Anetheron Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Anetheron is the second boss you will encounter in the Hyjal Summit 25-player raid instance. Anetheron is a unique boss in that he is constantly healing himself so Mortal Strike IconMortal Strike effects (Aimed Shot IconAimed Shot, Wound Poison IconWound Poison) are extremely helpful and can help you kill the boss much faster.



Anetheron is the second boss you will encounter in the Hyjal Summit raid instance. Anetheron will spawn about a minute after the final wave of the second set of trash mobs are defeated. Anetheron will test your group's ability to target swap and your off-tank's reaction time. While Anetheron only has a few abilities each is quite deadly if it targets the wrong player or is not handled correctly, so make sure everyone in your raid is well-versed with what each spell does. Anetheron is a two-tank encounter and should not require you to bring any extra healers.


Role-Specific Tips for Anetheron


Healer Tips

Anetheron's ability Carrion Swarm IconCarrion Swarm acts differently than most Mortal Strike IconMortal Strike effects; instead of reducing the amount of healing a target receives it reduces the amount of healing done by players who are afflicted with this debuff, so it is crucial for healers to spread evenly around the boss.

It is important to have at least one healer in range of the tank who is assigned to picking up Infernals as they can sometimes deal more damage than the boss so assigning a healer for this tank can help avoid any potential confusion leading to a tank death.


DPS Tips

Spread evenly around the boss to limit the damage dealt by Carrion Swarm IconCarrion Swarm.

Make sure that classes with healing reduction effects are keeping them on Anetheron as much as possible. Having these debuffs present on the boss will drastically lessen his healing from his Vampiric Aura IconVampiric Aura ability and as a result reduce the time it takes to kill Anetheron. these include: Aimed Shot IconAimed Shot from Hunters, Wound Poison IconWound Poison from Rogues, and Mortal Strike IconMortal Strike from Warriors.

Be ready to run to your group's predetermined location if the Towering Infernal lands on you. Towering Infernals are immune to taunt so the only way your tank can get aggro on it is attacking it. Ranged DPS should focus these Infernals and Melee should stay on the boss to reduce damage from the Infernals' Fel Immolation IconFel Immolation ability. Hunters can help tanks gain aggro on the Infernals using their Misdirection IconMisdirection ability.


Tank Tips

Make sure one tank is assigned to hold the boss and one tank is ready to pick up the Towering Infernals spawned by Anetheron's Inferno IconInferno ability which will be cast on a random player. These Infernals are immune to taunt so you must manually gain threat.

Determine a spot where you plan to hold the Towering Infernals that allows your group to remain spread around the boss still without hitting any additional targets with the Infernal's Fel Immolation IconFel Immolation ability. The area in front of the tower near where Jaina is waiting is typically a good spot for this.


Anetheron Abilities

  • Carrion Swarm IconCarrion Swarm — Anetheron will target a random member of the raid and launch a wave of Shadow damage that also applies a debuff that reduces the healing done by that target by 75%.
  • Sleep IconSleep — Anetheron will target 3 members of the raid and put them asleep for 10 seconds. No crowd control removing effects will work on this.
  • Vampiric Aura IconVampiric Aura — heals Anetheron for 300% of all damage dealt by his Melee attacks.
  • Inferno IconInferno — Anetheron will spawn a Towering Infernal on a random player in the raid. These Infernals are immune to taunt and pulse a large amount of Fire damage.

Strategy for Anetheron


Pulling the Boss

Anetheron will spawn and engage your raid about 60 seconds after the final trash wave is defeated. It is crucial to be ready to pick him up as soon as he becomes active and position him in a central location that allows your raid to spread entirely around him and allow your off-tank a good sized area for them to handle the Infernals that will spawn throughout the encounter. Make sure to give tanks appropriate time to establish threat as you may have to move him quite a distance.


Phase One

Anetheron is the same boss from pull to kill so your raid will be immediately exposed to his full arsenal of abilities. Once your tanks have Anetheron in a centrally located position that allows for the raid to spread evenly around him and your second tank has an area established where they will be tanking the Infernals the raid's main focus should be on doing as much damage as possible to get through the considerable amount of healing Anetheron will be doing to himself with his Vampiric Aura IconVampiric Aura ability. The raid should be evenly spread around the boss in a full circle in order to minimize the impacts of Carrion Swarm IconCarrion Swarm, while healers should have assigned positions so multiple healers are not impacted by the debuff. Classes with healing reductions should keep them on the boss as much as possible to minimize the impact of Vampiric Aura. When a Towering Infernal is spawned it is crucial that the raid pulls it to the off-tank and it is held away from the group as there will be massive pulsing Fire damage from the Infernal's Fel Immolation IconFel Immolation; Hunters can help establishing threat on the Infernal using their Misdirection IconMisdirection ability.


Anetheron Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Anetheron's Noose Icon Anetheron's Noose Cloth Belt
Hatefury Mantle Icon Hatefury Mantle Cloth Shoulders
Archbishop's Slippers Icon Archbishop's Slippers Cloth Boots
Pillar of Ferocity Icon Pillar of Ferocity Weapon Staff
Bastion of Light Icon Bastion of Light Accessory Off-hand
Glimmering Steel Mantle Icon Glimmering Steel Mantle Plate Shoulders
The Unbreakable Will Icon The Unbreakable Will Weapon One-Hand Sword
Blade of Infamy Icon Blade of Infamy Weapon One-Hand Sword
Quickstrider Moccasins Icon Quickstrider Moccasins Mail Boots
Golden Links of Restoration Icon Golden Links of Restoration Mail Chest
Don Alejandro's Money Belt Icon Don Alejandro's Money Belt Leather Belt
Enchanted Leather Sandals Icon Enchanted Leather Sandals Leather Boots
Design: Great Lionseye Icon Design: Great Lionseye Pattern Jewelcrafting
Design: Flashing Crimson Spinel Icon Design: Flashing Crimson Spinel Pattern Jewelcrafting
Design: Inscribed Pyrestone Icon Design: Inscribed Pyrestone Pattern Jewelcrafting
Design: Sovereign Shadowsong Amethyst Icon Design: Sovereign Shadowsong Amethyst Pattern Jewelcrafting
Design: Stormy Empyrean Sapphire Icon Design: Stormy Empyrean Sapphire Pattern Jewelcrafting
Design: Veiled Pyrestone Icon Design: Veiled Pyrestone Pattern Jewelcrafting
Design: Mystic Lionseye Icon Design: Mystic Lionseye Pattern Jewelcrafting
Design: Shifting Shadowsong Amethyst Icon Design: Shifting Shadowsong Amethyst Pattern Jewelcrafting

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