Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Guide

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The Cavern of Echoes is one of eight dungeons available at launch in Diablo Immortal. Entering this dungeon requires your character to be at least Level 50 and will see you and your party facing off against two bosses — Bloodrime and the Glacial Colossus — to earn valuable Set items. Read on to learn more about the unique challenges this dungeon has to offer.


Cavern of Echoes Overview

Cavern of Echoes is located in the Frozen Tundra. It is a single-floor dungeon roughly broken up into three sections, and faces you off against a total of two bosses: Bloodrime and the Glacial Colossus. Cavern of Echoes is notable for its deadly environmental threats as well as its slightly more demanding boss mechanics. The dungeon requires more attention than the average for the game, but rewards with excellent experience gain and decent loot potential.


Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Statistics

  • Average Dungeon Runtime: 3-5 minutes
  • Battle Points Icon Battle Points Reward: 15
  • Required Level For Entry: 50
  • Notable for: Good experience farming, high risk-reward ratio.

Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Loot

  • Hell I+: The Tyrant Icon The Tyrant (Feasting Baron's Pack Set Boots)
  • Hell I+: Exemplar's Urge Icon Exemplar's Urge (Vithu's Urges Set Belt)
  • Hell II+: Mountebank's Flourish Icon Mountebank's Flourish (Untouchable Mountebank Set Neck)
  • Hell II+: Bloody Hand Icon Bloody Hand (Grace of the Flagellant Set Hands)
  • Hell IV+: Braided Serpent of Shal'baas Icon Braided Serpent of Shal'baas (War Rags of Shal'baas Set Ring)
  • Hell IV+: Issatar Undone Icon Issatar Undone (Issatar Imbued Set Ring)

Cavern of Echoes Strategy Guide

Due to its relatively higher monster difficulty, Cavern of Echoes rewards a well-coordinated group — especially as you climb higher in the difficulty settings. On the flip side, its layout is very straightforward and easy to navigate, and once you memorize the monster pack placements, you can keep decently long kill streaks within the span of the dungeon clear. The standard group formation for the dungeon clear should be 3:1, with one (slower, hard-hitting) party member hanging out in the back of the group and methodically slaughtering remaining stragglers, and the three remaining party members pushing ahead hard, refreshing the Massacre Bonus streak and getting to the Bosses asap. Unfortunately, you cannot keep kill streaks in between the three sections of the map, since the transitions between them are bereft of mobs.


Section 1: Ground Level

The dungeon only has one main path to follow, making it trivial to navigate for both solo players and parties. The first section of the map, henceforth referred to as the Ground Level, features four packs of monsters. Ideally, you will want to engage them in groups of two: drawing aggro from the first group and luring them to the location of the second group (midway through the Ground Level), and then drawing aggro from the third group and fighting them at the location of the fourth group.

As far as monster composition, you are fighting a bunch of low-threat targets (Prowlers, Ice Fiends, with some more dangerous mobs sprinkled in — particularly the bear-like Arreat Maulers in the second and third groups, as well as the yeti-like Glacial Monstrosities in the fourth group:

  • Arreat Maulers deal heavy melee attacks in front of them, so you should keep your distance or fight them from the back whenever possible.
  • The Glacial Monstrosities in particular can be quite deadly, with a ricocheting snowball projectile attack, and a cone of icy breath that continually damages heroes caught within its cone. With all the monsters slain, you can break through the barrier of ice and face off against the first Boss of the dungeon.

Bloodrime climbs over the edge of the platform and attacks the party. This is the first phase of the fight, and this yeti-like boss is a little more tame for its duration. Besides melee attacking and leaping (dealing damage where he lands), the boss has three discernible attack patterns in this phase:

  • Leap Slam: Bloodrime channels a jumping attack, telegraphed with a growing circle inside a larger, circular shape. Once it reaches the edge, the boss leap slams to the targeted area for heavy physical damage.
  • Boulder Toss: Bloodrime reaches into the surface, grabbing a large rock and rolling it across the floor toward a random player. The boulder ricochets off a wall once, remaining a threat for a while longer.
  • Icy Shockwave: Bloodrime channels a frontal attack, telegraphed with a rectangular blue outline. Once the channeling is complete, he slams both hands into the ground, creating an icy shockwave that deals continual damage on targets within its borders.

At 50% health (1 and a half health bars depleted), Bloodrime unleashes a howl that Stuns all players and takes away 25% of their health. He then slams into the ground, breaking the platform down, and takes the players with him down to an icy arena for the second phase of the fight. Bloodrime has a different attack pattern for this second phase.

  • Rolling Attack: Bloodrime curls up in a ball and rolls in a direction, dealing heavy damage to anyone standing in its telegraphed rectangular path. This is his favorite ability in this phase; he spams it a lot, and it leaves little time for reaction — while still hurting a lot, so be careful! Once he crashes into a wall, the boss is stunned for a short while, leaving him vulnerable to attacks.
  • Icicles: After Bloodrime crashes into a wall from his Rolling Attack, icicles will fall from the ceiling. They are telegraphed with small blue circles on the ground. Getting hit by one Freezes the character for a couple of seconds, exposing them to another (likely fatal) Rolling Attack. Avoid the icicles.
  • Icy Shockwave: Bloodrime channels a frontal attack, telegraphed with a rectangular blue outline. Once the channeling is complete, he slams both hands into the ground, creating an icy shockwave that deals continual damage on targets within its borders.
  • Leap Slam: Bloodrime channels a jumping attack, telegraphed with a growing circle inside a larger, circular shape. Once it reaches the edge, the boss leap slams to the targeted area for heavy physical damage.
  • Summon: Bloodrime can summon Feral Yetis and Wendigos. While not terribly threatening, you should lure and cleave these monsters down next to the boss.

Section 2: Subterranean Level 1

Past Bloodrime's corpse and a broken wall of ice, there is a short path filled with dangerous mobs. In a group, the more durable and nimble party members (i.e. Barbarian, Crusader) should lead the charge and pull packs together to maintain kill streaks. Slower party members should clear mobs more methodically, hugging the walls and forcing Ice Clan Warriors and Impalers, as well as Icy Maggots to spawn to feed the Massacre Bonus.

There are a couple of more threatening monsters — the buffing Ice Clan Wardrummer and the totem-spawning Ice Clan Shaman — but by far the biggest threat is found in the Frost Horror Overlord. Be careful of its channeled attack; it extends its hand and shoots homing shards of ice that hit extremely hard. Once you are done with these packs, kick down the Ice Pillar and walk over it to reach Subterranean Level 2.


Section 3: Subterranean Level 2

Past the Ice Pillar you will find the final phase of this dungeon; a short icy tunnel with one branching dead end (potential future content?) to the west. The path straight ahead leads to the gate, beyond which you will find the final dungeon boss. On your way there, you will fight numerous Ice Clan; some of them will be frozen and while they look skippable, they will be freed of the ice regardless, so you might as well be on the initiative and unfreeze them yourself with your attacks.

As you head through the narrow tunnel, icicles will start falling from the ceiling, telegraphed in the same way as the Bloodrime fight. Dodge them, or get frozen for a few seconds.

The Glacial Colossus resides in an arena just beyond the Frozen Gate. Fight the gust of wind, head down the stairs, and kill the handful of monsters to awaken the dormant colossus out of the ground. Note that you need to take care of the three small monster packs quickly, since the icy shard on top of the dormant Glacial Colossus will shoot out shards periodically until all the mobs are dead. Once awakened, the Glacial Colossus is a three-phase fight.


Glacial Colossus Phase One (100-51% HP):

  • Frozen Shard:The Glacial Colossus drops the giant frozen shard atop its head somewhere on the battlefield. The shard starts emitting icy missiles all around itself. Multiple missiles can hit the same target, so make sure you aren't anywhere near the shard when it drops.
  • Summon Constructs:The Glacial Colossus summons four Chilling Constructs. Deal with them asap, they hit hard.
  • Ice Shockwave: The Glacial Colossus casts a cone-shaped AoE shockwave of ice, dealing Cold damage to targets within range.
  • Ice Rings: The Glacial Colossus spawns three rings of ice around itself, telegraphing where the circles of ice will appear shortly beforehand. To be safe, stand in between them if you are ranged, or walk on top of the Colossus itself if you are melee.

Glacial Colossus Phase Two (50% HP):

  • The Glacial Colossus burrows below ground, becoming untargetable. Its icy shard will once again appear above the surface in the center of the arena, shooting out two parallel beams of icy energy. They reach the entire span of the room and rotate 360 degrees, dealing heavy damage to anyone caught by the beam.
  • Chunks of ice start dropping from the ceiling, and you should use their telegraph to dodge them. Once they fall to the ground, you can use them as cover from the beam.
  • The objective of Phase 2 is to kill the Chilling Constructs the boss summons. The faster you do it, the sooner it will come out of hiding and into Phase 3. Phase 3 is identical to Phase 1 in terms of boss behavior and abilities.

Once this icy gauntlet is done and the boss is down, the dungeon is over.


Dungeon Summary

Dungeons are an integral part of Diablo Immortal and are tied to daily quests, Contracts, Bounties, and the very finalization of your character's gear overall. Always make sure you have checked your Codex, since certain Dungeons will have extra Battle Points Icon Battle Points rewarded for their completion at any given time. Dungeons are also the only place to obtain Sets — which, once completed, are a powerful addition to your endgame gear. But no two Dungeons drop the same pieces! Make sure to target-farm specific Dungeons for the set pieces you need.



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