PvM Build Rankings in Diablo 2

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This page covers each class and build in respect to their solo clearing capabilities in Diablo 2. Each build currently available on the site is ranked below.


Amazon's Best PvM Build

The Javazon has two of the most powerful Skills in the game between Charged Strike Charged Strike and Lightning Fury Lightning Fury. On top of having insanely high Damage, both of these Skills also do not require Attack Rating which helps in a solo clearing through the game. While Act 3 Hell can be difficult, taking it slow and having a Lower Resist Charges Wand can help this Amazon get through and finish the game.


Assassin's Best PvM Build

The Trap Assassin is not only one of the best Assassin builds but also one of the strongest Characters to beat the game solo overall. Between high Lightning Damage mixed with the Fire and Physical damage from Death Sentry Death Sentry, there is no monster type she cannot kill. Additionally, Mind Blast Mind Blast and Cloak of Shadows Cloak of Shadows provide great crowd control leading her to manipulate any environment while her Traps wipe it clean.


Barbarian's Best PvM Build

The Barbarian overall struggles to clear the game in a timely manner but he is extremely tanky and a great pick for someone looking for a challenge. Of the Barbarian builds, the strongest ends up actually being the Singer build as it does not require insanely difficult gearing, avoids the Attack Rating calculator, and provides an Area of Effect attack that damages and stuns at the same time.


Druid's Best PvM Build

The Elemental Wind Druid is the strongest overall, actually starting out in Fire and the Respecializing into Wind after Level 30. With a Cold Damage Hurricane Hurricane and a Physical Damage Tornado Tornado he is able to clear out most mobs without immunity concerns. Additionally, his Summon Grizzly Summon Grizzly can be a fantastic tank to sit behind and blast out massive damage while staying out of harms way.


Necromancer's Best PvM Build

The Summon Necromancer is one of the best noob-friendly builds in Diablo 2, allowing for a swarm of minions to fight on your behalf while you sit back and relax. While his overall kill speed may be a little bit slow and he isn't known for killing Bosses extremely well, the Summoner handles every area in the game with ease and should have no big issues arise.


Paladin's Best PvM Build

The iconic Hammerdin uses a Magic Damage attack to avoid most immunities and wreck his enemies. On top of its ability to hurt most enemies, Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer also boasts an insanely high damage output and a decent area of effect to clear out every area in the game. While his playstyle may take a little bit to get used to, he is insanely powerful and one of the most player Characters in the game for a reason.


Sorceress' Best PvM Build

The Blizzard Sorceress is known for her late game Magic Find utility and high damage output, but she is also extremely well equipped to power through the game quickly. Starting from Level 1 Blizzard Blizzard is powerful enough to clear out a lot of monsters in Normal while also slowing and providing additional safety to the Sorceress. As the game continues she only grows more powerful until eventually she hits Immunities and needs to bring in a Mercenary or a secondary element Skill to finish the job.


Full PvM Tier List

Remember that this list is for a PvM solo playthrough of the game. The overall strength of these Characters fully geared or leveled vastly changes and should not be considered when observing this list.


S-Tier PvM Builds

Class Build
Assassin Lightning / Death Sentry Assassin (Trapsin) Build
Necromancer Summoner Necromancer Build
Paladin Blessed Hammer Paladin (Hammerdin) Build
Sorceress Blizzard Sorceress Build
Sorceress Meteor / Frozen Orb Sorceress (Meteor) Build

A-Tier PvM Builds

Class Build
Amazon Lightning Fury / Charged Strike Amazon (Javazon) Build
Druid Tornado / Hurricane Wind Druid Build
Necromancer Bone Necromancer Build
Druid Fire Druid Build
Sorceress Fire Sorceress Build
Amazon Frost / Fire Bow Amazon (Bowazon) Build
Paladin Smiter Paladin Build

B-Tier PvM Builds

Class Build
Sorceress Lightning Sorceress Build
Barbarian War Cry Barbarian (Singer) Build>
Paladin Zealot Paladin Build
Amazon Freezing Arrow Amazon (Frost Maiden) Build
Barbarian Frenzy Barbarian Build
Necromancer Poison Necromancer Build
Druid Fury Druid Build
Paladin Holy Freeze Zealot Paladin Build
Amazon Multiple Shot / Guided Arrow Amazon (Physical Bowazon) Build
Paladin Avenger Paladin Build

C-Tier PvM Builds

Class Build
Barbarian Berserk Barbarian Build
Druid Summoner Druid Build
Assassin Dragon Talon Assassin (Kicksin) Build

D-Tier PvM Builds

Class Build
Assassin Blade Fury Assassin (Bladesin) Build
Barbarian Whirlwind Barbarian Build
Barbarian Dual Throw Barbarian Build
Sorceress Enchantress Sorceress Build


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