Warlock Quests in WoW Classic

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On this page, we cover the Warlock-specific quests in WoW Classic. Warlock has several important class quests, with most of them being about learning how to summon various demons.


Warlock Demon Quests



The first quest that Warlocks get is for your Imp, which you can pick up at level 1. The quest will be a single step, and will involve you killing a few of a specific type of enemy, sometimes to bring items back from them. You can get this from the trainer in your starting area, and it should be one of the first quests that you complete when you begin leveling.



You can get your Voidwalker at level 10. To begin the quest chain, just talk to any Warlock trainer, which will take you to the Warlock trainer in a major city. The quest chain is relatively simple, all you have to do is go collect and item from a specific enemy or place that is in the same zone as the city. Orcs will need to find Tablet of Verga Icon Tablet of Verga, Undead will need to find Egalin's Grimoire Icon Egalin's Grimoire, and Alliance will have to find Surena's Choker Icon Surena's Choker. Once you have the item, go back to the city and talk to your Warlock trainer again. You will then need to summon and defeat a Voidwalker, after which you will learn to summon your own.



You can begin this quest chain at level 20 by finding any Warlock trainer. After talking with the trainers, you will then be tasked with traveling to various zones, either to kill people or to deliver items. Orcs will need to find Gazrog in the Crossroads, Ken'zigla in Stonetalon Mountains, and finally Grunt Dogran in the Barrens. Undead will need to kill Dalin Forgewright in Silverpine Forest, followed by Comar Villard in Wetlands. Alliance players will need to seek out Takar the Seer in the Barrens, and then to kill Dark Strand Excavator in Ashenvale. Once you have completed your respective tasks, you will return to the city to summon and kill a Succubus. Once you kill it, you will learn how to summon your own.



You can begin this quest chain at level 30 by visiting the Warlock trainer in your major city. Alliance and Horde have very similar quest for this, and both will start by going to Ratchet to find Strahad Farsan. Strahad will send you to a major city to speak with someone, Jorah Annison in Undercity for Horde and Krom Stoutarm in Ironforge for Alliance. From there you will get a quest to retrieve parts of a book. The first part is the Moldy Tome Icon Moldy Tome which can be found in the Wetlands, and the second part is the Tattered Manuscript Icon Tattered Manuscript which can be found in Thousand Needles. Return to your respective city, and get another quest to go back to the Wetlands. There you will kill Dragonmaw Bonewarders and Dragonmaw Shadowwarders until your have 3 Rod of Channeling Icon Rod of Channeling. Return back to your city, before finally returning to Ratchet to summon and fight a Felhunter. After defeating the Felhunter, you will learn how to summon your own.



Warlocks have the benefit of being able to summon both normal and epic mounts as a spell, along with learning the riding from completing the class quest involved. This will save you 90 gold while leveling, and potentially hundreds of gold for epic riding if you do not mind waiting until phase 2 for your epic mount.



At level 40, Warlocks will be able to get a quest to learn Summon Felsteed Icon Summon Felsteed. In addition to being able to summon a mount, you will also learn the riding skill for free. To start, go to a Warlock trainer in any major city. They will give you a quest to travel to Ratchet, and to speak with Strahad Farsan. Talk to Strahad, and he will teach you Summon Felsteed Icon Summon Felsteed along with the Apprentice riding skill. Congratulations, you have your first mount!



Once phase 2 is out, level 60 Warlocks will be able to start the quest chain to learn Summon Dreadsteed Icon Summon Dreadsteed along with epic riding. Completing the quest chain takes about 250 gold worth of materials, meaning it will save you up to 750 gold off of normally buying your epic mount from a vendor. The downside of course is that you might need to wait a few months to do this, so it is up to you if the extra gold is worth the wait.



Starting at level 50 Warlocks have the option to learn to summon an Infernal. You can start this quest by going to Felwood and talking with Niby the Almighty. After talking with Niby and his Imp, they will ask you to bring back three Fel Essences from various places around Azeroth.

  1. First you will want to find Flawless Fel Essence (Jaedenar) Icon Flawless Fel Essence (Jaedenar) in Felwood. You will need to kill Jaedenar Legionnaires, which can be found at a village southwest of Niby.
  2. Next you will want to go to Azshara to get Flawless Fel Essence (Azshara) Icon Flawless Fel Essence (Azshara). To get it, you will need to kill the Legashi enemies found in northern Azshara.
  3. For the last essence, you will need to travel to the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands. To get the Flawless Fel Essence (Dark Portal) Icon Flawless Fel Essence (Dark Portal) you will need to kill some Felguard Sentry.

Once you collect all three essences, return to Niby. You will then need to summon an Infernal, kill it, and then deliver the core to Niby. He will then teach you the spell Inferno Icon Inferno.



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