Paladin Quests in WoW Classic

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On this page, we cover the Paladin-specific quests in WoW Classic. There are only two major Paladin quests, along with your quest to get a mount at level 40.



The main and most important Paladin class quest is to get Redemption Icon Redemption, which is your resurrection ability. You can get the quest at Level 12, and then follow the steps below depending on your race.



  1. Pick up the quest from Brother Wilhelm in Goldshire.
  2. Go to Stormwind to visit Duthorian Rall in the Cathedral.
  3. Read the tome he gives you, talk to him again, and go find Stephanie Turner in the Trade District.
  4. Bring her 10 Linen Cloth.
  5. Go back to the Cathedral and talk with Duthorian Rall, then Gazin Tenorm.
  6. Take the item he gives you to use on Henze Faulk in Elwynn forest, located on the island in the middle of the lake on the east side of the map.
  7. Kill a Defias Rogue Wizard for the Defias Script.
  8. Return to the Cathedral to talk to Duthorian Rall once more, and get Redemption Icon Redemption.


  1. Pick up the quest from Azar Stronghammer in Kharanos.
  2. Go to Tiza Battleforge in the Mystic Ward of Ironforge.
  3. Take her tome, read it, talk to her again, then find John Turner in the Commons.
  4. Bring him 10 Linen Cloth.
  5. Take his symbol and return to Tiza.
  6. Head out far east to find Narm Faulk on the southern most side of the lake on the eastern edge of the map.
  7. Kill a Dark Iron Spy for Dark Iron Script.
  8. Return to Tiza in Ironforge, and get Redemption Icon Redemption.

Sense Undead

At Level 20, Paladins can get a quest that will eventually let them learn Sense Undead Icon Sense Undead. This alone would not be worth taking the time to get, but you also will get a strong 2H weapon, Verigan's Fist Icon Verigan's Fist.

  1. Go to Stormwind to visit Duthorian Rall in the Cathedral.
  2. Read the tome he gives you, talk to him again, and go find Daphne Stilwell in Westfall.
  3. Hand her the tome, then pick up her next quest. Return to Stormwind and talk with Duthorian Rall again.
  4. Take his quest, and go to Ironforge to talk with Jordan Stilwell.
  5. Take his quest, which involves collection four things from around the world.
  6. Item 1 is Jordan's Smithing Hammer Icon Jordan's Smithing Hammer, which can be found in the stables inside Shadowfang Keep.
  7. Item 2 is Jordan's Refined Ore Shipment Icon Jordan's Refined Ore Shipment, which is a quest reward from Loch Modan. You will need to complete the quest Bailor's Ore Shipment from Bailor Stonehand in Thelsmar.
  8. Item 3 is Purified Kor Gem Icon Purified Kor Gem, which is a quest reward from the quest Seeking the Kor Gem from Thundris Windweaver in Darkshore.
  9. Item 4 is Whitestone Oak Lumber Icon Whitestone Oak Lumber, which drops from Goblin Woodcarver in Deadmines.
  10. Once you have all 4 items, return to Jordan Stilwell in Ironforge. Turn them in, and wait for him to craft your new hammer.

Summon Warhorse

At Level 40, go to one of the Paladin trainers in Ironforge or Stormwind. They will send you to Duthorian Rall in Stormwind, talk to him, and you will learn Summon Warhorse Icon Summon Warhorse along with Apprentice Riding for free!


Summon Charger

This is quite a long and expensive quest, but is still cheaper than buying your epic mount through the normal vendors and trainers. Below is the list of materials that you will need for the quest, and it is generally recommended to have these ready beforehand.

  1. Head to Duthorian Rall in Stormwind to get the quest Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker. Talk to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker to complete the quest, and to pick up Emphasis on Sacrifice. From there, travel to Ironforge to find High Priest Rohan in the Mystical Ward. You will need to buy Rohan's Exorcism Censer Icon Rohan's Exorcism Censer for 150g. Once you have the Censer, pick up the new quest and return to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker.
  2. Get the new quest Exorcising Terrordale, and go to the Eastern Plaguelands. Travel to the northwest of the zone to begin the quest, which involves cleansing the zone by using the Exorcism Censer Icon Exorcism Censer on the glowing green spots around Terrordale. Cleansing the spots will summon some spirits that you need to kill 25 of.
  3. Once you kill 25 spirits, return to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker. Pick up the new quest The Work of Grimand Elmore. Go find Grimand Elmore in the Dwarven District. Turn in several of the materials from the shopping list above to Grimand Elmore, and he will give you the quest Grimand's Finest Work, which takes you back to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker.
  4. Pick up Ancient Equine Spirit from Lord Grayson. This quest will take you to Dire Maul, but first you should go to Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills to find Merideth Carlson. Give her the Enriched Manna Biscuit Icon Enriched Manna Biscuit and 50g to get Manna-Enriched Horse Feed. You will need this later.
  5. Now travel to Dire Maul West. You will need a group to help you clear the dungeon, eventually killing Tendris Warpwood. Once you kill Tendris, a horse spirit will appear, and you can talk to it to get the quest Blessed Arcanite Barding, which takes you back to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker.
  6. Lord Grayson will give you a new quest that requires you to turn in the two gems from the list above. Once you turn them in, get the quest Judgment and Redemption. For this quest, you will need a 5 man group to help you clear Scholomance. Once you have a group, head to the dungeon.
  7. Clear your way through the dungeon until you reach Rattlegore. Clear the room, including the boss, and then use the Divination Scryer Icon Divination Scryer in the middle of the room. This was one of the items given to you by Lord Grayson. This will start an event that summons waves of enemies for your group to kill. Each wave has a mini boss that can be defeated by judging it with a specific seal combination.
  8. For wave 1, Banal Spirit will spawn. Use Seal of Wisdom Icon Seal of Wisdom and Judgement Icon Judgement on it. For wave 2, Malicious Spirit will spawn. Use Seal of Justice Icon Seal of Justice and Judgement Icon Judgement on it. For wave 3, Corrupted Spirit will spawn. Use Seal of Righteousness Icon Seal of Righteousness and Judgement Icon Judgement on it. For wave 4, Shadowed Spirit will spawn. Use Seal of Light Icon Seal of Light and Judgement Icon Judgement on it.
  9. After you are done with all four waves, Death Knight Darkreaver will spawn. Make sure to dispel his mind control targets, but otherwise just kill him quickly. Once he is dead, loot the Charger's Lost Soul Icon Charger's Lost Soul and redeem it. Turn the quest in to the Fallen Charger that should have spawned, and you will be able to cast Summon Charger Icon Summon Charger.

Congratulations, you now have an epic mount!


Sunken Temple Quests

  1. Pick up Chillwind Point from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in Stormwind.
  2. Travel to the Western Plaguelands, where you will find Commander Ashlam Valorfist in the South.
  3. Get the quest Dispelling Evil from Valorfist, which will require you to go and collect 20 Minion's Scourgestone Icon Minion's Scourgestones. These come from any scourge enemies in the zone, so just keep farming until you have 20.
  4. Once you have 20, turn them in to High Priest Thel'danis just to the east of Chillwind Camp. Pick up the next quest Inert Scourgestones. This just makes you go back to talk with Valorfist again, and he will give you the quest Forging the Mightstone.
  5. Travel to the Temple of Atal'Hakkar and do the dungeon. Inside, you will need to loot several feathers from the various bosses. As long as you clear the dungeon and loot each boss, you will get them all.
  6. Return to Commander Ashlam Valorfist and choose between Lightforged Blade Icon Lightforged Blade, Sanctified Orb Icon Sanctified Orb, and Chivalrous Signet Icon Chivalrous Signet as your reward.


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