Brutallus Encounter Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Brutallus is the second boss you will encounter in Sunwell Plateau on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Brutallus is an extremely simple fight mechanically that will demand your raid's maximum HPS and DPS. This boss is considered a massive throughput check and will push your raid to find creative ways to maximize your output. Check out our in-depth guide below to prepare as much as possible for your encounter with Brutallus.



Brutallus Boss Model

Brutallus is the second boss you will encounter in the Sunwell Plateau raid instance. Brutallus is a challenge that will demand both the maximum amount of DPS and HPS your raid can produce. While Brutallus has a hard enrage (Berserk IconBerserk) at the 6-minute mark your raid group may end up needing to use extra healers compared to what is considered normal to kill this boss. Check out the mechanics listed below so you will know how to properly handle this boss.


Role-Specific Tips for Brutallus


Healer Tips

Make sure the Healers are evenly assigned between the two groups and consider utilizing Mana cooldowns with Healers in mind opposed to Arcane Mages. This fight is extremely HPS-intensive and will last at the absolute longest six minutes so plan accordingly. If you run out of Mana at the six-minute mark it will not matter because the boss' Berserk IconBerserk will quickly wipe the raid.


DPS Tips

Stay aware of the Burn IconBurn debuff to ensure you do not spread it to anyone. Focus on maximizing your DPS in a six-minute window as the boss' enrage will almost instantly wipe the raid.


Tank Tips

Try to manage damage reduction CDs around the application of the Stomp IconStomp debuff.


Brutallus Abilities

  • Meteor Slash IconMeteor Slash — deals a large amount of Fire damage that splits evenly between players in the cone and also applies a stacking debuff that increases Fire damage taken by 75% for 40 seconds.
  • Burn IconBurn — a random player will gain this debuff taking Fire damage every second for 60 seconds, this amount doubling every ten seconds. This debuff can spread if you are too close to another player.
  • Stomp IconStomp — deals massive Physical damage to Brutallus' current target and reduces their Armor by 50% for 10 seconds.

Strategy for Brutallus


Pulling the Boss

Brutallus should be kept as close to his original positioning as possible and the raid should spread into two pre-assigned groups to either side of the boss with clear areas between the two groups on north and south side of the boss for players with Burn IconBurn to go to.


Phase 1

Brutallus is a one-phase boss that is the exact same from pull to kill. The raid should split evenly in two groups, one on the east side of the boss and one on the west. These groups should consist of one tank and an even amount of DPS and Healers. If you have a Holy Paladin you can prioritize putting more of your Restoration Shamans on the other side of the boss to allow them to Chain Heal IconChain Heal through the tank that will be out of range of your Holy Paladin. The mechanics to this boss are extremely simple but require the most throughput you can generate both for DPS and HPS.

Each group should take three stacks of Meteor Slash IconMeteor Slash and once the third stack is applied the opposite group's Tank should taunt the boss and continue to tank until their group receives 3 stacks. This process is repeated until the boss dies or six minutes pass when the boss hits Berserk IconBerserk. Players affected by Burn IconBurn should get out of the group as quickly as possible and head to one of the designated safe areas on either the north or south side of the boss to avoid spreading the debuff; this debuff does additional damage to those with the Meteor Slash debuff so make sure to keep an eye on those with Burn. Tanks should try to rotate damage reduction/avoidance cooldowns when hit with Stomp IconStomp. Rinse and repeat until the boss dies or enrages.


Brutallus Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Belt of the Forgotten Conqueror Icon Belt of the Forgotten Conqueror Tier Token Belt
Belt of the Forgotten Protector Icon Belt of the Forgotten Protector Tier Token Belt
Belt of the Forgotten Vanquisher Icon Belt of the Forgotten Vanquisher Tier Token Belt
Reign of Misery Icon Reign of Misery Weapon Mace
Clutch of Demise Icon Clutch of Demise Accessory Necklace
Collar of the Pit Lord Icon Collar of the Pit Lord Accessory Necklace
Heart of the Pit Icon Heart of the Pit Accessory Off-Hand
Felfury Legplates Icon Felfury Legplates Plate Legs
Leggings of Calamity Icon Leggings of Calamity Cloth Legs

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