'dal". Listed below is our in-depth guide on the quest chain and how to complete it.


Tempest Keep Entrance Location

Tempest Keep is the center-most instance of the floating buildings on the far eastern side of Netherstorm. You will either need flying or to be summoned to be able to enter the instance.


Tempest Keep Trash Mobs

Tempest Keep is filled with trash mobs that can be quite dangerous if not managed correctly. Below we will include the most deadly mobs and how you should handle each of them.


Bloodwarder Legionnaire

Bloodwarder Legionnaires are common throughout the instance but will take the lowest kill priority in every trash pack. These mobs can be easily handled by tanking them outside of the group and away from any other player.


Star Scryer

Star Scryers can also be found in most packs of trash throughout Tempest Keep, these are generally a low kill priority but it is important to be aware of who gets mind controlled by their Domination IconDomination and that the knockback from Arcane Blast IconArcane Blast does not pull any additional track packs.


Bloodwarder Vindicator

Bloodwarder Vindicator are a high-priority kill target that should either be the first mob you kill to minimize the healing they are able to do with Flash of Light IconFlash of Light or the second if you are confident in your group's ability to interrupt or stun them on each cast.



Astromancer should be a high-priority kill target as they deal massive damage to the raid with their Fireball Volley IconFireball Volley ability. It is important that they are either crowd controlled or killed quickly.


Crystalcore Sentinel

Crystalcore Sentinels can be found in either hallway behind the room where the Al'ar boss fight takes place. The Overcharge IconOvercharge ability can have a Warrior's Spell Reflection IconSpell Reflection used on it. Charged Arcane Explosion IconCharged Arcane Explosion deals massive damage to the raid but has a four-second cast and is not cast often.


Crystalcore Mechanic

Crystalcore Mechanics are found only in Void Reaver's room on the Western end of the Tempest Keep raid instance. Mechanics will cast Recharge IconRecharge on the constructs in the room attempting to heal them. Interrupting this, focusing them down first, or Banish IconBanishing is the best way to deal with this. They will also shoot out Saw Blade IconSaw Blades in a cone in front of them dealing damage and applying a damage-over-time effect to anyone inside of this cone.



Tempest-Smith should be a high-priority kill target as each of their three abilities can cause major damage or even lead to deaths if not handled properly. Shell Shock IconShell Shock will target a random raid member, dealing Fire damage and stunning everyone within 3 yards of the attack. Fragmentation Bomb IconFragmentation Bomb will reduce the Armor of everyone within 10 yards of its target and deal Fire damage. Power Up IconPower Up is a channeled spell on one of the constructs in the room. If the 10-second channel is completed the construct's damage will be increased by 50%.


Crystalcore Devastator

Crystalcore Devastators can become dangerous if they are being healed by the Crystalcore Mechanic's Recharge IconRecharge ability or have their damage buffed by Tempest-Smith's Power Up IconPower Up, but otherwise their knockback ability can lead to accidentally pulling an extra pack.


Bosses in Tempest Keep


Recent Instance Nerfs

Leading up to the release of Phase 3 of The Burning Crusade Classic, many of the health values in the Tempest Keep raid have been reduced. Listed below are the most notable changes you are likely to experience.



  • 14 Dec. 2021: Updated to reflect recent nerfs.
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