Mage PvP Gear Guide

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On this page, we will go over the Phase 5 best in slot gear for Mages in PvP.


PvP Best in Slot List for Mages

This is our recommended gear for PvPing as a Mage. This gear list is closely in line with the PVP theorycrafting of Finx (ktmfinx#8286 on Discord) from the Mage Discord and will maximize your chances in World PvP and Battlegrounds, although ultimately the outcome will result from your skill and that of your group.

You can learn more about how to leverage your unique skills in the Frost and Fire Mage PvP guides below:

You only need 3% Spell Hit to be capped in PvP, so we will not value Spell Hit highly when considering the suggested items.

Using PvP gear with Resilience is generally the way to go, but it can be useful to use some PvE items for increased DPS, especially if you have access to strong raid gear and no Gladiator gear for that slot. The benefit of Spell Haste needs to be re-evaluated during S4, so this list might change a little bit. However, it is considered to be the best option in the gear slots the list suggests Spell Haste for.

Any piece you lack from the best in slot list below can be temporarily replaced by Blue, Season 1, Season 2 or Season 3-quality PVP gear or whatever questing or crafted gear you have. From Phase 5 on, the Season 3 gear is buyable for T6 tokens from The Black Temple and Mount Hyjal.

In case you want to compare this list with the Mage PvE Best in Slot lists, feel free to check out the link below!

Slot Item Source
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Best Gems for Mage in PvP

As a Mage, you should look to use Chaotic Skyfire Diamond Icon Chaotic Skyfire Diamond to increase your damage output in battle, Forceful Seaspray Emerald Icon Forceful Seaspray Emerald in Blue or Yellow sockets (you need two of these to activate your Meta gem), Quick Lionseye Icon Quick Lionseye in Yellow sockets, and Reckless Pyrestone Icon Reckless Pyrestone in Red sockets. Forceful Talasite Icon Forceful Talasite, Quick Dawnstone Icon Quick Dawnstone, and Reckless Noble Topaz Icon Reckless Noble Topaz are the low-budget alternatives to these Epic-quality gems.


Best Enchants for PvP Mage

Slot Enchantment
Head Glyph of Power Icon Glyph of Power from The Sha'tar Revered.
Shoulders Greater Inscription of the Orb Icon Greater Inscription of the Orb or Greater Inscription of Discipline Icon Greater Inscription of Discipline depending on your choice of Scryers or Aldor.
Back Enchant Cloak - Spell Penetration IconEnchant Cloak - Spell Penetration
Chest Enchant Chest - Major Resilience IconEnchant Chest - Major Resilience
Wrists Enchant Bracer - Spellpower IconEnchant Bracer - Spellpower
Gloves Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower IconEnchant Gloves - Major Spellpower
Legs Runic Spellthread Icon Runic Spellthread
Feet Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed IconEnchant Boots - Boar's Speed
Rings Enchant Ring - Spellpower IconEnchant Ring - Spellpower

Mage PvP Guide

We hope this guide was helpful for your PvP exploits! Feel free to check out the general Mage PvP guide as well in the link down below.



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