The Sha'tar Reputation and Rewards Guide

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The Sha'tar is a Shattrath City-based faction in TBC. Most of the reputation with them is obtained by killing the enemies housed in various dungeons in Netherstorm and by doing one time quests.

The Sha'tar offers a variety of powerful pre-raid items, as well as many profession patterns and the most powerful helmet enchant in the game for Spell power based dps.



The Sha'tar are the Draenei who inhabit Shattrath City and offer some of the game's most powerful pre-raid items, an extremely powerful spell caster Helmet enchant, useful patterns for Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Alchemy, and the highly sought-after Leatherworking Pattern: Drums of Battle Icon Pattern: Drums of Battle.


Gaining reputation

The vast majority of your reputation gain with the Sha'tar will be through dungeon farming. The Arcatraz, The Botanica, and The Mechanar all grant reputation all the way to Exaltedstanding, on both Normal and Heroic difficulty (though Heroic runs yield more).

Reputation with the Sha'tar can be gained while also raising your Aldor / Scryers reputation (depending on your choice). Completing the turn-ins for these two reputations will grant you either 125 reputation with the Sha'tar (for Sunfury Signet Icon Sunfury Signet, Firewing Signet Icon Firewing Signet, Mark of Sargeras Icon Mark of Sargeras, Mark of Kil'jaeden Icon Mark of Kil'jaeden) or 175 (for Fel Armament Icon Fel Armament and Arcane Tome Icon Arcane Tome). The Aldor and Scryer reputation turn-ins will only allow you to gain reputation until you are 5999/6000 into Friendly standing, but will not push you into Honored.

There are also a few quests that grant Sha'tar reputation for a total of about 10000, found in Terokkar Forest, Shattrath City, Nagrand, and Shadowmoon Valley.


Reputation Rewards

Almaador is the Quartermaster for the Sha'tar and can be found in the center ring of Shattrath city in the terrace of light.

Reputation Item Cost
Friendly Design: Insightful Earthstorm Diamond Icon Design: Insightful Earthstorm Diamond 12 Gold
Honored Formula: Enchant Gloves - Major Healing Icon Formula: Enchant Gloves - Major Healing 6 Gold
Honored Design: Kailee's Rose Icon Design: Kailee's Rose 12 Gold
Honored Pattern: Drums of Battle Icon Pattern: Drums of Battle 12 Gold
Honored Glyph of Arcane Warding Icon Glyph of Arcane Warding 100 Gold
Honored Design: Ring of Arcane Shielding Icon Design: Ring of Arcane Shielding 12 Gold
Honored Warpforged Key Icon Warpforged Key 10 Gold
Revered Dreadweave Leggings Icon Dreadweave Leggings 17 Gold
Revered Mooncloth Cowl Icon Mooncloth Cowl 13 Gold
Revered Satin Mantle Icon Satin Mantle 13 Gold
Revered Evoker's Silk Handguards Icon Evoker's Silk Handguards 9 Gold
Revered Dragonhide Spaulders Icon Dragonhide Spaulders 17 Gold
Revered Kodohide Helm Icon Kodohide Helm 16 Gold
Revered Wyrmhide Robe Icon Wyrmhide Robe 23 Gold
Revered Stalker's Chain Spaulders Icon Stalker's Chain Spaulders 20 Gold
Revered Seer's Linked Armor Icon Seer's Linked Armor 26 Gold
Revered Seer's Mail Helm Icon Seer's Mail Helm 19 Gold
Revered Seer's Ringmail Shoulderpads Icon Seer's Ringmail Shoulderpads 21 Gold
Revered Crusader's Ornamented Headguard Icon Crusader's Ornamented Headguard 23 Gold
Revered Crusader's Scaled Shoulders Icon Crusader's Scaled Shoulders 24 Gold
Revered Savage Plate Chestpiece Icon Savage Plate Chestpiece 31 Gold
Revered Recipe: Transmute Primal Air to Fire Icon Recipe: Transmute Primal Air to Fire 8 Gold
Revered Formula: Enchant Ring - Healing Power Icon Formula: Enchant Ring - Healing Power 10 Gold
Revered Design: Blood of Amber Icon Design: Blood of Amber 12 Gold
Revered Design: Talasite Owl Icon Design: Talasite Owl 12 Gold
Revered Blessed Scale Girdle Icon Blessed Scale Girdle 14 Gold
Revered Xi'ri's Gift Icon Xi'ri's Gift 23 Gold
Revered Formula: Enchant Weapon - Major Healing Icon Formula: Enchant Weapon - Major Healing 6 Gold
Revered Recipe: Alchemist's Stone Icon Recipe: Alchemist's Stone 8 Gold
Revered Glyph of Power Icon Glyph of Power 100 Gold
Exalted Sha'tar Tabard Icon Sha'tar Tabard 1 Gold
Exalted Recipe: Flask of the Titans Icon Recipe: Flask of the Titans 4 Gold
Exalted Formula: Enchant Gloves - Threat Icon Formula: Enchant Gloves - Threat 10 Gold
Exalted A'dal's Command Icon A'dal's Command 21 Gold
Exalted Crest of the Sha'tar Icon Crest of the Sha'tar 123 Gold
Exalted Gavel of Pure Light Icon Gavel of Pure Light 185 Gold


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