Lower Kurast Farming Guide in Diablo 2

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The Lower Kurast is an Area in Act 3 known for its Super Chests and high amount of clickable Chests, Corpses, Skeletons, Racks, and more. It is one of the fastest ways to get High Runes in the game as well as a variety of other crafting materials.

In this guide we will cover what a Lower Kurast Run is, what the requirements are, what loot you can expect to receive, and how to best to maximize your returns.


What Is a Lower Kurast run?

A Lower Kurast run is very simple. You are looking for little huts that have Super Chests in them and opening them up. Super Chests are not Sparkly Chests but simply regular looking Chests that always spawn on certain Tiles. To find the Super Chests on the Lower Kurast map, you will want to look for the campfires. Each Lower Kurast map always has one or two campfires. Next to each of those campfires there are two huts with the 3 Super Chests in total that drop Runes, Jewels, Charms, and other miscellaneous items There are also things like Logs, Weapon Racks, And other things you can open up along the way in the Lower Kurast that can also drop nice loot. This is designed to be a very quick run so you are basically just looking for the Super Chests and not worrying about killing Monsters.


Where Is Lower Kurast Located?

Lower Kurast is located in Act III past the Flayer Jungle. It has a Waypoint in it though so once you activate that you won't have to worry about traveling far to get back there.


Can I Do a Lower Kurast Run?

Simply put, yes. You just have to be fast enough to dodge monsters if you are wearing low level gear. Remember, you are not killing Monsters in this run but just popping the Super Chests. If you do not feel comfortable doing one of these runs in Hell, Nightmare can still provide a lot of great loot!


What Do Lower Kurast runs drop? Why do I want to do these runs?

The best part about farming LK, is that it is very easy to do in Hell difficulty and if you are in a game with more than 3 people, you have a chance of a Ber Rune or other High Runes! You can also find a lot of Charms, Jewels, and Gems. That being said, you can do these runs in any difficuly to still get a lot of great Crafting materials, Gold, and more.

If you are playing Solo Self-Found through the game, you will want to do the command "/players 7" to make sure you have the highest chance of getting high tier Runes and lots of drops from the Super Chests as well as from the other clickable Chests, Skeletons, Logs and more in the area.


How do Super Chests work?

Super Chests are Chests that appear in certain specific areas, like after Mephisto in Durance of Hate level 3 or like we have here in the Lower Kurast huts by the campfire.

They have a different dropping system from Monsters, regular Chests, or Sparkling Chests. These chests have a limited number of dropping possibilities and patterns, more exactly 65536 different ones. Every time you hit a Super Chest you will get one of the 65536 possible combinations of drops. Some of the patterns contain a high-tier Rune such as Vex, Ohm, Lo, Sur or Ber Rune so that is one of the main hopes you are aiming for when opening them! Additionally, Magic Find percentage does not have any effect on Super Chests so you can gear toward simply being as fast as possible.


Tips for Lower Kurast Runs?

These runs are VERY good with Teleport Characters or Characters that have a high Faster Cast Rate percentage. The best tip for Multiplayer is to get good at reading the Map so you can quickly determine where you are on the map and if it has one or two campfires after some brief exploration. You also cannot spam these runs or you will get a temporary Server ban for joining too many games too quickly, so make sure to mix in some other activities. If you are on Singleplayer, you should probably just pick a time frame of like an hour or two and just spam these runs. Since you have the same map every time, resetting your map by changing Difficulties until you get a map with two campfires close to the Waypoint is generally a best practice. Then you can go to the Waypoint, teleport to the Chests, teleport back to the Waypoint, go to Act 4, and Save & Exit. This is the fastest way to run Lower Kurast runs because the Act 4 Town starting point is much closer to the Waypoint than the Act 3 Town spawn.



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