Barbarian Class and Builds in Diablo 2

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One of the original 5 classes in Diablo 2, the Barbarian is a no-nonsense melee juggernaut.

This page will go over the basics of the Barbarian class, and also direct you to our Barbarian builds in Diablo 2.


Barbarian Builds

We are currently offering the following Barbarian builds:

To level up as fast as possible, please refer to our Barbarian Fastest Leveling Build.

Looking for the best Barbarian Builds in Diablo 4? Follow the link below for more information!


What Is a Barbarian?

Relying on stoutness, raw strength, and heavy melee weapons to subdue their foes, Barbarians represent the quintessential melee warrior. Whether wielding sword, axe, mace, or any other deadly implement of war, they charge headlong into battle with unmatched martial skill and fury. The Barbarian is anything but subtle, their mighty shouts warning enemies of their imminent approach—and impending demise.

The Combat Skills tree regroups various melee martial techniques that allow the Barbarian to hack and slash singular foes with unparalleled efficiency.

The War Cries tree lets the Barbarian bellow in fury to temporarily buff his allies or debilitate nearby foes.

The Combat Masteries tree is an entire passive tree that improves the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Barbarian in various ways.


What Is the Best Barbarian Build?

The most commonly played Barbarian build is the Whirlwind build due to its unmatched combat mobility and survivability. Frenzy Barbarians are also fairly popular due to their high single-target damage output and sheer speed.


Is the Barbarian a Good Class for Beginners?

Fairly. Their simple playstyle and high natural resilience makes them easy to pick up, particularly when first learning the game. They are almost exclusively viable in melee range however, exposing them to greater danger than many other builds.


What Is the Best Barbarian Item?

Many Barbarians value the ubiquitous Arreat's Face Arreat's Face thanks to its high bonuses to skill level, faster hit recovery, attack rating, life stolen per hit, primary attributes, and resistances.


Which Diablo 3 Class Is Most Similar to the Diablo 2 Barbarian?

The Barbarian from Diablo 3 is the direct translation of the Diablo 2 character. Many mechanics were inherited and adapted to the gameplay of the sequel.


Which World of Warcraft Class Is Most Similar to the Diablo 2 Barbarian?

The Warrior. Many World of Warcraft skills were likely inspired by Diablo 2, including Whirlwind Whirlwind, Heroic Leap, and the many shouts.



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