Sapphiron Encounter Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Sapphiron is the penultimate encounter in Wrath of the Lich King Classic's version of the Naxxramas Raid, requiring you to first defeat every other boss in the instance before reaching her. Do not forget to be aware of the various Raid Buffs and Debuffs as you work to optimize your Raid Composition for this encounter's mechanics!


Overview of Sapphiron in Wrath of the Lich King Classic's Naxxramas

Sapphiron is the first boss of the Upper Necropolis wing of Naxxramas, accessible after you have defeated every boss in the four Quarters of the raid. He is particularly notable as the boss that players must defeat in order to acquire the means of entering The Eye of Eternity Raid, though this dragon will definitely not just be handing over the key.


Role-Specific Tips for Sapphiron


DPS Tips

  • As Sapphiron is a Dragon, the usual rule for fighting dragons applies for DPS: do not stand directly in front of or behind the boss. However, in an emergency, you can run directly through the boss to reach one side from the other.

Healer Tips

  • Be ready to dispel Life Drain IconLife Drain as soon as it is applied to players.
  • While Frost Aura IconFrost Aura's damage is predictable throughout the entire encounter, do not underestimate the amount of healing strain it will add over time.

Tank Tips

  • Position yourself so that any DPS players can safely hit Sapphiron from the side

Sapphiron Abilities

  • Grounded
    • Frost Aura IconFrost Aura — A powerful chill pervades Sapphiron's lair, dealing Frost damage to all players for the duration of the encounter.
    • Tail Sweep IconTail Sweep — Sapphiron is still a dragon, which means he will often attack players directly behind him with this ability.
    • Cleave IconCleave — Sapphiron will frequently cleave with his attacks, damaging anyone standing near his active target.
    • Life Drain IconLife Drain — Sapphiron will occasionally Curse players, damaging them while healing himself; this debuff can be dispelled.
    • Summon Blizzard IconSummon Blizzard — A moving, more powerful version of a Mage's own Blizzard IconBlizzard spell will appear and begin moving around the room. Avoid being caught by this ice storm.
  • Airborne
    • Icebolt IconIcebolt — While in the sky, Sapphiron will target a few players with this ability. Players that are hit by this ability and survive will be frozen in a block of ice for the remainder of this phase.
    • Frost Breath IconFrost Breath — Just before landing, Sapphiron will breathe extreme Frost damage throughout the whole arena. Players can only avoid this deadly breath by standing behind the ice block of a player who was frozen earlier by Icebolt IconIcebolt.

Strategy for Sapphiron

The encounter with Sapphiron will begin with the boss slowly reforming as you enter the room, before immediately engaging the raid upon being restored. At this time, have your tank keep him relatively close to the center of the encounter space, while making sure to not face Sapphiron's head or tail toward the DPS or healers.

With this initial positioning established, the remainder of the ground phase will consist of rapidly dispelling any Life Drain IconLife Drain debuffs that are applied to players and avoiding the moving ground effects from Summon Blizzard IconSummon Blizzard. It is wise to stay slightly spread so that an unfortunate Blizzard does not require too many members of the raid to move at once, all the while healing through the ever-present Frost Aura IconFrost Aura.

After approximately 45 seconds have passed, Sapphiron will take to the air, freezing a number of players with Icebolt IconIcebolt. As soon as these targets have been identified, be prepared to move to their location so that you will be able to easily avoid the lethal Frost Breath IconFrost Breath cast before Sapphiron lands. At this point, the fight will repeat until Sapphiron is defeated.


Sapphiron Loot



Item Type/Slot
Key to the Focusing Iris Icon Key to the Focusing Iris Quest Item (access to The Eye of Eternity)
Cloak of Mastery Icon Cloak of Mastery Cape
Shroud of the Citadel Icon Shroud of the Citadel Cape
Circle of Death Icon Circle of Death Ring
Circle of Life Icon Circle of Life Ring
Cowl of Winged Fear Icon Cowl of Winged Fear Cloth Helm
Leggings of Sapphiron Icon Leggings of Sapphiron Cloth Legs
Helm of the Vast Legions Icon Helm of the Vast Legions Leather Helm
Helmet of the Inner Sanctum Icon Helmet of the Inner Sanctum Mail Helm
Massive Skeletal Ribcage Icon Massive Skeletal Ribcage Plate Chest
Helm of the Unsubmissive Icon Helm of the Unsubmissive Plate Helm


Item Type/Slot
Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris Icon Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris Quest Item (access to The Eye of Eternity)
Murder Icon Murder One-Hand Dagger
Bandit's Insignia Icon Bandit's Insignia Trinket
Rune of Repulsion Icon Rune of Repulsion Trinket
Extract of Necromantic Power Icon Extract of Necromantic Power Trinket
Soul of the Dead Icon Soul of the Dead Trinket
Gatekeeper Icon Gatekeeper Ring
Ring of Decaying Beauty Icon Ring of Decaying Beauty Ring
Icy Blast Amulet Icon Icy Blast Amulet Neck
Cosmic Lights Icon Cosmic Lights Neck
Ceaseless Pity Icon Ceaseless Pity Neck
Sympathy Icon Sympathy Cloth Chest
Gloves of Grandeur Icon Gloves of Grandeur Cloth Gloves
Legwraps of the Defeated Dragon Icon Legwraps of the Defeated Dragon Cloth Legs
Gloves of Fast Reactions Icon Gloves of Fast Reactions Leather Gloves
Legguards of the Boneyard Icon Legguards of the Boneyard Leather Legs
Boots of the Great Construct Icon Boots of the Great Construct Mail Feet
Breastplate of Frozen Pain Icon Breastplate of Frozen Pain Plate Chest
Platehelm of the Great Wyrm Icon Platehelm of the Great Wyrm Plate Helm
Bone-Inlaid Legguards Icon Bone-Inlaid Legguards Plate Legs
Noble Birthright Pauldrons Icon Noble Birthright Pauldrons Plate Shoulders

Further Reading

Sapphiron is just one of the 15 encounters present in the Naxxramas raid of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. If you would like to learn more about the others, or would like to see the loot tables of every boss at the same time, please see our other pages for the raid below.



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