Morogrim Tidewalker Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Morogrim Tidewalker is the fifth boss you will encounter in the Serpentshrine Cavern 25-player raid instance. Morogrim takes full advantage of the room you will encounter him in, spawning deadly Murlocs from either of its entrances, entrapping players in the waterfalls throughout the room, or summoning dangerous bubbles that fixate on various members of the raid.



Morogrim Tidewalker is the fifth boss in the Serpentshrine Cavern raid instance. Morogrim is a fight that can get extremely hectic very quickly due to the nature of his mechanics. The slow and steady approach is key to make sure you are handling every mechanic properly and preventing your raid from being overwhelmed.


Role-specific Tips for Morogrim Tidewalker


Healer tips

Make sure to have two healers assigned to healing the members of the raid targeted with Watery Grave IconWatery Grave; it deals a significant amount of damage and if these players are neglected they will die very quickly.

Make sure to wait until the Murloc adds spawned by Earthquake IconEarthquake are picked up before healing the raid back to health. It may be scary to see your entire raid low on health from the damage Earthquake will deal, but it is important to make sure that all the Murlocs are being tanked or you will likely pull healing threat and die.


DPS tips

Consider using any means of self-healing after Earthquake IconEarthquake to help your healers deal with the significant amount of damage dealt by the ability and to help lessen the likelihood that they pull aggro on the Murlocs.


Tank tips

The tank holding Morogrim must keep the boss faced away from the raid at all times to avoid killing anyone with Tidal Wave IconTidal Wave.

In the third phase you must keep Morogrim away from the Water Globule to reduce the chances of someone hitting them and causing them to explode on the raid.

There must be two tanks designated to tank the Murlocs that spawn from the Earthquake IconEarthquake ability. The Murlocs will spawn at both entrances to Morogrim's room shortly after Earthquake subsides. Using three tanks can greatly simplify this boss and lessen the burden on each of them.


Morogrim Tidewalker Abilities

  • Earthquake IconEarthquake — Deals damage to everyone within 50 yards of Morogrim and will summon two packs of six Murlocs. The packs of Murlocs will spawn from both of the entrances to the room Morogrim is located in.
  • Watery Grave IconWatery Grave — Teleports 4 random players to the waterfall in the center of the room, stunning them and dropping them from the top of the waterfall causing them to take fall damage.
  • Tidal Wave IconTidal Wave — Deals Frost damage to everyone in a cone in front of Tidewalker and applies a debuff reducing attack speed for 15 seconds.
  • Summon Water Globule IconSummon Water Globule — At each of the waterfalls in the room a Water Globule will spawn and fixate on a random player. If it reaches them it will explode dealing massive damage to the player and anyone close to the impact point.

Strategy for Morogrim Tidewalker


Pulling the Boss

Morogrim is another boss like Fathom-Lord Karathress where having a third tank can greatly simplify the boss. You should assign both entrances of the room to a tank to deal with the Murlocs that spawn as a result of Earthquake IconEarthquake. It is also helpful to include a Mage in each of these groups to help slow with Blizzard IconBlizzard and other similar effects until threat is established and the Murlocs can be cleaved down.


Phase 1

On the pull Morogrim should be faced toward one of the pillars of the room; keeping him faced toward a wall greatly reduces the chance anyone accidentally ends up in front of the boss and gets hit by Tidal Wave IconTidal Wave. It is important to keep healers in range of the waterfall in the center of the room to heal those who are targeted with Watery Grave IconWatery Grave.

After some time Morogrim will cast Earthquake IconEarthquake which will demand everyone's attention. This will deal significant damage to every member of the raid but it is important healers do not heal immediately after on anyone but the tanks who will be picking up the Murlocs. Once threat is established on the Murlocs healers can top the raid up. It is important to note that tanks are eligible targets for Watery Grave IconWatery Grave and the Murloc tank can be targeted, so killing the Murlocs as quickly as possible is the best way to minimize the likelihood of this happening while Murlocs are still alive.


Phase Two

At 25% health, Morogrim will gain a new ability Summon Water Globule IconSummon Water Globule which will summon Water Globules at the waterfalls that surround the room. These Globules will fixate on a target and slowly move toward them. It is important for tanks to be aware of the location of Globules and do not hesitate to move the boss to give the raid distance from them. It is largely a DPS race at this point and saving major cooldowns for this can greatly help.


Morogrim Tidewalker Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Serpent-Coil Braid Icon Serpent-Coil Braid Accessory Trinket
Luminescent Rod of the Naaru Icon Luminescent Rod of the Naaru Weapon Wand
Talon of Azshara Icon Talon of Azshara Weapon One-Handed Sword
Pendant of the Lost Ages Icon Pendant of the Lost Ages Accessory Necklace
Band of the Vigilant Icon Band of the Vigilant Accessory Ring
Ring of Sundered Souls Icon Ring of Sundered Souls Accessory Ring
Razor-Scale Battlecloak Icon Razor-Scale Battlecloak Accessory Cloak
Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel Icon Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel Plate Shoulders
Warboots of Obliteration Icon Warboots of Obliteration Plate Boots
Mantle of the Tireless Tracker Icon Mantle of the Tireless Tracker Mail Shoulders
Girdle of the Tidal Call Icon Girdle of the Tidal Call Mail Belt
Gnarled Chestpiece of the Ancients Icon Gnarled Chestpiece of the Ancients Leather Chest
Illidari Shoulderpads Icon Illidari Shoulderpads Cloth Shoulders


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