Amazon Class and Builds in Diablo 2

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One of the original 5 classes in Diablo 2, the Amazon is a versatile character who favours long-range combat but can also adopt a melee playstyle.

This page will go over the basics of the Amazon class, and also direct you to our Amazon builds in Diablo 2.


Amazon Builds

We are currently offering the following Amazon builds:

To level up as fast as possible, please refer to our Amazon Fastest Leveling Build.

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What Is an Amazon?

It is theorised that the Amazon warrior caste is composed exclusively of women for their innately better dexterity, a trait that is well-suited for warfare in the claustrophobic jungles of Sanctuary. Yet even so far away from their homeland, Amazons are completely unmatched in the art of ranged combat and can more than hold their own in melee combat as well.

The Javelin and Spear Skills tree is a hybrid tree that allows the Amazon to enhance both her melee and ranged attacks with javelin- and spear-class weapons with lightning and poison.

The Magic and Passive Skills tree revolves around passive effects that improve the combat prowess of the Amazon. It also features several debuffs dealing with ranged combat as well as few defensive summons.

The Bow and Crossbow Skills tree lets the Amazon manipulate her arrows and bolts in remarkable ways such as conjuring magical ammo out of thin air, dividing one projectile into many, and causing massive explosions of ice and fire on impact.


What Is the Best Amazon Build?

The Javazon, a build that uses Lightning Fury Lightning Fury and Pierce Pierce, is well-known and loved for its wide area of effect damage and massive single-target damage output.


Is the Amazon a Good Class for Beginners?

Yes. Due to having the highest range in the game, Amazons rarely have to endanger themselves. This makes them easier to play than melee builds in general, and thus more accessible.


What Is the Best Amazon Item?

Every Amazon build values different weapon types as well as different offensive stats. As such, picking one great item for the Amazon as a whole is difficult. For the popular Javazon, Titan's Revenge Titan's Revenge is an excellent choice with its excellent +4 total bonus to Javelin and Spear Skills. Physical Bowazon builds will instead find a Faith bow to their liking, thanks to its great physical damage output.


Which Diablo 3 Class Is Most Similar to the Diablo 2 Amazon?

The Demon Hunter, if only for the fact that the class primarily uses ranged weapons; they are not similar from a thematic standpoint. Although the Amazon does not have a true spiritual successor in Diablo 3, the Rogue announced in Diablo 4 is likely to be more closely related.


Which World of Warcraft Class Is Most Similar to the Diablo 2 Amazon?

The Hunter, but the comparison stops at the use of bows and crossbows.



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