TBC Classic Retribution Paladin Enchants and Consumables

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On this page, we list the best enchants, flasks, potions, and food you can get for your Retribution Paladin in TBC Classic for PvE content.



The Burning Crusade requires fewer consumables and enchants than Classic, but each of them is extremely important to maximizing your damage output in any situation, but especially in Raids and dungeons. Below will be a list of the optimal consumables and enchants to help you get the most out of your Paladin.

The following list is using the stat priority of Expertise>Hit Cap (9%)> Strength > Haste > Armor Penetration > Crit.


Best Enchants for Ret Paladin

Slot Enchantment
Head Glyph of Ferocity Icon Glyph of Ferocity — from the Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh.
Shoulders Might of the Scourge Icon Might of the Scourge — drops from Sapphiron in Naxxramas
Back Enchant Cloak - Greater Agility Icon Enchant Cloak - Greater Agility
Chest Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats Icon Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats
Bracers Enchant Bracer - Brawn Icon Enchant Bracer - Brawn
Gloves Enchant Gloves - Major Strength Icon Enchant Gloves - Major Strength
Legs Nethercobra Leg Armor Icon Nethercobra Leg Armor
Feet Enchant Boots - Dexterity Icon Enchant Boots - Dexterity
Melee Weapon Enchant Weapon - Mongoose Icon Enchant Weapon - Mongoose

Best Gems for Retribution Paladins

Relentless Earthstorm Diamond Icon Relentless Earthstorm Diamond is by far the best option for Meta gem.

Bold Crimson Spinel Icon Bold Crimson Spinel or Bold Living Ruby Icon Bold Living Ruby are going to be the majority of your gems as Strength is your best damage stat as Ret. You will need two blue gems to activate your Relentless Earthstorm Diamond Icon Relentless Earthstorm Diamond, Sovereign Shadowsong Amethyst Icon Sovereign Shadowsong Amethyst or Sovereign Nightseye Icon Sovereign Nightseye are the most beneficial gems to fill that need, you never want to use more blue gems than what is necessary to activate your Meta gem. You will typically ignore gem socket colors to maximize your strength from Bold gems.



Spicy Hot Talbuk Icon Spicy Hot Talbuk is your best well-fed buff if you are not hit capped, Roasted Clefthoof Icon Roasted Clefthoof if you are hit capped, as our goal is to maximize our Strength. Leveling your Cooking helps considerably in reducing the cost of these and as a secondary profession everyone can learn it with no limitations.

Flask of Relentless Assault Icon Flask of Relentless Assault is your typical go-to against most all mobs, the exception to this is when fighting Demons (Magtheridon or Prince Malchezaar for example) Elixir of Demonslaying Icon Elixir of Demonslaying by itself is stronger than any flask and can be paired with a Guardian Elixir of your choosing.

Haste Potion Icon Haste Potion is our best choice as the added haste allows more melee swings to maximize the damage gained from Seal of Blood IconSeal of Blood

Any Scrolls of Strength/Agility/Intellect are just an added benefit

Demonic Rune Icon Demonic Rune Dark Rune Icon Dark Rune both grant Mana in exchange for health and can allow you to sustain your max DPS rotation on longer fights, using them allows you to double-dip on the Mana gain from these items as well as the healing you will receive granting you Mana from Spiritual Attunement IconSpiritual Attunement

Windfury is by far the best in combat weapon buff but if you are not in a group with a shaman either Adamantite Weightstone Icon Adamantite Weightstone or Adamantite Sharpening Stone Icon Adamantite Sharpening Stone depending on your weapon are your best option. Either can be obtained from Blacksmithing



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