Discipline Priest Healing Gems, Enchants, and Consumables (WoD 6.0.2)

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General Information

On this page, we present you with the best gems and enchants for a Discipline Priest in World of Warcraft WoD 6.0.2. We also list the best consumables (food, flasks, and potions) and profession-specific perks.

The other pages of our Discipline Priest guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Reviewer

This guide has been reviewed and approved by Jhazrun, one of the best Discipline Priests in the world, who raids in Paragon.

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1. Gems↑top

Sockets Gems
Meta Socket Burning Primal Diamond Icon Burning Primal Diamond or Courageous Primal Diamond Icon Courageous Primal Diamond (better)
Red Socket Potent Vermilion Onyx Icon Potent Vermilion Onyx/Perfect Potent Tiger Opal Icon Perfect Potent Tiger Opal
Yellow Socket Prismatic Socket Smooth Sun's Radiance Icon Smooth Sun's Radiance/Perfect Smooth Sunstone Icon Perfect Smooth Sunstone
Blue Socket Rigid River's Heart Icon Rigid River's Heart/Perfect Rigid Lapis Lazuli Icon Perfect Rigid Lapis Lazuli

If you are still unsure what the optimal gemming strategy is for your character, you can Ask Mr. Robot for a personalised optimisation of your character's gear, by filling the form below.

2. Enchants↑top

Slot Main Enchantments
Back Enchant Cloak - Superior Intellect Icon Enchant Cloak - Superior Intellect
Chest Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats Icon Enchant Chest - Glorious Stats
Wrists Enchant Bracer - Super Intellect Icon Enchant Bracer - Super Intellect
Hands Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery Icon Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery
Waist Living Steel Belt Buckle Icon Living Steel Belt Buckle
Feet Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step Icon Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step
Weapon Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit Icon Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit
Off-Hand Enchant Off-Hand - Major Intellect Icon Enchant Off-Hand - Major Intellect

3. Consumables↑top

3.1. Food

If you are comfortable with your Mana regeneration, you should eat food that gives you Intellect. You will be granted:

If you are not comfortable with your Mana regeneration, you should eat food that gives you Spirit. You will be granted:

3.2. Flask

If you are comfortable with your Mana regeneration, your flask should be a Flask of the Warm Sun Icon Flask of the Warm Sun.

If you are not comfortable with your Mana regeneration, your flask should be a Flask of Falling Leaves Icon Flask of Falling Leaves.

3.3. Potion

During the encounter, your best choice for a potion will be Master Mana Potion Icon Master Mana Potion, which instant grants you 30,000 Mana, or Potion of Focus Icon Potion of Focus, which grants you 45,000 Mana over 10 seconds (provided you do not need to perform any action during this time).

Given the fact that your Mana regeneration is stable pre-Warlords of Draenor launch, Mana potions are not as efficient as for other healing classes. Therefore, you should also consider using Potion of the Jade Serpent Icon Potion of the Jade Serpent for increasing your throughput.