The Tower of Babil Quick Dungeon Tips and Guide

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Welcome to our quick guide to the Tower of Babil, the second dungeon of Endwalker. This guide aims to be a quick primer for players entering the dungeon for the first time so they will know what to expect.


Full Guide for The Tower of Babil

This guide serves as a quick primer for players experiencing the dungeon for the first time. It is aimed to be digestible quickly and targeted towards a specific role, so you can read it while in queue or loading in! For detailed explanations on boss mechanics, take a look at our main guide for the dungeon.


General Mechanics

  • Barnabas
    • Get pushed or pulled out of AoEs that Barnabas casts. There will be a second AoE following the first with the same radius.
  • Lugae
    • Two panels will spawn on the arena. Green will turn players into Toads, while purple will turn players Mini. Stepping in it again will turn players back.
    • Use Mini to dodge Magitek Chakram and turn into toads to avoid being killed by Downpour's Breathless debuff.
  • Anima
    • The Lunar Nails will form a square shape, which will do an AoE.
    • Run away from your tethered orb to avoid being sucked in.
    • Dodge the line AoEs that come from the nails spawning on the edge of the arena.

Quick Tips for Tanks

  • Tank busters are few and far between, so cycle cooldowns on trash.
  • Position Lugae in the center of the arena to ensure that players have easy access to both panels.

Quick Tips for Healers

  • This dungeon has an emphasis on raid damage rather than tank damage, so use AoE heals to top everyone off in case they get hit by mechanics.
  • Make sure to heal the party after phase two of Anima, as there will be heavy incoming damage.

Quick Tips for DPS

  • Use AoE during trash pulls!
  • Anima is omni-directional.


  • 10 Dec. 2021: Guide added.
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