Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Guide

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Kikuras Rapids is one of eight dungeons available at launch in Diablo Immortal, and is located within the Bilefen. Entering this dungeon requires your character to be at least Level 40 and will see you and your party members riding along a raft before eventually confronting Chieftain Ongori — this dungeon's only boss — to receive valuable Set items; read on to learn how to tackle this dungeon's unique challenges.


Kikuras Rapids Overview

Kikuras Rapids is located in the Bilefen. It is a single-floor dungeon with three distinct phases, culminating in a single boss — Chieftain Ongori. Kikuras Rapids is notable for its visual variety and the sheer fun of its completion (you are on a raft half the time), with some decent loot to top things off.


Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Statistics

  • Average Dungeon Runtime: 5-7 minutes
  • Battle Points Icon Battle Points Reward: 15
  • Required Level For Entry: 40
  • Notable for: Average experience farming and loot potential.

Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Loot

  • Hell I+: Stump-Stir Icon Stump-Stir (Windloft Perfection Set Boots)
  • Hell I+: Shepherd and Begetter Icon Shepherd and Begetter (Shepherd's Call to Wolves Set Belt)
  • Hell II+: Awakener's Urge Icon Awakener's Urge (Vithu's Urges Set Neck)
  • Hell II+: The Mailed Fist Icon The Mailed Fist (Feasting Baron's Pack Set Hands)
  • Hell IV+: Broken Palm Icon Broken Palm (Grace of the Flagellant Set Ring)
  • Hell IV+: Mountebank's Marvel Icon Mountebank's Marvel (Untouchable Mountebank Set Ring)

Kikuras Rapids Strategy Guide

Kikuras Rapids is a simple, fun and very straightforward dungeon that simply requires going down the path laid out before you. The only 'skillful' part of the dungeon is holding Massacre Bonuses together, and getting to the raft section as quickly as possible. Note that in groups, all party members have to be present on the raft in order to sail off, and do not slack! Depending on your group's current power level, you can even task only one of your party members to take care of the easy trash that spawns during the raft segment, while the rest of the group takes a short break.


Section 1: Jungle Entrance

With a singular, clear path to follow, solo players do not have much to mess up here. Simply head inwards and demolish all nine monster packs on your way to the docks — including Plague Carriers, Thorned Hulks, and Frog Demons, as well as the resident Fetishes.

Players in groups can spread out more efficiently, with slower party members clearing mobs methodically and thoroughly, while faster party members rush ahead and engage Fetish packs further down the path — in order to chain fights together and keep Massacre Bonuses going. At the huts, another Fetish wave will pop up to ambush you, but they should pose no threat. Once they are slain, release the ramp (do not bother trying beforehand, you will be interrupted) and board the raft to continue onwards. Note that in groups, the raft will not release until you are all present on it.


Section 2: River Raft

As you begin your journey downriver, Fetishes will try to board the raft and attack you — either swimming, or aboard rafts of their own. These Fetishes waves are quite easy to complete and — as previously mentioned — can even allow experienced groups to relax a bit in between dungeon spam runs, with only a singular member tasked with clearing the Fetishes. Still, the Fetishes are not completely harmless, and Fetish Shamans on nearby shores will occasionally throw out torches onto the raft. They are telegraphed via red circles before they land, and anyone foolish enough to remain will start taking substantial damage over time form the flames.

The raft will eventually stop at a wooden bridge, where Fetish Shamans will start throwing out a "bullet hell" of fireballs. The goal of this obstacle is to dodge the fireballs long enough for the Shaman to set their own bridge on fire by accident, allowing you to pass through. The raft will continue downriver, again facing waves upon waves of common Fetishes. A second raft with Fetishes will join you eventually, and you can take the fight to any of the two; you will still complete the journey to your destination. Do not worry about standing on a "correct" raft. Eventually, a waterfall will bring an end to this section, and you will descend into the Fetish village on foot. Do not worry about missing any loot from the raft, as it will drop down along with you to the next section.


Section 3: Fetish Village

After a brief walk, this section goes right into the boss fight with Chieftain Ongori. The Fetish Chieftain has several abilities, some of which should concern you more than others:

  • Summon Fetish FlayersChieftain Ongori summons adds in batches of six, and if not taken care of, can quickly spiral out of control.
  • Summon Runic TotemsChieftain Ongori summons totems that mark the ground beneath them with purple runes, dealing damage to anyone caught within. The totems are destructible.
  • Purple MissilesChieftain Ongori spams purple missiles for several seconds, fanning out in a cone in front of him. Either step to the side, or in between the missiles' lines.
  • LeapChieftain Ongori leaps out of sight and lands on a random player after a brief period, immediately casting a damaging AoE circle beneath them. Step away from this one immediately, as it hits hard.
  • Inferno Torches — As the fight goes on, Chieftain Ongori gradually lights four rotating torches spread across the battlefield. Eventually all four will be lit, spreading fiery death in a full circle around them. They are easily visible and avoidable; neglect them, and you will die. This is Ongori's hardest-hitting attack.

Master these attacks and you will make short work of the chieftain, bringing this dungeon to an end.


Dungeon Summary

Dungeons are an integral part of Diablo Immortal and are tied to daily quests, Contracts, Bounties, and the very finalization of your character's gear overall. Always make sure you have checked your Codex, since certain Dungeons will have extra Battle Points Icon Battle Points rewarded for their completion at any given time. Dungeons are also the only place to obtain Sets — which, once completed, are a powerful addition to your endgame gear. But no two Dungeons drop the same pieces! Make sure to target-farm specific Dungeons for the set pieces you need.



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