Doomwalker Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Doomwalker is a giant robot which can be found in Shadowmoon Valley, just outside of the Black Temple entrance portal at coordinates (71,44). Below you will find a full breakdown of Doomwalker's abilities, loot, and suggested tactics.


Doomwalker Abilities

  • Lightning Wrath IconLightning Wrath hits a random enemy with a chain lightning effect that chains to another nearby enemy. Each time this bounces, the damage dealt doubles and can bounce up to 10 times.
  • Earthquake IconEarthquake stuns all nearby enemies and deals 8,000 damage over 8 seconds.
  • Overrun IconOverrun periodically charges a random target, resetting all threat.
  • Crush Armor IconCrush Armor reduces the target's Armor by 10% for 60 seconds; stacks up to 10 times.
  • Enrage IconEnrage causes Doomwalker to enrage at 20% health, doubling all Physical damage dealt until killed.
  • Mark of Death IconMark of Death will be placed on you if you die to Doomwalker; it lasts for 15-minutes and does nothing by itself.
  • Aura of Death IconAura of Death will instantly kill anyone in range that has a Mark of Death IconMark of Death.

Strategy for Doomwalker

Lightning Wrath IconLightning Wrath is the main threat to the raid. Everyone will need to spread out completely to prevent this from jumping from player to player. If this bounces more than once it will most likely start to kill people. Abilities such as Fire Elemental Totem IconFire Elemental Totem or Force of Nature IconForce of Nature cannot be used here, as these count as Guardians and can be a target of the Lightning Wrath IconLightning Wrath bounce. The majority of melee DPS should be assigned to stay outside of the boss fight and kill any adds that might aggro, or any players trying to interrupt the boss.

For Earthquake IconEarthquake, everyone will need at least 8,000 health to survive the ability. Ideally players should have around 10,000 health to survive a Lightning Wrath IconLightning Wrath and Earthquake combo. Depending on the timing, it may be ideal to wait for an Earthquake to come before pushing the boss below 20% health and triggering the Enrage IconEnrage.

Overrun IconOverrun is a constant threat drop. DPS will need to wait a few seconds after this charge until the tanks can pick the boss back up. This is a perfect time to use abilities such as Misdirection IconMisdirection to assist the tanks. A Protection Paladin is a great tank to pick the boss back up after this, having both Righteous Defense IconRighteous Defense and Avenger's Shield IconAvenger's Shield as ranged abilities.

Tanks will also need to be aware of each other's stacks of Crush Armor IconCrush Armor. It is ideal to try to let one person tank the boss until they have a few stacks of this, then the other tanks taunt off while the first tank lets their stacks drop. Tank swapping is especially important while Doomwalker is Enrage IconEnraged. Be ready to use any defensive abilities you have, especially right after an Earthquake IconEarthquake, as it is very easy to die during the Enrage.

Major cooldowns such as Bloodlust IconBloodlust / Heroism IconHeroism should be saved for the Enrage IconEnrage at 20%. Players should be ready to use any health potions, healthstones, bandages, or any other form of self-healing available as you must be over 8,000 health to survive the Earthquake IconEarthquake.

Mark of Death IconMark of Death prevents you from fighting the boss again for 15 minutes, as you will instantly die if you get anywhere near him. It is important that players properly spread and focus on staying alive as deaths are essentially "permanent" in regards to this fight. Do not be greedy; focus on doing mechanics and playing well.


Group Composition for Doomwalker



While this fight is doable with 2 tanks, 3 is advised and even 4 is good. With the constant threat drop, a Protection Paladin is quite strong for the earlier-mentioned ranged abilities. Protection Warriors are also very strong as Last Stand IconLast Stand and Shield Wall IconShield Wall are great cooldowns during the Enrage IconEnrage.

After each Overrun IconOverrun, it is important to pick up the boss as soon as possible and pull him back into the predetermined "tank spot" so everyone can reach him without needing to move. Communicate your stacks and be ready to taunt off each other frequently, especially during the Enrage IconEnrage.



This fight has high tank damage and massive raid damage. It is advised to bring at least 6 healers to play it safe as this boss has no hard-enrage timer. As there is a lot of raid-wide damage, AoE healers such as a Restoration Shaman or Holy Priest are very strong for this fight.



This fight is very unfriendly to melee players as the Lightning Wrath IconLightning Wrath will very easily spread between all of them, including the tanks. It is advised to not have more than two melee DPS on the boss. Instead, melees should be in the far back, killing off any nearby enemies that might get pulled or PvPing any opposing faction players that may try to engage the raid.

Ranged DPS need to prioritize spreading out before damaging the boss. After a Overrun IconOverrun, it is crucial to stop damaging for a couple seconds while the tanks re-establish threat. Do not chase the boss during this time as you will most likely cause the Lightning Wrath IconLightning Wrath to bounce where it would not have done so before.


Doomwalker Loot

With the release of Phase 4, all of Doomwalker's loot is now Bind on Equip, allowing you to buy and sell the gear from other players. You can use this to help gear up alts or make some extra gold from the boss drops below.

Item Item Type Slot
Fathom-Helm of the Deeps Icon Fathom-Helm of the Deeps Mail Head
Faceguard of the Endless Watch Icon Faceguard of the Endless Watch Plate Head
Archaic Charm of Presence Icon Archaic Charm of Presence Accessory Neck
Black-Iron Battlecloak Icon Black-Iron Battlecloak Cloak Back
Terrorweave Tunic Icon Terrorweave Tunic Leather Chest
Anger-Spark Gloves Icon Anger-Spark Gloves Cloth Hands
Gilded Trousers of Benediction Icon Gilded Trousers of Benediction Cloth Legs
Talon of the Tempest Icon Talon of the Tempest Dagger Main-Hand
Ethereum Nexus-Reaver Icon Ethereum Nexus-Reaver Two-Handed Axe Weapon
Barrel-Blade Longrifle Icon Barrel-Blade Longrifle Gun Ranged Weapon


  • 25 Mar. 2022: Added Phase 4 change to make loot BoE.
  • 11 Jun. 2021: Guide added.
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