High Astromancer Solarian Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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High Astromancer Solarian can be either the second or third boss you encounter in the Tempest Keep 25-player raid instance. Solarian has two unique forms that completely change the fight, requiring your raid to handle constantly-changing mechanics and deal with the numerous Solarium agents coming to the aid of the High Astromancer!



High Astromancer Solarian is the third boss in the Tempest Keep 25 player raid instance. Solarian is a cleave-heavy boss encounter that will require the raid to constantly deal with mobs being spawned from portals around the room. Solarian is unique because her first phase has no threat table and the person she targets to attack is almost completely random.


Role-Specific Tips for High Astromancer Solarian


Healer tips

Make sure you have the ability to track who the boss is targeting. During the first phase of this encounter Solarian has no threat table and will cast Arcane Missiles IconArcane Missiles on random players, so being able to tell who she will be attacking can give you more time to react to the damage.

Priest healers should keep Fear Ward IconFear Ward up on the tank as often as possible in the third phase.

If in the tank group, Shaman should keep Tremor Totem IconTremor Totem down during the third phase.


DPS tips

Ranged should make an effort to stay as clumped up as possible to help deal with Wrath of the Astromancer IconWrath of the Astromancer. If everyone is grouped then the person who is targeted is the only person who will have to move.

DPS with stuns should be prepared to use them on the adds that spawn in the second phase to interrupt and stop spell casts.


Tank tips

The boss has no threat table in the first phase, so focus on dealing damage as opposed to mitigating damage or generating threat.

Ensure that you always have Fear Ward IconFear Ward active from Priests in your raid during the third phase. Getting feared can be very dangerous so consider a Shaman's Tremor Totem IconTremor Totem as well if you do not have many Priests.


High Astromancer Solarian Abilities

  • Blinding Light IconBlinding Light — This hits the entire raid for a moderate amount of Arcane damage every 20 seconds.
  • Mark of Solarian IconMark of Solarian — Stacks an Arcane Resistance reduction, reducing your resistance by 15 each stack.
  • Wrath of the Astromancer IconWrath of the Astromancer — A debuff will target a random player and deal Arcane damage and knock the player targeted by the debuff and anyone near them into the air after the debuff expires.
  • Arcane Missiles IconArcane Missiles — A random player will be selected and Arcane damage will be channeled into them by the boss.
  • Arcane Bolt IconArcane Bolt — Deals a large amount of Arcane damage to the target who has threat on Solarian.
  • Psychic Scream IconPsychic Scream — Fears everyone in melee range of the boss.
  • Void Bolt IconVoid Bolt — Deals a large amount of Shadow Damage to the target who has threat on Solarian.

Strategy for High Astromancer Solarian


Pulling the Boss

When preparing to pull Solarian all of your ranged and healers should form a stack to help handle Wrath of the Astromancer IconWrath of the Astromancer. Having them all grouped can help make it clear where the person who gets the debuff should go to avoid hitting other players; assigning a location for this can be helpful. The raid needs to be positioned in a way that tanks have time to pick up threat on the mobs spawning from Solarian's portals, so keep an eye on where you the raid is positioned relative to the portals. Pre-assigning a rotation of Fear Ward IconFear Wards from your Priests for the third phase can help maximize the uptime of the buff.


Phase 1

The first phase of Solarian will last 50 seconds. During this time the raid should focus on dealing as much damage as possible as there is very little to do other than heal whoever is being targeted by her Arcane Missiles IconArcane Missiles. After 50 seconds Solarian will disappear.


Phase 2

During the second phase Solarium Agents will spawn from the beams of light around the room. A tank needs to be ready to pick them up and they must be AoEd down as quickly and safely as possible. After a short time Solarian will re-appear and two Solarium Priests will spawn as well. The Priests are the highest priority and should be focused down immediately. They can be stunned and interrupted so assigning DPS to interrupt and stun can greatly minimize the Priests' impact on the fight. Once all the Agents and Priests are dead you will have more time to focus on damaging the boss; this cycle repeats until Solarian reaches 20% health.


Phase 3

At 20% health Solarian will transform into a gigantic Voidwalker. She loses all abilities she had in Phases 1 and 2 but gains Void Bolt IconVoid Bolt and Psychic Scream IconPsychic Scream. Void Bolt must be healed through as it deals a significant amount of damage, but during this phase your tank should be the only one taking any significant amount of damage. Psychic Scream can be dealt with by ensuring you have a Shaman in your melee groups using Tremor Totem IconTremor Totem to maximize uptime. Keep up Fear Ward IconFear Ward on your tank whenever possible.


High Astromancer Solarian Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Void Star Talisman Icon Void Star Talisman Accessory Trinket
Solarian's Sapphire Icon Solarian's Sapphire Accessory Trinket
Wand of the Forgotten Star Icon Wand of the Forgotten Star Weapon Wand
Ethereum Life-Staff Icon Ethereum Life-Staff Weapon Staff
Heartrazor Icon Heartrazor Weapon Dagger
Star-Soul Breeches Icon Star-Soul Breeches Cloth Legs
Trousers of the Astromancer Icon Trousers of the Astromancer Cloth Legs
Vambraces of Ending Icon Vambraces of Ending Leather Bracers
Star-Strider Boots Icon Star-Strider Boots Mail Boots
Worldstorm Gauntlets Icon Worldstorm Gauntlets Mail Gloves
Boots of the Resilient Icon Boots of the Resilient Plate Boots
Greaves of the Bloodwarder Icon Greaves of the Bloodwarder Plate Legs
Girdle of the Righteous Path Icon Girdle of the Righteous Path Plate Belt


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