Shadowfang Keep Dungeon Guide

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Shadowfang Keep is an early dungeon that Horde players are more likely to venture into, but Alliance Warlocks and Paladins will have to complete for their class quests. You can enter the dungeon at Level 11, but it is recommended to only do the dungeon once you reach Level 18 to 21. You should be able to complete the dungeon in under an hour.

The keep was once the home of Baron Silverlaine, but it was forcibly taken from him by Arugal and his legions of Worgen. It is now haunted by the spirits of the fallen and those that killed them.


Shadowfang Keep Entrance Location

The entrance to Shadowfang Keep is located in Silverpine Forest, in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms. The instance is north of Pyrewood Village.

This is much easier to get to as a Horde player, but unlike with other dungeons, Alliance players that have chosen to play a Paladin or Warlock will have to complete this dungeon for their class quests.


Shadowfang Keep Quests

Before setting foot in Shadowfang Keep, we strongly advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide.


Layout of Shadowfang Keep

Shadowfang Keep is a very straightforward dungeon, with a set path to follow as you go through it. Once you have killed the first boss and freed your faction's prisoner, you will go through the newly opened door into the courtyard and then just keep moving forward through the instance. There are no alternate paths to be taken.


Notable Trash in Shadowfang Keep

In the courtyard after the first boss, players will encounter the Shadowfang Moonwalkers. These mobs will go magic immune periodically and casters should avoid targeting these mobs when they are immune.

The steeds that are in the stables of the courtyard are a skippable set of trash, but are worth killing if your group requires bags. They have a chance of dropping a 10-slot bag, Fel Steed Saddlebags Icon Fel Steed Saddlebags. Be careful pulling these as they do a huge amount of damage.

The last piece of notable trash is the Wailing Guardsman mobs that you will encounter on your way to Odo the Blindwatcher. These mobs have an AoE silence last 5 seconds and are one of the reasons why Paladin tanks do not work well in this dungeon.


Bosses in Shadowfang Keep



  • Rethilgore Soul Drain Icon Soul Drain

Rethilgore is a Level 20 elite humanoid and the first boss of the instance.

There are no mechanics that are worth mentioning for this boss, but it is important to know that, after the boss dies, you must free your faction's prisoner by opening their cage and talking to them. They will then open the way to the courtyard.


Loot from Rethilgore

Item Required Level Slot
Rugged Spaulders Icon Rugged Spaulders 15 Shoulder

Razorclaw the Butcher

  • Razorclaw the Butcher Butcher Drain Icon Butcher Drain

Razorclaw the Butcher is a Level 22 elite humanoid and the second boss of the instance.

If you follow our group advice and do not take a Paladin tank to this dungeon, then there are no mechanics worth mentioning on this boss; however, if you do, this boss will be extremely difficult, as you will have no Mana to get aggro on the boss due to his Mana drain.


Loot from Razorclaw the Butcher

Item Required Level Slot
Bloody Apron Icon Bloody Apron 18 Chest
Butcher's Slicer Icon Butcher's Slicer 18 Weapon
Butcher's Cleaver Icon Butcher's Cleaver 20 Weapon

Baron Silverlaine

  • Baron Silverlaine Veil of Shadow Icon Veil of Shadow

Baron Silverlaine is a Level 24 elite Undead and the third boss of the instance.

The main mechanic for this boss, and the reason why bringing a Mage or Druid is so important, is his curse, Veil of Shadow IconVeil of Shadow. This reduces the healing the target receives by 75% for 15 seconds and needs to be removed as soon as possible.


Loot from Baron Silverlaine

Along with the items listed below, Silverlaine can drop a number of BoE green items.

Item Required Level Slot
Baron's Scepter Icon Baron's Scepter 20 Weapon
Silverlaine's Family Seal Icon Silverlaine's Family Seal 21 Ring

Commander Springvale

  • Commander Springvale Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice
  • Holy Light Icon Holy Light
  • Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield

Commander Springvale is a Level 24 elite Undead and the fourth boss of this instance.

The boss will cast Holy Light Icon Holy Light, which should be interrupted. Other than this, kill the adds and then Springvale afterwards.


Loot from Commander Springvale

Item Required Level Slot
Arced War Axe Icon Arced War Axe 21 Weapon
Commander's Crest Icon Commander's Crest 23 Off Hand

Odo the Blindwatcher

  • Odo the Blindwatcher Howling Rage Icon Howling Rage

Odo the Blindwatcher is a Level 24 elite beast and the fifth boss of the instance.

Face the bats away from the group and kill them before killing Odo.


Loot from Odo the Blindwatcher

Item Required Level Slot
Girdle of the Blindwatcher Icon Girdle of the Blindwatcher 21 Belt
Odo's Ley Staff Icon Odo's Ley Staff 21 Weapon

Deathsworn Captain

  • Deathsworn Captain Cleave Icon Cleave
  • Hamstring Icon Hamstring

There is one rare boss elite in the dungeon, Deathsworn Captain and he is found before Fenrus the Devourer.


Loot from Deathsworn Captain

Item Required Level Slot
Haunting Blade Icon Haunting Blade 21 Weapon
Phantom Armor Icon Phantom Armor 20 Chest

Fenrus the Devourer

  • Fenrus the Devourer Toxic Saliva Icon Toxic Saliva

Fenrus the Devourer is a Level 25 elite beast and the sixth boss of the instance.

If you followed our group recommendations, then this boss has no mechanics to worry about. If you brought a Paladin tank, it is important to pay attention to Toxic Saliva IconToxic Saliva, as it will drain your Mana.

Watch out for the trash that will spawn immediately after Fenrus' death.


Loot from Fenrus the Devourer

Item Required Level Slot
Fenrus' Hide Icon Fenrus' Hide 21 Back
Black Wolf Bracers Icon Black Wolf Bracers 21 Wrist

Wolf Master Nandos

  • Wolf Master Nandos Call Bleak Worg Icon Call Bleak Worg
  • Call Lupine Horror Icon Call Lupine Horror
  • Call Slavering Worg Icon Call Slavering Worg

Wolf Master Nandos is a Level 25 elite humanoid and the penultimate boss of the dungeon.

There are no mechanics to this fight beyond killing his adds as he summons them.


Loot from Wolf Master Nandos

Item Required Level Slot
Wolfmaster Cape Icon Wolfmaster Cape 22 Back
Feline Mantle Icon Feline Mantle 23 Shoulder

Archmage Arugal

  • Archmage Arugal Arugal's Curse Icon Arugal's Curse
  • Shadow Port Icon Shadow Port
  • Thundershock Icon Thundershock
  • Void Bolt Icon Void Bolt

Archmage Arugal is a Level 26 elite humanoid and the final boss of the dungeon.

This boss deals a huge amount of damage compared to the other bosses of the dungeon. As soon as you pull him, your whole group should move up to the platform where Arugal is standing. Your tank will take consistent, heavy damage from Void Bolt IconVoid Bolt and will need to be healed frequently. The players in melee range will also take damage from Thundershock IconThundershock, stunning them for 5 seconds. You can try to predict this, but it is not necessary.

Arugal will teleport around the platforms of the room, still casting Void Bolt IconVoid Bolt from his new location. You can try to chase him, but be careful that you do not line of sight your healer while doing so.

The final mechanic of the fight is his mind control, Arugal's Curse IconArugal's Curse, which makes players hostile to their party for 10 seconds. If your healer gets this, any class that can off-heal will need to heal the tank, otherwise they will likely die to the Void Bolt IconVoid Bolt spam.


Loot from Archmage Arugal

Item Required Level Slot
Meteor Shard Icon Meteor Shard 24 Weapon
Robes of Arugal Icon Robes of Arugal 24 Chest
Belt of Arugal Icon Belt of Arugal 24 Waist

For your tank, we recommend against taking a Paladin in this instance; there are multiple mobs that silence and drain Mana throughout and this will hinder a Paladin's ability to generate threat. A Warrior or Druid works fine.

You will need a Mage or a Druid that is not actively tanking in order to dispel the curse from Baron Silverlaine, Veil of Shadow IconVeil of Shadow. You cannot use a Druid tank to dispel this, as they will need to shift out of Bear Form Icon Bear Form.

You should also make sure to bring a melee-heavy composition of DPS, as there are multiple groups of trash that are magic-immune throughout the dungeon.



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