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Maraudon is a dungeon with 3 wings that each sport a variety of different enemy types, as well as level ranges. Generally, the dungeon is tailored towards players between Levels 47 and 49, but it can be completed with lower leveled groups as well.

Maraudon is a place of strong mystical energy, being the home, temple, and birthplace of the Centaur race. Earth Elementals, Demons and sentient hostile plants of all kinds also reside here. The final boss of the dungeon is Princess Theradras, the Old God corrupted daughter of Therazane the Stonemother and Zaetar, first son of Cenarius. She is also the mother of the Centaur Race, which further explains their sacred, spiritual reverence for Maraudon.


Maraudon Dungeon Wings

Maraudon is a large dungeon, split into 3 different wings commonly referred to by their colors. Below you will find out indivudal guides for each of the specific wings of the dungeon.


The Wicked Grotto

The Wicked Grotto is known as the "Purple wing" of Maraudon and is held by a group of demonic satyrs led by Lord Vyletongue. You will be fighting his minions and some corrupted treants throughout this zone.


Foulspore Cavern

Foulspore Cavern is known as the "Orange wing" of Maraudon and is home to many hostile plants, dryads, and other forces of nature. You will face Noxxion and Razorlash before reaching the end of this dungeon's winding path.


Earth Song Falls

The final wing, Earth Song Falls, is known as the "Inner Wing". It contains the hideout of Tinkerer Gizlock, Landslide's cave, the throne of Princess Theradras, and the lake where Rotgrip swims freely. Overall, you will be finding a vibrant, lush ecosystem, full of Earth Elementals and beast enemies.


Maraudon Location

The entrance to Maraudon is located in Desolace (30,62). Once you enter the temple doors that mark its outer entrance, follow the linear path through the caves until you reach a zone with three forking paths.


Maraudon Quests Guide

We have put together a complete guide for Maraudon's quests, which explains where to get them and what to do in order to complete each of them.


Unlocking the Inner Maraudon Shortcut

By following and completing the Scepter of Celebras Icon Scepter of Celebras questline, you are able to open a portal directly to Inner Maraudon, near a small altar inside the alcove behind the middle path of the fork.

This quest will force you to explore Maraudon throughly before you are able to skip the initial parts, and is well worth completing, as Inner Maraudon is where the best loot is, and the best farming opportunities reside.



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