Halazzi Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Halazzi is the fourth boss you will encounter in Zul'Aman. This fight requires quick tank reaction times to grab adds spawning, as well as healers topping off tanks health quickly between high burst damage. Check out our in-depth guide below to prepare as much as possible for your encounter with Halazzi.



Halazzi is the fourth boss you will encounter in Zul'Aman. This fight requires quick tank reaction times to grab adds spawning, as well as healers topping off tanks health quickly between high burst damage. Be sure to read up on the mechanics below to properly handle this boss.


Halazzi Abilities


Phase One

  • Frenzy IconFrenzy — Greatly increases attack speed. Can be removed with Tranquilizing Shot IconTranquilizing Shot.
  • Saber Lash IconSaber Lash — Deals high damage to the tank. Damage is split between allies near the target.

Phase Two

  • Transfigure IconTransfigure — Deals 4,000 Nature damage to all enemies and heals to full health, transforming forms and switching from Phase One to Phase Two.
  • Spirit of the Lynx — Upon casting Transfigure IconTransfigure, Halazzi will summon a Spirit of the Lynx to his side, which has a normal threat table and must be tanked.
  • Earth Shock IconEarth Shock — Deals 4,000 to 5,000 Nature damage to a random enemy, interrupting any spell being cast for 3 seconds.
  • Flame Shock IconFlame Shock — Deals high Fire damage to a random enemy and places a DoT on them. Can be dispelled.
  • Lightning Totem IconLightning Totem — Summons a Corrupted Lightning Totem, which frequently attacks nearby enemies with a chain lightning attack.

Phase Three

  • Frenzy IconFrenzy — Upon reaching Phase Three, Halazzi will Frenzy, greatly increasing his damage dealt.

Strategy for Halazzi


Pulling the Boss

The best way to engage Halazzi is to have your tanks move in together and quickly position the boss at maximum range away from the raid. A second way to pull the boss is to have your tanks stack together on one side of the room, and have a Hunter cast Misdirection IconMisdirection on the main tank, making the boss run to them. This second method ensures the two tanks are always stacked together for the Saber Lash IconSaber Lash, splitting its damage between them.


Phase One

The hardest part about this fight is getting a smooth pull down. After that is taken care of, ranged players will want to stand at maximum range to avoid being targeted by the Earth Shock IconEarth Shock, as the interrupt can be deadly if it hits a healer. Be ready to use any available dispels to remove the Flame Shock IconFlame Shock DoT, as it deals quite a high amount of damage over time.

If your raid has a Hunter in it, make sure to have them cast Tranquilizing Shot IconTranquilizing Shot whenever Halazzi gains Frenzy IconFrenzy, as the added attack speed makes Halazzi quite deadly.


Phase Two

Phase two begins whenever Halazzi reaches 75%, 50% and 25% health. It ends when either himself or the Spirit of the Lynx reach 20% health; Halazzi will then transition back into phase one. At the start of phase two, Halazzi casts Transfigure IconTransfigure, dealing 4,000 health to the entire raid. Healers should avoid healing the raid instantly, as the Spirit of the Lynx will also spawn at this time. Wait for tanks to establish threat on the spirit before healing the raid, as the lynx can spawn closer to healers than the tanks, easily killing a healer if they generate high threat from healing right away.

During this phase, Halazzi will cast both Earth Shock IconEarth Shock and Flame Shock IconFlame Shock, make sure to dispel the Flame Shock IconFlame Shock DoT and stand max range to avoid the interrupt from Earth Shock IconEarth Shock. He will also very frequently spawn Corrupted Lightning Totems, which attack nearby enemies with a chain lightning attack that bounces to nearby allies. Make sure to kill these as quickly as possible. Phase two ends when either Halazzi or the Spirit of the Lynx reach 20% health.


Phase Three

Phase three begins after Halazzi finishes his 25% Phase Two transition. Phase three is just phase one, except during this phase Halazzi will spawn Corrupted Lightning Totems and be under Frenzy IconFrenzy. Based on your raid's damage output, you may or may not need to kill multiple totems before focusing down the boss, as they can quickly overwhelm your healers if ignored.

As Halazzi will be under Frenzy IconFrenzy the entire time during phase three, it is recommended to kill as few totems as possible and quickly focus down the boss. Be ready with any defensive cooldowns or offensive damage cooldowns to help you get through this phase much easier and quicker.


Role-Specific Tips for Halazzi


Healer Tips

This fight has quite a lot of healing going on. Tanks can take very high burst damage and there is a decent amount of raid damage going out in phases two and three. Prioritize keeping the tanks full health as they have the highest potential to die to burst damage here. If you have the ability to remove magical debuffs, make sure to remove the Flame Shock IconFlame Shock as soon as possible as it deals high damage over time.

When Halazzi transitions to phase two, he will cast Transfigure IconTransfigure, which deals 4,000 damage to the entire raid. It is crucial that you do not instantly begin to heal the raid, as a Spirit of the Lynx will spawn at the same time. It has a normal threat table, so if you do heal the raid instantly you will generate a large amount of threat on it, likely pulling aggro. As there is no raid wide damage for a short while after the phase two transition, you can hold back healing the raid till a tank has picked up the lynx.


DPS Tips

Be mindful of threat, especially at the start of combat while the tanks get into position. When the Spirit of the Lynx spawns in phase two, avoid using cleave attacks for a few seconds till the tank has picked it up and established threat. Make sure to quickly swap to any Corrupted Lightning Totems that spawn, as they deal very high AoE damage if left unchecked.


Tank Tips

Tanks need to be sure to stack tightly together to split the Saber Lash IconSaber Lash during phase one. It's worth noting that Saber Lash IconSaber Lash only happens during phases one and three. During phase two Halazzi will not cast Saber Lash IconSaber Lash, allowing the tanks to move about to get threat on the Spirit of the Lynx easier.

Prioritize wearing higher stamina gear as there is high burst damage on tanks in multiple phases of this encounter. When Halazzi is close to reaching 75%, 50% or 25% health, start holding cooldowns and be ready to pick up the Spirit of the Lynx quickly, as it will most likely spawn somewhere near the ranged group and head towards a healer. After getting threat on it, drag it back towards Halazzi and re-position yourself on top of the other tank to be ready to soak the Saber Lash IconSaber Lash again after the phase change.


Halazzi Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Skullshatter Warboots Icon Skullshatter Warboots Plate Feet
Shoulderpads of Dancing Blades Icon Shoulderpads of Dancing Blades Leather Shoulder
The Savage's Choker Icon The Savage's Choker Accessory Neck
Avalanche Leggings Icon Avalanche Leggings Mail Legs
Robe of Departed Spirits Icon Robe of Departed Spirits Cloth Chest
Shimmer-pelt Vest Icon Shimmer-pelt Vest Leather Chest
Spaulders of the Advocate Icon Spaulders of the Advocate Plate Shoulder
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner Icon Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner Formula Enchanting

Fourth Timed Chest Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Amani War Bear Icon Amani War Bear Miscellaneous Mount

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