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Dire Maul is a set of old Night Elf ruins that have long fallen to the elements, now nothing but a small remnant of a once great city. The city has now been taken over and divided between numerous races into three wings, with the dead Kaldorei even coming back to reclaim part of their home.

Dire Maul is an abandoned Night Elf city located in Feralas that has now been overrun by ogres, demons, and the undead spirits of the Highborne who once lived there.


Dire Maul Dungeon Wings

Dire Maul is a massive, end-game dungeon which is divided into 3 individual wings. Below you can find our guides for each of the specific wings, the many different ways to run each wing, and their unique encounters and challenges that await you.


Dire Maul North Wing

The North wing is known as the Gordok Commons and is home to the largest Gordok Ogre population. They have made their home here, with their leader, King Gordok, holding the throne inside the instance.


Dire Maul East Wing

The East Wing is known as Warpwood Quarter and is held by a group of satyrs lead by Alzzin the Wildshaper. His power has caused the local nature to lose control and the area is teeming with crazed elementals, satyrs, and demons that are all out for blood.


Dire Maul West Wing

The final wing, the West wing, is known as Capital Gardens. It houses the spirits of the Highborne who once inhabited Dire Maul, as well as an extremely powerful demon by the name of Immol'thar. Immol'thar is trapped by the Prince of the Shen'dralar, Prince Tortheldrin, and his power is being drained to sustain the immortality of Tortheldrin and his remaining loyalists.


Dire Maul Location

Dire Maul is located in Feralas, between the Alliance and Horde hubs. To get there, simply head to the central path of Feralas and head north until you find Dire Maul. The instance entrances are spread around the center arena.


Unlocking Dire Mauls North and West Wings

Just as in the Scarlet Monastery, Dire Maul has 2 wings that are locked and cannot be accessed without a key or a Rogue with a high enough Lockpicking skill.

We have a detailed walkthrough on how to obtain the key from the East wing, which you can read in our Dire Maul East Guide.


Dire Maul Quest Guides

For the quests in the dungeon, we have put together a full guide that goes over each wing, as well as the class book quests.


Dire Maul Class Book Quests

The class book quests in Dire Maul allow players to obtain a class-specific trinket that is a variant of the Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas Icon Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas, with an equip effect that is tailored to their class.

We have a full list of the books, their related quests, and the trinkets in our quest guide.


Dire Maul Quel'Serrar Questline

The Quel'Serrar questline is available with the release of Dire Maul and, while it mainly takes place in Onyxia's Lair, players will have to venture into Dire Maul to obtain the sword.


Shen'dralar Reputation

Dire Maul houses members of the Shen'dralar, an ancient group of Night Elves that still live within the ancient city's ruins. You can find out more about them, as well as how to gain reputation with them, in our reputation guide.



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