Shade of Akama Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Shade of Akama is the third boss you will encounter in Black Temple. Shade of Akama is widely regarded as the easiest fight in the Black Temple, if not all of Tier 6. Check out the mechanics below to easily deal with this encounter.



Shade of Akama is the third boss you will encounter in the Black Temple. Shade of Akama is an extremely easy boss, widely considered the easiest boss in all of Tier 6. This fight mostly revolves around fighting adds until the boss appears and quickly burning him down.


Role-Specific Tips for Shade of Akama


Healer Tips

This fight mostly has tank damage. Keep the tank you are assigned to fully healed as they can get burst down quickly. There can be some raid damage randomly through the Rain of Fire IconRain of Fire.


DPS Tips

Kill whichever adds you are assigned to damage. Watch your threat when adds first spawn until tanks can pick them up. Prioritize important targets, namely Ashtongue Channeler and Ashtongue Sorcerer.


Tank Tips

Pick up whichever adds you are assigned to tank and quickly generate as much threat as you can so the DPS can burn them down quickly. The Shade of Akama himself cannot be tanked, so you may want to wear high avoidance gear to reduce your damage taken. When the Shade of Akama comes out make sure you debuff him to help the raid.


Strategy for Shade of Akama


Pulling the Boss

This fight is started by talking with Akama at the entrance of the room. He is in stealth and has a gossip menu to start the battle shortly after speaking with him.


Phase One

Shade of Akama is a easy boss, having two easy phases. Most of the fight consists of Phase one, where the raid will deal with adds coming in from different sides of the room. Tanks pick up their mobs and DPS kill the mobs they are assigned to. Below you can find a list of the adds, their abilities, and our recommended kill order:

  • Ashtongue Channeler
    • Shade Soul Channel IconShade Soul Channel — Slows the Shade of Akama's movement speed by 30%. Stacks for each mob alive. This can reduce his movement speed to 0, making him unable to move.

These are your first kill priority. If more than 3 of these are alive at once, the Shade of Akama will no longer move. Kill these as soon as possible to allow Akama's spirit to reach his body and start Phase Two.

  • Ashtongue Sorcerer — Summoned throughout Phase One, replacing any slain Ashtongue Channelers. No more than 6 can be alive at once.
    • Shade Soul Channel IconShade Soul Channel — Slows the Shade of Akama's movement speed by 30%, which stacks for each Sorcerer or Channeler alive. This can reduce his movement speed to 0, making him unable to move.

These are your second kill priority, essentially being the same mob as the first. Do not let them slow down Akama's Shade.

These will spawn in on the sides of the room throughout the fight. Prioritize killing these quickly as they deal very high magic damage and force the raid to move frequently to avoid the Rain of Fire IconRain of Fire.

  • Ashtongue Spiritbinder — Healer-type mob with multiple healing spells.
    • Spirit Mend IconSpirit Mend — Heals and ally for 2,500 health every 2 seconds. Can be dispelled.
    • Chain Heal IconChain Heal — Heals up to 5 allies for 6,938 to 8,062 health.
    • Spirit Heal IconSpirit Heal — Heals a single ally for 8,325 to 10,750 health.

These will also spawn in on the sides of the room throughout the fight. You may choose to prioritize these before the Ashtongue Elementalists as they have multiple spells that heal for a significant amount. If you are not killing these first, be sure to interrupt or stun them to prevent them from healing too much.

  • Ashtongue Defender — Hard-hitting Physical-based mob. These will initially have aggro on Akama himself. Tanks should be ready to grab these quickly before they harm the boss.
    • Heroic Strike IconHeroic Strike — Increases damage of next attack by 5,088 to 5,912.
    • Debilitating Strike IconDebilitating Strike — Deals 100% of weapon damage and reduces target's Physical damage dealt by 75% for 5 seconds.
    • Shield Bash IconShield Bash — Deals 1,663 to 1,837 Physical damage to the target and interrupts any spell being cast for 3 seconds.

These are very dangerous mobs. They deal very high damage, and also target Akama himself from the start. Any damage they deal to Akama will carry over into Phase Two, making him die faster and meaning your raid will have less time to kill the boss in the "burn the boss" part of the fight. Tanks should be ready to pick these up with a taunt and tank them away from Akama himself. Be aware of their very high damage output, and watch your threat early on as Debilitating Strike IconDebilitating Strike can make it difficult to generate threat.

  • Ashtongue Rogue — Average-hitting Physical mob with a Poison DoT that starts off in stealth.
    • Debilitating Poison IconDebilitating Poison — Periodically poisons current target, decreasing attack and spell cast speed by 50%. Also deals 1,665 to 1,935 Nature damage every 2 sec, but the effect can be dispelled.
    • Eviscerate IconEviscerate — Frequently deals 1,497 to 1,703 Physical damage to current target.

These are the least-threatening mob out of all on this fight. They still deal decent damage, but as long as the Debilitating Poison IconDebilitating Poison is removed from their targets, they are easily dealt with. They will start off in stealth, so be sure to break them out with any attack or AoE abilities and let the tank pick them up.


Phase Two

Phase two consists of the raid DPSing Shade of Akama himself. Akama will be battling his Shade and the raid will have about 1 minute to kill the Shade before the encounter is failed. Make sure to debuff the Shade of Akama quickly to lower his damage output and increase his damage taken.


Akama Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Kilt of Immortal Nature Icon Kilt of Immortal Nature Leather Legs
Myrmidon's Treads Icon Myrmidon's Treads Plate Feet
Amice of Brilliant Light Icon Amice of Brilliant Light Cloth Shoulder
Blind-Seers Icon Icon Blind-Seers Icon Weapon Off-hand
Flashfire Girdle Icon Flashfire Girdle Mail Waist
Focused Mana Bindings Icon Focused Mana Bindings Cloth Wrist
Grips of Silent Justice Icon Grips of Silent Justice Plate Hands
Praetorian's Legguards Icon Praetorian's Legguards Plate Legs
Ring of Deceitful Intent Icon Ring of Deceitful Intent Accessory Finger
Shadow-walker's Cord Icon Shadow-walker's Cord Leather Waist
Shoulders of the Hidden Predator Icon Shoulders of the Hidden Predator Mail Shoulder
Spiritwalker Gauntlets Icon Spiritwalker Gauntlets Mail Hands
The Seeker's Wristguards Icon The Seeker's Wristguards Plate Wrist
Wristbands of Divine Influence Icon Wristbands of Divine Influence Cloth Wrist

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