Deadmines Dungeon Guide

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Deadmines is the first dungeon available to Alliance players and is recommended for players between Level 17 and 21, but your group should ideally be above Level 19 in order to clear the final bosses. You should be able to clear the dungeon in just over an hour.

The Deadmines is filled with members of the Defias Brotherhood, a group of thieves and pirates that banded together after their leader, Edwin VanCleef, was cheated out of payment for their labour in rebuilding Stormwind after the First War. They now seek to overthrow the Kingdom of Stormwind and do so by creating unrest throughout Westfall.


Deadmines Entrance Location

The entrance to the Deadmines is located in Westfall, at the back of the Defias stronghold in Moonbrook.

It is far easier for Alliance players to get to this instance and, given the huge amount of time it will take to get there as a Horde player, it is generally not worth the time investment to actually go to this instance at the recommended level.

To get to the instance entrance, head to the most southwestern house in Moonbrook and follow the path until you come to a set of wooden planks that are acting as a bridge between two doorways. Drop off the edge and then move through the caves, moving down the slope you are currently on until you come to a wooden bridge.

Follow the tunnel to the right of the bridge and proceed straight ahead, sticking to the path of the broken cart track until you reach a much larger bridge that is straight ahead of you. Jump down to the right of it and the instance will be right in front of you.


Deadmines Quests

Before setting foot in Deadmines, we strongly advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide.


Layout of the Deadmines

The dungeon is a series of tunnels and large open rooms, with very little possibility of getting lost on the way. Simply follow the natural progression of the dungeon until you have defeated Mr. Smite.

After this fight, head up the ramp and turn left to pull Cookie before clearing the right side and heading up to Edwin VanCleef.


Notable Trash in the Deadmines

The Deadmines is known for a number of patrols that can completely ruin trash pulls that would otherwise be no problem. Before pulling any trash in the dungeon, if you are unsure of whether a patrol is coming, make sure to look further into the tunnels to check if a pack of elites are on their way.

The dungeon also features a large number of mobs that will run away in fear once you get their HP down. Be very careful of this and make sure to prioritise them, otherwise you will end up with a massive amount of trash being pulled from this.


Bosses in the Deadmines



  • Rhahk'Zor Rhahk'Zor Slam Icon Rhahk'Zor Slam

Rhahk'Zor is a Level 19 elite humanoid and is the first boss of the instance.

You can pull the boss separately from his adds to make things easier, but it is not necessary, as the boss has no mechanics to avoid and does a fairly low amount of damage.


Loot from Rhahk'Zor

Item Required Level Slot
Rhahk'Zor's Hammer Icon Rhahk'Zor's Hammer 15 Weapon
Rockslicer Icon Rockslicer 16 Weapon

Miner Johnson (Rare)

  • Miner Johnson Pierce Armor Icon Pierce Armor

There is a single rare elite in the dungeon, Miner Johnson, who you may find just after killing Rhahk'Zor. Head through the door and into the small tunnel on the left.


Loot from Miner Johnson

Item Required Level Slot
Gold-plated Buckler Icon Gold-plated Buckler 15 Shield
Miner's Cape Icon Miner's Cape 14 Cloak

Sneed's Shredder

  • Sneed's Shredder Distracting Pain Icon Distracting Pain
  • Terrify Icon Terrify

Sneed's Shredder is a Level 20 elite mechanical boss and is the second boss of the instance. The Shredder will occasionally fear a target with Terrify IconTerrify, but other than this, there are no other mechanics worth mentioning.

Once you defeat his shredder, Sneed will jump out to attack you in his goblin form.

  • Sneed Disarm Icon Disarm

You should clear the room of any trash before pulling Sneed, to avoid any trash mobs joining the fight when a player gets feared.


Loot from Sneed's Shredder

Item Required Level Slot
Buzzer Blade Icon Buzzer Blade 16 Weapon
Buzz Saw Icon Buzz Saw 16 Weapon

Loot from Sneed

Item Required Level Slot
Gold-flecked Gloves Icon Gold-flecked Gloves 17 Hands
Taskmaster Axe Icon Taskmaster Axe 18 Weapon


  • Gilnid Molten Metal Icon Molten Metal

Gilnid is a Level 20 elite humanoid and is the third boss of the instance.

To make this fight easier, you can CC the add that is standing with Gilnid, but it is not necessary. You can just kill the add and then swap to Gilnid, as he has no real mechanics.


Loot from Gilnid

Item Required Level Slot
Smelting Pants Icon Smelting Pants 16 Legs
Lavishly Jeweled Ring Icon Lavishly Jeweled Ring 17 Ring

Mr. Smite

  • Mr. Smite Nimble Reflexes Icon Nimble Reflexes
  • Smite Slam Icon Smite Slam
  • Smite Stomp Icon Smite Stomp
  • Thrash Icon Thrash

Mr. Smite is a Level 20 elite humanoid and is the fourth boss of the instance.

This boss is the first one that has real mechanics, rather than simply being a trash mob with more health.

The fight is split into three "phases", each decided by the weapon he currently has equipped. Start the fight by pulling the two adds at the bottom of the ramp, which will pull Mr. Smite as well. Move back along the docks so that you are a decent distance away from the bottom of the ramp. We recommend moving as far as the bridge between the two platforms. This provides enough time for the stun to wear off before Mr. Smite comes back with his new weapon.

Kill the two adds before damaging the boss, then burn Mr. Smite down. Every 30% of his health, he will stun the group and go get a new weapon. There is no tactic to the fight beyond this.


Loot from Mr. Smite

Item Required Level Slot
Smite's Reaver Icon Smite's Reaver 17 Weapon
Thief's Blade Icon Thief's Blade 17 Weapon
Smite's Mighty Hammer Icon Smite's Mighty Hammer 18 Weapon
  • Cookie Acid Splash Icon Acid Splash
  • Cookie's Cooking Icon Cookie's Cooking

Cookie is a Level 20 elite humanoid and is the fifth boss of the instance.

Make sure to kill Cookie before he pulls other mobs, once he starts to run away when close to dying.

Item Required Level Slot
Cookie's Tenderizer Icon Cookie's Tenderizer 16 Weapon
Cookie's Stirring Rod Icon Cookie's Stirring Rod 17 Weapon

Captain Greenskin

  • Captain Greenskin Cleave Icon Cleave
  • Poisoned Harpoon Icon Poisoned Harpoon

Captain Greenskin is a Level 20 elite humanoid and is the sixth boss of the instance.

When you pull Greenskin, he will engage you with two guards. Pull them all back off the ship and kill the adds first, followed by Greenskin.


Loot from Captain Greenskin

Item Required Level Slot
Blackened Defias Belt Icon Blackened Defias Belt 17 Belt
Impaling Harpoon Icon Impaling Harpoon 20 Weapon
Emberstone Staff Icon Emberstone Staff 18 Weapon

Edwin VanCleef

  • Edwin VanCleef Thrash Icon Thrash
  • VanCleef's Allies Icon VanCleef's Allies

Edwin VanCleef is a Level 21 elite humanoid and is the final boss of the instance.

VanCleef will enter the fight with two adds that were stealthed before the pull. Your group can either choose to CC both adds and burn VanCleef down or CC one add, killing the adds one by one before killing VanCleef. While the boss deals a fair amount of damage to the tank, there are no mechanics to the boss itself.


Loot from Edwin VanCleef

Item Required Level Slot
Cruel Barb Icon Cruel Barb 19 Weapon
Corsair's Overshirt Icon Corsair's Overshirt 19 Chest
Blackened Defias Armor Icon Blackened Defias Armor 19 Chest
Cape of the Brotherhood Icon Cape of the Brotherhood 20 Back

There are a large number of humanoid mobs throughout the instance, so Rogues and Mages are both great picks for their CC, Sap Icon Sap and Polymorph Icon Polymorph respectively. Mages are especially useful as they can Polymorph adds on multiple boss fights while in combat.

Outside of this, as long as you have a dedicated healer and tank in your group, then you will be able to clear the instance with no issues.



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