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This guide lists all the quests you can do in The Steamvault, their minimum level requirements and the quest chains required to unlock them. Following this guide, you can enter The Steamvault with all the quests available for the dungeon.

For more information about completing the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Steamvault Dungeon Guide.


The list of quests available for this dungeon, with their faction (if they are faction-specific) and level requirements, is as follows:


Neutral Quests


The Warlord's Hideout

The Warlord's Hideout — This quest is picked up outside of The Steamvault, next to the summoning stone from Watcher Jhang.


Orders from Lady Vashj

Orders from Lady Vashj — This quest starts from Orders from Lady Vashj Icon Orders from Lady Vashj, which has a small chance to drop from any of the Naga found inside of The Steamvault.


Underworld Loam

Underworld Loam — This is a quest chain that starts in Shadowmoon Valley from an item drop: Illidari-Bane Shard Icon Illidari-Bane Shard / Illidari-Bane Shard Icon Illidari-Bane Shard. Alliance and Horde follow the same quest chain, with slightly different quests at the start of the chain.

  1. [67] Illidari-Bane Shard / [67] Illidari-Bane Shard
  2. [67] Capture the Weapons / [67] Capture the Weapons
  3. [67] The Hermit Smith / [67] The Hermit Smith
  4. [67] Additional Materials
  5. [67] Fresh From the Mechanar
  6. [67] The Lexicon Demonica
  7. [67] Underworld Loam

The Second and Third Fragments

The Second and Third Fragments — This quest is part of the Karazhan attunement quest chain. The key fragment can be found on the map shown in our Steamvault dungeon guide in the dungeon layout section. This quest is part of a short quest chain which starts outside of Karazhan.

  1. [68] Archmage Alturus
  2. [68] Arcane Disturbances
  3. [68] Restless Activity
  4. [68] Khadgar
  5. [68] Entry Into Karazhan
  6. [68] The Second and Third Fragments

Trial of the Naaru: Strength

This is a long quest chain that starts in Shadowmoon Valley. It is the attunement quest chain required to gain entry into The Eye. This quest can only be completed on Heroic difficulty.

  1. [68] The Hand of Gul'dan
  2. [68] Enraged Spirits of Fire and Earth
  3. [68] Enraged Spirits of Water
  4. [68] Enraged Spirits of Air
  5. [68] Oronok Torn-heart
  6. [68] I Was A Lot Of Things...
  7. [68] A Lesson Learned
  8. [68] The Cipher of Damnation - Truth and History
  9. [68] Grom'tor, Son of Oronok
  10. [68] Ar'tor, Son of Oronok
  11. [68] Borak, Son of Oronok
  12. [68] The Cipher of Damnation
  13. [68] The Tempest Key
  14. [70] Trial of the Naaru: Strength

This is a massive quest chain that spans across the entire zone, having multiple parts where a party is required. At the end of the chain, you will get the Trial quests, which require you to run four different dungeons on Heroic difficulty.


Daily Quests

Both quests are available in the Lower City of Shattrath at coordinates (75,37), just outside of the inn.



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