Flame Leviathan Encounter Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Flame Leviathan is the first boss of Ulduar. This boss has an optional hard mode if you engage it without destroying the nearby towers. Do not forget to be aware of the various Raid Buffs and Debuffs as you work to optimize your Raid Composition for this encounter's mechanics!


Overview of Flame Leviathan in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Flame Leviathan is the first encounter in Ulduar and is entirely different than any other fight in the raid. The majority of this fight takes place with players fighting in vehicles. It is important to note that vehicles in Wrath of the Lich King scale with the player's item level controlling them. This was implemented to allow players' gear to benefit them still. At the same time, they control a vehicle instead of casting their regular spells. Ideally, you will want the best-geared players to control the most important vehicles and work your way down. In this area, four towers enable this encounters hard mode. Players can leave as many towers up as desired to increase the fight's difficulty, or you may destroy any number of the towers to make the fight easier. The more towers you leave up, the more difficult the fight will be and the better the rewards.


Flame Leviathan Vehicle Specific Tips and Jobs


Salvaged Siege Engine Driver Tips


Salvaged Siege Engine Turret Tips

  • Your main job is to shoot down Blue Pyrite barrels and air-born enemies with your Anti-Air Rocket IconAnti-Air Rocket. Focus mostly on dealing with enemies in the air.
  • Save your Shield Generator IconShield Generator for when you are being Pursued IconPursued by Flame Leviathan.
  • Focus largely on keeping plenty of Blue Pyrite barrels on the ground for your Demolishers as they deal most of this fight's damage.

Salvaged Demolisher Driver Tips


Salvaged Demolisher Turret Tips

  • Your main job will be to collect Blye Pyrite barrels for your drive with your Grab Crate IconGrab Crate ability. Communicate with your driver if you have no barrels in range as it is crucial to keep a constant supply of Pyrite incoming.
  • Your second job is to shoot down Blue Pyrite barrels and air-born enemies with your Anti-Air Rocket IconAnti-Air Rocket.
  • Save the Increased Speed IconIncreased Speed ability for absolute emergencies; only use this ability if you would otherwise be in range of being attacked, as it costs precious Pyrite to use.
  • Ideally, you will only allow ranged DPS to operate the Demolisher Turrets as they can Load into Catapult IconLoad into Catapult and be launched with Throw Passenger IconThrow Passenger on top of Flame Leviathan to directly attack his Leviathan Defense Turrets.

Salvaged Chopper Tips

  • The choppers have minimal offensive capabilities, making them mostly used as support vehicles.
  • Your main focus will be to slow enemies down with Tar IconTar. This tar may also be set on fire to deal damage to enemies standing in the puddle.
  • You will also be picking up the people that were launched on top of Flame Leviathan to attack his Leviathan Defense Turrets. Make sure to use First Aid Kit IconFirst Aid Kit to quickly heal these players so they can return to their jobs.

Flame Leviathan Abilities


Flame Leviathan Vehicle Abilities


Strategy for Flame Leviathan

You must talk with Brann Bronzebeard to start this fight. You will need to fight through a gauntlet of weaker Dwarves and destroy the towers they are spawning from while making your way through to the giant gates in the background.

Every 30 seconds Flame Leviathan will target a Salvaged Siege Engine or Salvaged Demolisher and Pursued IconPursued them around the room. This vehicle must kite Flame Leviathan around while avoiding being hit and not kiting him away from other player vehicles. Flame Leviathan will gradually build up stacks of Gathering Speed IconGathering Speed, increasing how quickly it can move and chase down players. Utilize the Tar IconTar from the Salvaged Choppers to slow down the boss, as well as the respective vehicles' movement abilities.

On top of Flame Leviathan are four Leviathan Defense Turrets. These turrets can be attacked and destroyed, and doing so will cause the turret to Overload Circuit IconOverload Circuit. Destroying all four of the turrets will completely overload Flame Leviathan, causing a Systems Shutdown IconSystems Shutdown, stunning the boss for 20 seconds and increasing its damage taken by 50% for the duration. While stunned, Flame Leviathan will lose its stacks of Gathering Speed IconGathering Speed, making it easier to kite around for a while. You will want to kill these turrets are frequently as possible to benefit from the 50% damage increase, reset the boss's movement speed, and generally have a few seconds of breathing time while you beat on the stunned boss.

Roughly every 20 seconds, Flame Leviathan will start casting Flame Vents IconFlame Vents, dealing serious Fire damage to all nearby enemies. Drivers of the Salvaged Siege Engines must use their Electroshock IconElectroshock ability to interrupt this as quickly as possible. Remember that Electroshock IconElectroshock has a shorter range than the Flame Vents IconFlame Vents, so make sure you are close enough to Flame Leviathan that it will get interrupted.


Flame Leviathan Hardmode Strategy

Instead of speaking with Brann Bronzebeard to start the Flame Leviathan encounter, you will instead want to speak with Lore Keeper of Norgannon, who will start the encounters before the gauntlet but also activate all four defense towers surrounding the boss room. Each tower left alive will increase the fight's difficulty, adding new mechanics to worry about and additional health. Depending on how many towers you choose to leave up with determine the quality and quantity of loot dropped by Flame Leviathan upon its defeat.

With the active towers, the fight will mostly play out the same way, with much more health. The Tower of Flames IconTower of Flames, Tower of Frost IconTower of Frost and Tower of Storms IconTower of Storms will constantly spawn in beams of light and orbs that will land around the room in different areas. Avoid the beams, and be sure to move out of any landing orbs to avoid their damage. The Tower of Life IconTower of Life will periodically spawn in waves of plant enemies that should be quickly dealt with.


Flame Leviathan Hardmode Tower Abilities

This fight will start with four towers in the area, granting numerous buffs and new abilities during the encounter with the boss. You may destroy these towers before fighting Flame Leviathan to make the fight much more straightforward. The more buildings that remain active when the boss is defeated will increase the amount of loot you earn, similar to the Sartharion three Drake fight. The unique benefits and difficulty of each tower are listed below:


Flame Leviathan Loot


Flame Leviathan 10-Player Normal Loot

Item Type/Slot
Lifespark Visage Icon Lifespark Visage Cloth Helm
Might of the Leviathan Icon Might of the Leviathan Necklace
Firestrider Chestguard Icon Firestrider Chestguard Mail Chest
Combustion Bracers Icon Combustion Bracers Cloth Wrist
Flamewatch Armguards Icon Flamewatch Armguards Plate Wrist
Pyrite Infuser Icon Pyrite Infuser Trinket
Energy Siphon Icon Energy Siphon Trinket
Ironsoul Icon Ironsoul Two Hand Mace
Firesoul Icon Firesoul Main Hand Sword
Kinetic Ripper Icon Kinetic Ripper Off Hand Fist

Flame Leviathan 10-Player Hardmode Loot

Item Type/Slot
Mantle of Fiery Vengeance Icon Mantle of Fiery Vengeance Mail Shoulder
Handguards of Potent Cures Icon Handguards of Potent Cures Leather Hands
Gilded Steel Legplates Icon Gilded Steel Legplates Plate Legs
Shimmering Seal Icon Shimmering Seal Finger
Twirling Blades Icon Twirling Blades Thrown

Flame Leviathan 25-Player Normal Loot

Item Type/Slot
Steamworker's Goggles Icon Steamworker's Goggles Mail Head
Iron Riveted War Helm Icon Iron Riveted War Helm Plate Head
Freya's Choker of Warding Icon Freya's Choker of Warding Necklace
Mechanist's Bindings Icon Mechanist's Bindings Leather Wrist
Mimiron's Inferno Couplings Icon Mimiron's Inferno Couplings Plate Wrist
Constructor's Handwraps Icon Constructor's Handwraps Cloth Hands
Gloves of the Fiery Behemoth Icon Gloves of the Fiery Behemoth Mail Hands
Embrace of the Leviathan Icon Embrace of the Leviathan Cloth Waist
Glowing Ring of Reclamation Icon Glowing Ring of Reclamation Finger
Strength of the Automaton Icon Strength of the Automaton Finger
The Leviathan's Coil Icon The Leviathan's Coil Finger
Titanguard Icon Titanguard One Hand Sword
Leviathan Fueling Manual Icon Leviathan Fueling Manual Off Hand
Steamcaller's Totem Icon Steamcaller's Totem Totem
Rising Sun Icon Rising Sun Thrown
Fragment of Val'anyr Icon Fragment of Val'anyr Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings Icon Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

Flame Leviathan 25-Player Hardmode Loot

Item Type/Slot
Pendant of Fiery Havoc Icon Pendant of Fiery Havoc Necklace
Shoulderpads of Dormant Energies Icon Shoulderpads of Dormant Energies Leather Shoulder
Plated Leggings of Ruination Icon Plated Leggings of Ruination Plate Legs
Boots of Fiery Resolution Icon Boots of Fiery Resolution Cloth Feet
Golden Saronite Dragon Icon Golden Saronite Dragon Main Hand Fist

Further Reading

Flame Leviathan is just one of the 14 encounters present in the Ulduar raid of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. If you would like to learn more about the other fights and their respective loot, please see our Ulduar Raid Hub page below.



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