Assassination Rogue DPS Spec, Builds, Talents, and Glyphs (WoD 6.0.2)

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On this page, we present the viable talent and glyph choices for Assassination Rogues in World of Warcraft WoD 6.0.2. We detail what each of the talents and glyphs do and in which situations they should be taken.

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About Our Reviewers

This guide has been reviewed and approved by FieryDemise, a prominent Rogue theorycrafter and the author of Rogue Chat (a theorycrafting blog for Rogues), and by Greph, one of the best Rogues in the world, who raids in Envy; you can watch his stream on Twitch.

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1. Talent Choices↑top

Level Choices
15 Nightstalker Subterfuge Shadow Focus
30 Deadly Throw Nerve Strike Combat Readiness
45 Cheat Death Leeching Poison Elusiveness
60 Cloak and Dagger Shadowstep Burst of Speed
75 Prey on the Weak Internal Bleeding Dirty Tricks
90 Shuriken Toss Marked for Death Anticipation
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  • Performance-enhancing
  • Survival
  • Crowd Control
  • Movement
  • Utility
  • Situational

Talents can easily be changed, thanks to Tome of the Clear Mind Icon Tomes of the Clear Mind. You will frequently find yourself changing talents and glyphs between encounters, in order to adapt your play style to different mechanics. Therefore, it is important to understand what each of your talents does and how they affect your play style.

2. Tier 1 Talents↑top

Tier 1 talents improve your Stealth.

  • Nightstalker Icon Nightstalker increases your movement speed by 20% and the damage that your abilities deal by 50%, while you are stealthed.
  • Subterfuge Icon Subterfuge causes Stealth to break 3 seconds after dealing or receiving damage (rather than instantly, without the talent).
  • Shadow Focus Icon Shadow Focus causes your abilities to cost 75% less Energy while in Stealth.

Shadow Focus Icon Shadow Focus is the best choice here. It gives you a nearly-free Mutilate Icon Mutilate at the start of each encounter and every 2 minutes after that through Vanish Icon Vanish.

While Nightstalker Icon Nightstalker can be useful in certain situations (mostly while questing), it will never be taken over Shadow Focus Icon Shadow Focus in any raid environment.

Subterfuge Icon Subterfuge is worthless to Assassination Rogues.

3. Tier 2 Talents↑top

Tier 2 talents give you the choice between crowd control and survival talents.

  • Deadly Throw Icon Deadly Throw is a Finishing Move that reduces the movement speed of your target by 50% for 6 seconds. It also deals damage based on the number of Combo Points it is cast with. Finally, if you cast it with 5 Combo Points, it will also interrupt your target.
  • Nerve Strike Icon Nerve Strike causes your successful casts of Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot and Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot to also reduce the damage your target deals by 50% and the healing it does by 10%, for 6 seconds.
  • Combat Readiness Icon Combat Readiness causes you to take 50% less damage from melee attacks. The damage reduction builds up gradually by stacks of 10%, until you have 5 stacks. Each enemy hit grants you a stack. The effect lasts 20 seconds, but it is removed after 10 seconds without receiving melee attacks.

These talents will not impact your DPS as a raider.

Combat Readiness Icon Combat Readiness should be the default choice and will prove useful when you will have to tank something.

Nerve Strike Icon Nerve Strike should be taken in any encounters where you will have to stun an add.

Deadly Throw Icon Deadly Throw will mostly be useful in PvP, against healers and casters.

4. Tier 3 Talents↑top

Tier 3 talents provide you with various means of improving your survivability.

  • Cheat Death Icon Cheat Death causes an attack that would otherwise kill you to instead reduce your health to 7% of your maximum health. Then, Cheat Death reduces the damage you will take by 85% for 3 seconds. This effect has an internal cooldown of 90 seconds.
  • Leeching Poison Icon Leeching Poison grants you a new Non-Lethal Poison that afflicts your target in such a way that your melee attacks against the target heal you for 15% of the damage that they do. When using Leeching Poison Icon Leeching Poison, Shiv Icon Shiv heals you for 4% of your total health.
  • Elusiveness Icon Elusiveness causes your Feint Icon Feint ability to also reduce all damage taken by 30% for 5 seconds. Against AoE damage, the damage reduction is 65% (50% from Feint Icon Feint plus 30% of that from Elusiveness Icon Elusiveness).

All three talents are viable here. Cheat Death Icon Cheat Death versus Elusiveness Icon Elusiveness is a heated debate in the Rogue community. Feint Icon Feint is already very good as it is and the added bonus, while desirable, is not going to save your life in the way that Cheat Death Icon Cheat Death is. Cheat Death can also be used to entirely bypass encounter mechanics. Elusiveness is very useful in situations where you have to use Feint Icon Feint extensively to mitigate damage or when the additional 15% AoE damage reduction is needed for a particular mechanic (e.g., soaking sparks in Will of the Emperor).

Leeching Poison Icon Leeching Poison's usefulness is very debatable, as the healing it provides is rather weak (when it is not overhealing).

5. Tier 4 Talents↑top

Tier 4 talents give you the choice between abilities that improve your survivability or your mobility.

  • Cloak and Dagger Icon Cloak and Dagger causes Ambush Icon Ambush, Garrote Icon Garrote, and Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot to have a 40-yard range and to teleport you behind your target.
  • Shadowstep Icon Shadowstep causes you to teleport behind your target, which has to be within 25 yards. It then increases your movement speed by 70% for 2 seconds. This ability has a 20-second cooldown.
  • Burst of Speed Icon Burst of Speed increases your movement speed by 70% for 4 seconds. If you happen to be afflicted by movement-impairing effects, then this ability will also remove them (with the exception of rooting effects). Burst of Speed has no cooldown, but costs 30 Energy.

Shadowstep Icon Shadowstep should be the default choice here, as it allows you to easily reposition yourself behind your target, whether it is a friend or an enemy. Besides its numerous uses in most encounters, it always provides a DPS gain, as it will increase your uptime on your target.

Burst of Speed Icon Burst of Speed is useful in PvP or while questing. Its use in a raiding environment is very questionable to to its high Energy cost.

Cloak and Dagger Icon Cloak and Dagger is useless for raiding.

6. Tier 5 Talents↑top

Tier 5 talents give you more utility or crowd control.

Similarly to Nerve Strike Icon Nerve Strike (one of your Tier 2 talents), Prey on the Weak Icon Prey on the Weak and Internal Bleeding Icon Internal Bleeding can be taken for encounters where you can make use of Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot or Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot. Internal Bleeding should be used for encounters where you need to do a lot of damage on enemies that can be stunned (otherwise, the bleed from Internal Bleeding does not get applied), in which case Kidney Shot becomes an integral part of your rotation and you should try to maintain 100% uptime on the bleed (because it deals an extreme amount of damage). Prey on the Weak should be taken if the target of your Cheap Shot or Kidney Shot is going to be attacked by other raid members.

Dirty Tricks Icon Dirty Tricks do not really have any PvE implications.

7. Tier 6 Talents↑top

Tier 6 talents provide you with performance-improving abilities.

  • Shuriken Toss Icon Shuriken Toss is a ranged attack that replaces Throw Icon Throw, costs 40 Energy, and awards 1 Combo Point. If used against targets further than 10 yards away, it causes your melee attacks to throw shuriken. These shuriken have a 30-yard range and poison your target with your Lethal Poison.
  • Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death instantly adds 5 Combo Points on your target. This ability has a 1-minute cooldown, but this cooldown is reset when the target dies.
  • Anticipation Icon Anticipation basically grants you a maximum of 10 Combo Points, of which only 5 can be consumed with Finishing Moves. So, if you have 8 Combo Points and you cast a Finishing Move, you will be left with 3 Combo Points.

Anticipation Icon Anticipation will be the best choice in nearly all situations. It will prevent you from wasting the Combo Points that Seal Fate Icon Seal Fate will generate when Mutilate Icon Mutilate or Dispatch Icon Dispatch deals damage.

Marked for Death Icon Marked for Death can be picked in fights with many adds, where you can benefit from the 5 free Combo Points very often. However, even for such fights, there is still debate in the community as to whether Marked for Death is better than Anticipation Icon Anticipation or not.

Shuriken Toss Icon Shuriken Toss can be used in fights where the boss will be out of melee range for a long time. There is currently no encounters where it surpasses Anticipation Icon Anticipation.

8. Major Glyphs↑top

Glyph of Vendetta Icon Glyph of Vendetta is the only mandatory major glyph. It increases the duration of Vendetta Icon Vendetta by 10 seconds (to make it last 30 seconds) but reduces its damage bonus by 5% (to make it 25%). The only time when this glyph should be skipped is if you will not be able to fully benefit from Vendetta if it lasts more than 20 seconds.

Several of your major glyphs offer you increased survivability.

  • Glyph of Cloak of Shadows Icon Glyph of Cloak of Shadows causes your Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows ability to also grant you a 40% physical damage reduction while it is active. With this glyph, Cloak of Shadows becomes a powerful damage mitigation tool that you should use whenever necessary.
  • Glyph of Evasion Icon Glyph of Evasion increases the duration of Evasion Icon Evasion by 5 seconds, making it last 15 seconds in total. It can be useful if you ever need to dodge attacks for longer than 10 seconds.
  • Glyph of Feint Icon Glyph of Feint increases the duration of Feint Icon Feint by 2 seconds, making it last 7 seconds in total. It can be useful if a damaging AoE ability from a boss lasts more than 5 seconds. Given the extensive use you will make of Feint Icon Feint, this glyph very often is a must-have, as it increases your DPS by making you spend less Energy and Global Cooldowns refreshing Feint.
  • Glyph of Recovery Icon Glyph of Recovery cause healing you receive to be increased by 20% while Recuperate Icon Recuperate is active. Using Recuperate is a DPS loss, but if your healers are struggling with a fight, this glyph can be helpful.
  • Glyph of Smoke Bomb Icon Glyph of Smoke Bomb increases the duration of Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb, a major defensive raid cooldown that Rogues provide to their raid.
  • Glyph of Sprint Icon Glyph of Sprint increases the movement speed bonus provided by Sprint Icon Sprint, which is very useful in encounters during which you use Sprint to increase your uptime on the boss.

Finally, a few other major glyphs might occasionally come in handy.

9. Minor Glyphs↑top

Glyph of Safe Fall Icon Glyph of Safe Fall, which reduces the damage you take when falling, and Glyph of Poisons Icon Glyph of Poisons, which causes you to apply your poisons faster, will probably be prime choices.

Glyph of Blurred Speed Icon Glyph of Blurred Speed, which enables you to walk on water while Sprint Icon Sprint is active, might be situationally useful.

10. Changelog↑top

  • 18 Oct. 2014: Added a mention that the bleed from Internal Bleeding does a lot of damage and that the talent should be taken when there are enemies that can be stunned (otherwise the bleed does not get applied).