Teron Gorefiend Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Teron Gorefiend is the fourth boss you will encounter in Black Temple. The Teron Gorefiend encounter has a large amount of personal responsibility, requiring the entire raid to properly understand the mechanics. Check out the info below to be as ready as possible for this fight.



Teron Gorefiend is the fourth boss you will encounter in the Black Temple. Teron Gorefiend is a somewhat easy fight with that requires a large amount of personal responsibility from all raid members. This fight has high tank damage and a few soft-enrage mechanics.


Role-Specific Tips for Teron Gorefiend


Healer Tips

Stack up at the designated spot. This fight has very high tank damage, so be healing the tank constantly at all times. If your class is able to, make sure to dispel any and all Incinerate IconIncinerates that go out. There is very little raid damage that goes out, but this increases the longer the fight goes.


DPS Tips

Stack up at the designated spot. Watch your threat early on until threat is established. This fight is very straightforward for DPS; simply do not pull aggro and do as much damage as possible.


Tank Tips

Position the boss at the predetermined location. This boss hits fairly hard, so you will want to wear somewhat tanky gear with a mixture of some threat gear. Be ready with any cooldowns available to you as it is easy to get "burst down" and die in only a few seconds.


Teron Gorefiend Abilities

  • Crushing Shadows IconCrushing Shadows — Cast on five random raid members and applies a 15-second debuff which increases Shadow damage taken by 60%.
  • Incinerate IconIncinerate — Cast on a random target and does 2,775 to 3,225 Fire damage on impact. It also applies a debuff to the target which does an additional 8,325 Fire damage over three seconds, but can be dispelled.
  • Summon Doom Blossom IconSummon Doom Blossom — A dark cloud appears that casts Shadow Bolt IconShadow Bolts for 1,900 Shadow damage at random targets. Multiple will spawn constantly throughout the fight.
  • Shadow of Death IconShadow of Death — Cast every 30 seconds on a random target and applies a debuff which kills the target after 55 seconds. When the target dies, four Shadowy Constructs spawn at the target's corpse and the target turns into a Ghost for 60 seconds.

Strategy for Teron Gorefiend


Pulling the Boss

Pulling Teron Gorefiend is very straightforward: simply have a Hunter Misdirection IconMisdirection the boss to the tank, or have the tank walk up and engage the boss. Drag the boss to the stack location and stack up wherever the raid is assigned to stack.


Phase One

Teron Gorefiend is a easy boss, only having one phase. Keep the tanks alive, dispel any Incinerate IconIncinerates that go out and watch your threat. The main threat of this boss is the Shadow of Death IconShadow of Death that is cast on a random raid member. After dying with this debuff on you, you will turn into a Vengeful Spirit and have unique abilities to deal with the Shadowy Constructs that are also spawned:


Vengeful Spirit Abilities

  • Spirit Lance IconSpirit Lance — On "Key #3" is a ranged attack which deals about 6,500 damage and reduces the target's movement speed by 30% for 9 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.
  • Spirit Chains IconSpirit Chains — On "Key #4" is a short range AoE shackle, similar to a Mage's Frost Nova IconFrost Nova, which deals 2,000 damage to any Shadowy Constructs within 12 yards and roots them in place for 5 seconds. It has a 15-second cooldown.
  • Spirit Volley IconSpirit Volley — On "Key #5" is a short range AoE that deals 9,900 to 12,100 damage to any nearby Shadowy Constructs. It has a 15-second cooldown.
  • Spirit Strike IconSpirit Strike — On "Key #1" is a standard melee attack, dealing low damage and reducing damage dealt by the target by 10%. This can only be used on Teron Gorefiend himself.
  • Spirit Shield IconSpirit Shield — On "Key #7" buffs a friendly target with a shield that absorbs 11,400 to 12,600 Shadow damage.

Shadowy Construct Abilities

  • Shadowy Constructs are immune to all damage, except for damage dealt by the Vengeful Spirits.
  • Atrophy IconAtrophy — On melee attacks, reduces target's attack and casting speed by 5%, stacking up to 10 times.

After you die with the Shadow of Death IconShadow of Death, you will turn into a Vengeful Spirit and need to deal with the Shadowy Constructs. The main rotation you will want to focus on executing is "Key #5 > Key #4 > Key #3". It's important to note that these "Keys" are referring to the default action bars and these may change depending on your keybind settings, and may also show up on a different bar, such as pet bar, depending on your UI setup.

Stay near the Shadowy Constructs and use Spirit Volley IconSpirit Volley on cooldown. Follow it up with a Spirit Chains IconSpirit Chains to root all of the constructs in place. Then cycle through each construct and use Spirit Lance IconSpirit Lance. The slow from Spirit Lance IconSpirit Lance stacks up to 3 times, so make sure to cycle through each mob to evenly spread the slow and keep the debuff applied.

Everyone in the raid needs to understand the ghosts' abilities and be able to kill their own Shadowy Constructs, as they are immune to all damage except damage from the player-controlled ghosts. If players learn and understand how the ghost works, this fight is very straightforward and offers no real difficulty. Check out the link below for a Teron Gorefiend ghost mini-game that was remade for TBC Classic to help practice:


Teron Gorefiend Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Rifle of the Stoic Guardian Icon Rifle of the Stoic Guardian Ranged Weapon Gun
Twisted Blades of Zarak Icon Twisted Blades of Zarak Ranged Weapon Thrown
Botanist's Gloves of Growth Icon Botanist's Gloves of Growth Leather Hands
Cowl of Benevolence Icon Cowl of Benevolence Cloth Head
Gauntlets of Enforcement Icon Gauntlets of Enforcement Plate Hands
Girdle of Lordaeron's Fallen Icon Girdle of Lordaeron's Fallen Plate Waist
Insidious Bands Icon Insidious Bands Leather Wrist
Robe of the Shadow Council Icon Robe of the Shadow Council Cloth Chest
Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape Icon Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape Accessory Back
Softstep Boots of Tracking Icon Softstep Boots of Tracking Mail Feet
Soul Cleaver Icon Soul Cleaver Weapon Two-Hand Axe
Totem of Ancestral Guidance Icon Totem of Ancestral Guidance Relic Totem

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