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Sunken Temple is the main raid instance of Phase 3 in Season of Discovery, being re-worked from a 5 man dungeon to a 20 man raid with 8 unique boss encounters. Here, you can find information about how to reach the raid, guides for each of its encounters, quests you can complete, and most importantly, the loot you can acquire!


Season of Discovery Sunken Temple Raid Instance Summary

  • Raid location — Swamp of Sorrows
  • Attunement requirements — None
  • Available Difficulties — 20-player
  • Boss Encounters — 8
  • Lock-out Timer — 7-day

Sunken Temple Raid Bosses and Strategies

With Phase 3 of Season of Discovery, The Temple of Atal'Hakkar, usually simply called Sunken Temple, has been reinvented as a 20-player raid with 8 boss encounters. These encounters, much like Gnomergan in Phase 2 and Blackfathom Deeps in Phase 1, have brand new mechanics for players to overcome. Below you can find our guide on these re-envisioned encounters to help you defeat these new challenges:


Sunken Temple Raid Loot

With the Sunken Temple raid being a 7-day lockout in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery, Blizzard has stated they will be extra generous with loot. With nearly 200 new items being added to the raid alone, we have comprised a loot list below with all known gear.


Sunken Temple Quests

Before heading into Sunken Temple, we advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. There are general quests that anyone can grab, as well as class specific quests only available to each individual class. To make this process easier, we have written separate guides for the quests and their chains below:


Sunken Temple Entrance Location

Sunken Temple is located in the middle of the Swamp of Sorrows. As the name implies, it is a large temple that has sunken into the middle of the lake. Alliance players will need to fly to Nethergarde Keep in The Blasted Lands and ride a short distance up into Swamp of Sorrows. Horde players can land even closer to the dungeon simply by flying to Stonard in Swamp of Sorrows.

Sunken Temple Entrance Location

Sunken Temple is found in the middle of the lake towards the eastern side of the zone. You will need to swim down through the flooded entrance until you can resurface on the inside of the temple. Quickly traverse a couple flights of stairs and you will be facing the entrance of the dungeon.



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