Farming Overview and Guides in Diablo 2

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This page goes over some of the basics of farming in Diablo 2, listing the best farming spots in the game, explaining how runes can drop, and listing all of the specialized farming guides we have on Icy Veins.


Farming Guides

We are currently offering the following farming guides:


What Are the Best Farming Spots in Diablo 2?

  • The Pit: Level 85 area, easy enemies, level 2 always contains a Golden Chest. Commonly referred to as a Pit Run.
  • The Ancient Tunnels: Level 85 area, no Cold Immune monsters, always contains a Golden Chest.
  • Chaos Sanctuary: Level 85 area, high density, high number of Unique monsters. Fairly difficult.
  • World Stone Keep: Level 85 area, high density, high number of Unique monsters. Most difficult.
  • The Secret Cow Level/Moo Moo Farm: Level 81 area, very high density. Difficult for melee builds, but no monster Immunities.

The best farming spots typically have a high area level (85 being the maximum) to guarantee that the rarest items in the game can actually drop from Champions and Unique monsters in that area. The best items can only drop from level 87 monsters; in a level 85 area, Champions will be level 87, and Unique monsters will be level 88.

Further, great farming spots usually have great monster density to increase the number of boss packs to kill and reduce time spent traveling between enemies. Certain areas are also easier for certain builds, especially if the monsters native to that area do not have Immunities to the damage type of choice of the build.



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