TBC Classic Mage Weapons Guide

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When playing a Mage, it is very important to have a proper weapon. This guide will explain which weapons Mages can use, and which weapons are solid choices on your way to level 70.

If you are more looking for a list of level 70 weapons, we have compiled a list for each, Arcane, Fire, and Frost Mages, containing the best weapon choices.


Mage Weapon Skills

Mages can use Daggers, One-Handed Swords, Staves, Wands, and Off-Hands. Contrary to other classes who use their weapons to attack, Mages use their weapons mostly as "stat sticks", with the exception of Wands, which are used to attack with during leveling, and in some rare exceptions such as Blade of Eternal Darkness Icon Blade of Eternal Darkness.

Mages know how to use Staves and Wands by default. The Dagger and One-Handed Sword skills can be learned from the Weapon Masters in each faction's major cities.


Weapon Master Locations

Weapon Master location Weapon Skills available
Darnassus (around 57,46) Daggers
Ironforge (around 62,89) Daggers
Stormwind (around 57,57) Daggers, Swords
Exodar (around 53,86) Daggers, Swords
Orgrimmar (around 81,19) Daggers
Undercity (57,32) Daggers, Swords
Silvermoon City (90,38) Daggers, Swords

Wands for TBC Classic Mages

Wands are very important for Mages who are leveling, as they can always be used to deal damage to enemies when out of Mana, or simply to finish them off and save some Mana. In the early levels, before roughly level 35, Wands also provide good damage compared to your spells and can be a main part of your rotation.


Staves for TBC Classic Mages

Staves are powerful Two-Handed weapons which you can use from your character's creation. Staves are usually preferred for leveling, as finding a good Off-Hand for a Dagger or a Sword is usually more time-consuming. Later on, they have some of the best caster stats you can find on weapons, and do not require a compatible Off-Hand to be used, making them easy to use options.


Daggers for TBC Classic Mages

Contrary to World of Warcraft Classic, TBC offers a broader variety of useful daggers for Mages, ranging from pre-BiS level Daggers like Runesong Dagger Icon Runesong Dagger, to BiS weapons, such as Nathrezim Mindblade Icon Nathrezim Mindblade.


Maces for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Maces.


Off-Hands for TBC Classic Mages

There are several great DPS (Talisman of Kalecgos Icon Talisman of Kalecgos) Off-Hands available for Mages.


Swords for TBC Classic Mages

Throughout all of TBC, Swords are usually the best weapons Mages can get, if combined with a proper Off-Hand. They can be pre-raid BiS, such as Greatsword of Horrid Dreams Icon Greatsword of Horrid Dreams and raid BiS, such as Bloodmaw Magus-Blade Icon Bloodmaw Magus-Blade.


Fist Weapons for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Fist Weapons.


Idols for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Idols.


Axes for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Axes.


Polearms for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Polearms.


Crossbows for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Crossbows.


Bows for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Bows.


Guns for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Guns.


Thrown Weapons for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Thrown Weapons.


Shields for TBC Classic Mages

Mages cannot use Shields.


Leveling Weapons for Mages in TBC Classic

Look for weapons that have good stats for your specialization: Intellect and Stamina (later also Spirit) for Frost AoE leveling, Spell/Frost/Fire/Arcane damage and Intellect/Stamina/Spirit for the single-target leveling builds. You can often find decent weapons in the auction house, however, you do not want to spend too much gold on a weapon you will replace only a few levels later. Training skills from your Mage trainer or saving gold for your Riding Skill speeds up your leveling by a far greater amount than having a small stat increase.

Below, we will list a few of the most notable weapons you can get while leveling. This list will not contain One-Handed weapons, as for every weapon you get, you need an Off-Hand. Staves are either better or only marginally worse, but often easier to obtain.


Azeroth Leveling Weapons



  • Ley Staff Icon Ley Staff / Arcane Staff Icon Arcane Staff from various quests, offered by Mage trainers at Level 10;
  • Crescent Staff Icon Crescent Staff (Horde-only) is a quest reward from Leaders of the Fang, which can be done in Wailing Caverns;
  • Living Root Icon Living Root from Wailing Caverns;
  • Icicle Rod Icon Icicle Rod (Alliance-only) from the quest Return the Statuette;
  • Nimboya's Mystical Staff Icon Nimboya's Mystical Staff (Horde-only) from the quest Saving Yenniku in Stranglethorn Vale;
  • Celestial Stave Icon Celestial Stave from the Mage quest Celestial Power in Dustwallow Marsh. This staff can be used until Outland;
  • Illusionary Rod Icon Illusionary Rod from Scarlet Monastery: Library;
  • Zum'rah's Vexing Cane Icon Zum'rah's Vexing Cane from Zul'Farrak, which is usually quite easy to obtain and lasts until Outland.


  • Lesser Magic Wand Icon Lesser Magic Wand from Enchanting is your first obtainable Wand and has very high DPS and lasts very long;
  • Greater Magic Wand Icon Greater Magic Wand from Enchanting offers the same strengths as the Wand above;
  • Gravestone Scepter Icon Gravestone Scepter from the Blackfathom Villainy (Blackfathom Villainy / Blackfathom Villainy) quest in Blackfathom Deeps, also an extremely high DPS Wand;
  • Dancing Flame Icon Dancing Flame (Horde-only) from the Final Passage quest in Thousand Needles has very high DPS;
  • +9 Fire/Frost/Arcane damage Wand from the Mage's Wand Mage quest in Dustwallow Marsh will last very long and the upgrades that come until the next wand are not very big;
  • Noxious Shooter Icon Noxious Shooter from Noxxion in Maraudon is the next easily obtainable and notable upgrade from the previous Wand;
  • Wand of Biting Cold Icon Wand of Biting Cold from the Hero of the Stormpike (Alliance) / Hero of the Frostwolf (Horde) quests will last you until Outland Wands.

Outland Leveling Weapons

  • The Staff of Twin Worlds Icon The Staff of Twin Worlds is obtained in one of your first Outland quests and can be replaced by Crystalfire Staff Icon Crystalfire Staff from Hellfire Ramparts;
  • Battle Mage's Baton Icon Battle Mage's Baton from the Ring of Blood quest chain in Nagrand is the next big stave upgrade and will be replaced with Ameer's Impulse Taser Icon Ameer's Impulse Taser from the Nexus-King Salhadaar quest in Netherstorm. This is a very good staff, considering that you can get it outside of dungeons;
  • Nesingwary Safari Stick Icon Nesingwary Safari Stick comes from the last step of the Nagrand Safari quest chain, The Ultimate Bloodsport and will last you until you get your pre-raid BiS Wands.

For more leveling information, please refer to our leveling guide for Mages.


End-Game Weapons for Mages in TBC Classic

The ideal end game weapons for Mages depend on your specialization and the current phase of TBC Classic. We keep this information updated on our gearing guides listed down below:



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